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By purchasing used auto parts from a salvage yard, you are not only saving landfill space, but you are also engaging in both recycling and a reduction of energy consumption. The manufacture of new parts requires the use of some form of energy that could potential pollute the environment or diminish resources. It also requires the use of new materials, such as metal, which could be put to use in the creation of other needed products instead.

There’s some truth in the old adage that “they don’t make things like they used to.” Indeed, sometimes they don’t even make the things they used to at all. If you have an older vehicle, for instance, you may have difficulty finding a part that is a precise match. When you can’t find a new part that matches the old one you need to replace, the salvage yard is an ideal place to look. While it’s tempting to do the easy thing and buy a new part, there are many benefits to buying used. You can save money, save landfill space, recycle, reduce resource consumption, and find ideal matches for older parts. So when it’s time to replace a non-functioning part, don’t forget to consider the salvage yard as one possible option. One of our used parts experts will find your part instantly! You may also browse our inventory online or submit our Parts Request Form. B & B Used Auto Parts will solve your parts needs today!

90 Day Standard Warranty on All In-Stock Parts Extended & Lifetime Warranties Available*. We specialize in top quality late model foreign and domestic used parts. We make every effort to test and maintain the quality of our parts so that you can buy with confidence! To stand behind that promise to our customers, we offer a 90 day standard warranty on all in-stock used parts. * Call for details and availability of our Extended & Lifetime warranties. At B and B Used Auto Parts we understand the need to get your parts purchase to you quickly and safely. We offer daily local and regional delivery to wholesale, non-residential locations and nationwide shipping via various carriers to most areas of the US. Call us for complete details and availability in your area. B and B Used Auto Parts has been a family owned and operated auto salvage yard since 1978. With experience and influence dating back to their father’s body shop, the Barringer’s have dedicated their lives to excelling in the used auto parts industry and to providing their customers with quality parts and service! How to DIY That Black Bath Bomb That Took Over Instagram. The amazing thing about being a beauty fanatic in the Internet age (aside from the glory of online shopping and the endless stream of blogggers and vloggers serving up fresh makeup and hair inspiration constantly) is the accessibility of new and exciting products. Where once upon a time you might never have known about, say, rainbow highlighters, now the latest crazes are plastered all over your Instagram feed on a daily basis. The downside, of course, is that when something like the rainbow highlighters take over, everybody and their mom knows exactly how to get their hands on them and snatches them up before you get a chance. Exhibit A: those freaky-cool black bath bombs from Bella Muerte Clothing that everyone lost their minds over a couple of weeks back. Seriously, just look at these in action and tell us your inner kid doesn't throw a tantrum for one immediately. The inky bath fizzes became so popular that the product is already back-ordered until October. And while Halloween may be the perfect time for a bathtub full of midnight, for those who don't want to wait until sweater season to have a majorly Instagram-worthy soak, that seems like an awfully long time. It certainly did to vlogger Corinne from the ThreadBanger YouTube channel, who took on the challenge to make her own version of the season's must-have bath accessory.

Luckily, all you need to make a bath bomb are some simple ingredients you can pick up at the drugstore: baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch, oil, water, and food coloring. Corinne also added activated charcoal to her black bath bombs to help with that dark shade (the detoxifying benefits are also a bonus). The process seems simple enough: Mix up the dry ingredients, then put all the wet ingredients in a spray bottle to spritz onto the dry ones as you stir. Once Corinne's concoction reached the proper consistency (which, as she pointed out in her first attempt, took some experimenting to find), she packed them into round molds, though we suspect that muffin tins or other less specialty containers would work too. Then it was a matter of waiting for them to dry and testing out the results. It took Corinne a couple of attempts to get the perfect mix—the secret to the ideal black color that spreads throughout the bath turned out to be a gel food coloring, FYI—but the final results are pretty impressive. Check out the video below for the full walk-through of the DIY process: What Happens When You Add Food Coloring to Your Shampoo.

These black bath bombs are so much fun for my teens, and they are great for their skin! We love making bath bombs, it is a fantastic project for teens and they love using their creations.


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