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Barkworthies has expanded its line of cannabidiol treats to include new flavors and sizes. Now with a grain-free formula, the non-toxic and 100-percent legal treats are available in blueberry and pumpkin flavors. The treats are made with cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant, which is used for therapeutic purposes and can relieve symptoms such as inflammation, lack of appetite and anxiety.

Other ingredients include gluten-free oat flour, organic coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon, blueberry, pumpkin and peanut butter. The treats are available in pouches of 20 small treats or 10 large treats. They are free of preservatives and made in the USA. Disclaimer: We received Pumpkin Cannabidiol Treats from Barkworthies in exchange for an honest review. I only share information about products that I believe in and already fit into our doggie lifestyle and routine. A recent survey showed a record-high of Americans, 58 percent, saying they support the legalization of marijuana. That number continues to rise, as well as the number of people becoming more interested in using medicinal products for their pets. This topic also came up in a lot of Global Pet Expo articles as there were a number of brands exhibiting these products.

I’ve been doing some research on Cannabidiol Treats, as this is a new and growing category. Many are saying these are a great alternative “snack” for dogs who suffer from anxiety or joint pain. Shermie suffers from anxiety and Bruiser (photographed above) suffers from joint pain. So I’ve been interested in the long term benefits for dogs but this post is just an introduction to Cannabidiol treats as I asked Barkworthies some important questions to educate anyone interested. I just received their Cannabidiol treats a week ago and I know it’s going to take more than a few days to determine the benefits for my pack. Barkworthies sent me their “Pumpkin Cannabidiol Treats” to review and test. I started giving each of the dogs one treat a day, four days ago. Part two will include what I think the benefits were for both my dogs. So far they seem to digest them without any issues.They say to observe your animal after giving the treats so that’s what I’m doing at this point. Cannabidiol treats for pets- A Q&A with Bill Chilian, Marketing Vice President, Barkworthies: From the company’s product page : Barkworthies Cannabidiol treats are non-toxic, 100% legal treats contain a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant, Cannabidiol (CBD). This plant extract is highly therapeutic, and can help relieve many common symptoms that affect dogs, including inflammation, lack of appetite and anxiety. Our team completed an extensive review of both mainstream and holistic veterinary journals. Following this research, we knew the key ingredient in these functional treats should be Cannabidiol. Along with this, we blended pumpkin and coconut oil to boost the healthy benefits of these treats. Our treats are lab tested at every stage; from the raw materials to the finished product. We test all hemp ingredients from contaminants to heavy metals to rule out their presence and assure they are perfectly safe for dogs to consume. People are worried about safety: Can you expand on how your treats are perfectly safe for dogs? We follow a rigorous protocol when producing, packaging and shipping our hemp products to ensure that our customers get the highest quality product and service. At Barkworthies, we believe that transparency and education are vital to success. We provide information and resources about our products and the ingredients so our customers have all the same knowledge that we do. What kind of feedback are you getting from customers?

How long before people are seeing a difference with their dogs? We’ve learned that every animal is different when it comes to noticing the affects of the hemp treats. We recommend small treats for animals up to 50lbs and large treats for animals that are 50lbs or more. Typically, the treats can start working within five minutes to one hour. However, since every animal is different, some may need more and some less. We recommend that owners observe their pet before and after giving the hemp treats to determine the optimal dose. From mood disorders and pain, to cardiac health and cancer, there are many reasons why these treats can benefit your pet. These treats contain hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD).

This plant extract is highly therapeutic and can help relieve many common symptoms that affect dogs, including inflammation, lack of appetite, and anxiety relief, among others.


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