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[10/04/16] Novel Compounded Analgesic Cream for Chronic Pain. Complex regional pain syndrome, formerly called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, is an uncommon form of chronic pain that can affect anyone over the age of 5 but most commonly occurs in women ages 61-70. CRPS usually affects an arm or a leg and typically develops after an injury, surgery, stroke or heart attack, but the pain is out of proportion to the severity of the initial injury. It can lead to changes in skin texture or abnormal sweating.

Early treatment can lead to improvement and even remission. A recent study found a compounded analgesic cream demonstrated this topical combination may be a useful treatment in multimodal therapy, with the potential to resolve pain/symptoms in early CRPS patients. Ask our compounding pharmacist for more information. Do you or someone you know have difficulty or discomfort in swallowing? The medical term is dysphagia, and it is a problem for many people, especially stroke victims, the elderly and people with advanced dementia. Difficulty with swallowing oral medications increases the risk of aspiration (breathing in a foreign object or sucking food or medication into the airway) which can lead to pneumonia. These are some of the reasons why alternative routes of administration, including transdermal or rectal, can be very helpful. Many medications can be compounded as transdermal preparations to be applied topically and absorbed through the skin, to treat pain and inflammation, spasms, and nausea/vomiting.

Our compounding pharmacist works together with physicians, patients and their families to compound the most appropriate medication, strength and dosage form for each patient. [07/26/16] Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Memory and Weight Problems? Fibromyalgia, a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, affects 3-6 million Americans. Many of these patients not only have chronic pain but also other symptoms like fatigue, memory difficulties, sleep disturbances, and weight gain. Integrative treatment, including diet changes, nutritional therapies, hormonal therapies, and pain control gels can help those suffering from fibromyalgia. Our compounding pharmacists will work with your doctor or other healthcare practitioners to provide the best therapies for your individual needs such, including customized hormone or topical pain therapy. Roughly half of the 2 billion prescriptions filled each year in America are not taken correctly and as many as 22 percent of all prescriptions filled are not picked up from the pharmacy. Approximately 125,000 deaths per year in the United States can be attributed to medication non‐adherence, according to the National Pharmaceutical Council. Our compounding pharmacy can make it easier for you to take your medicine by providing personalized medications. Our professionals can prepare unique dosage forms, medications free of problem-causing additives, combinations of compatible medications as a single dosage form, and much more.Call or stop by the pharmacy to learn more about how compounded medications may help you and your family. [06/24/16] Supplements and Drug Interactions More seniors than ever are taking supplements alongside their medications, a practice that puts them at risk for dangerous drug interactions, researchers report. "Alongside the growing use of multiple medications, there is also a hidden, and increasing, risk of potentially deadly drug interactions in older adults… A medication or supplement may be safe and beneficial when you use it alone, but when you mix it with other medications or supplements, it can be very dangerous," said Dr. Dima Qato, an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Over 67% of seniors take five or more medications or supplements. Even if you are not a senior or don’t think it’s important or necessary, be sure to tell your pharmacist and all doctors about supplements or integrative therapies you are using. Pets often require a much lower dose of medication and often animals simply can’t metabolize (“break down”) human medications, so medications that are commonly taken by people can be deadly if consumed by an animal. For example, relatively small doses of acetaminophen or Tylenol® - a single tablet or even a small piece of a tablet - can cause non-repairable liver damage in many animal species (cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, pigs, primates, and others). Keep human medications out of the reach of your pets and remember that animals can chew through safety caps. If you are concerned that your pet has consumed any medication without a veterinarian’s prescription or advice, contact your veterinarian immediately. And, ask our compounding pharmacist how we can work with your veterinarian to customized medications in the appropriate dose foe each animal! Want your business to be the top-listed Clinic in Hendersonville? CANNDYBIS CHOCOLATE CANNABIS LEAVES GUMMIES – 5PCS. CANNDYBIS INDICA SOUR PATCH MUNCHKINS GUMMIES – 10PCS. TETRA BITES INDICA GUMMIES – MIXED FRUIT FLAVOUR (10mg) TETRA BITES SATIVA GUMMIES MIXED FRUIT FLAVOUR (10mg) ESCALATE EDIBLES MINI PEACHES THC GUMMIES – 200MG.

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