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Another major cause of oil consumption is lower oil viscosity blends. Today’s low viscosity oils naturally lead to greater oil volume loss than the oils our dads used. The current API category standards today allow up to 15 percent oil volume loss.

Lower viscosity oils allow emissions to enter into the PCV system causing sticky deposits to form in the intake and on the valve stems and obstruct the incoming air. One new engine design innovation used today is Low Tension Piston Rings – lower elasticity in the piston rings. Reduction in piston drag allows for easier engine rotation, but is also prone to allow a large volume of cylinder compression to escape. This contributes to higher than normal crankcase pressure carrying oil droplets (again via the PCV) to the intake and on toward the combustion chamber to burn. The process of combustion carbonizes oil deposits on piston tops and combustion chamber surfaces. The hard deposits can lead to misfire, poor fuel economy and a noticeable drop in performance. A consequence of oil burning is that it will pass through the exhaust and deposit onto the catalytic converter. This also affects the ECM’s ability to control drivability and operational function.

Today, there aren’t many strapping young full service gas station attendants to check the level of your oil on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean your oil doesn’t need checking and that oil consumption doesn’t happen. Once excessive oil consumption has been determined, little can be done to effectively reverse the problem. The only way to reduce oil consumption is through routine maintenance with the BG Performance Oil Change. This service includes three of the most important BG products you could ever put in a vehicle: BG EPR™ Engine Performance Restoration,™ PN 109, BG MOA,® PN 110, and BG 44K,® PN 208. (Original article by David Tenpenny – BG Technical Service) BG EPR™ Engine Performance Restoration,™ softens and dissolves hard-to-remove deposits from piston rings. Compression will begin to increase in as little as 10 minutes! Properly sealed combustion chambers improve compression, reducing oil dilution through blow-by and restoring lost fuel economy and power. BG MOA,® engine oil supplement prevents engine oil thickening under even the most severe driving conditions. It fortifies all qualities of engine oil to help withstand fuel contamination, maintain essential lubrication qualities longer and resist oil loss under extreme temperatures. BG 44K,® fuel system cleaner effectively cleans carbon-covered piston tops, fuel injectors and other crucial combustion areas. BG 44K® quickly restores engine performance and improves drivability. Used together, these three phenomenal products have been proven to keep engines clean and prevent potential complications like “inevitable oil loss.” Christian Brothers Automotive in Andover, MN. Look for special offers in your mailbox from SaveOn magazine. Up To $50 OFF Auto Service at Christian Brothers Automotive. $29.99 Premium Oil Change OR $10 OFF a Full Synthetic Oil Change at Christian Brothers Automotive. FREE Brake Inspection at Christian Brothers Automotive. Auto Repair Service In Andover MN | Coupons to SaveOn Auto Repair. At Christian Brothers Automotive Andover, our business approach is simple: to treat our customer’s vehicle as we would our own. Since we want only the best, we have set ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to car repair and maintenance service. From alignment services, battery services and replacement to engine service and repair, we have a team of skilled and ASE-certified technicians who are all dedicated to helping you restore your vehicle to its peak performance. Check Engine Light Scheduled Maintenance Brakes A/C Services Oil & Filter Change. Electronic Vaporizer supplies complete kits, replacement clearomizers, ego-t batteries, replacement parts, e-juice. Just in today New Drag kits 177 watts New OVNS pod kits Vape pen 22 Ijust3 kits Crown 4 tanks. New shipment in today Pod systems New species kit New 177 watt drag kits Crown IV tanks And more. Vboy 222watt mods Ijust 3 sticks Read prince tanks Vape pen 22 light up kits. IJoy Genie PD270 Batteries included (also a flashlight) LYRA 200 watt mod kit Drag mod and UForce tank Ijust 3 kits. New in today Voopoo Too kits Vape pen 22 kits X-priv and H-priv kits IJoy diamond kit. Got a few things in today, More to come on Friday We do have coils in today.

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