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Liquid drop enveloped with hemp leaf was simple enough yet to the point, paired with clear and tall lettering it delivers clear message with professional feel. Amazingly simple yet striking as logos should be ;) Angry Elf Farms. A logo for a (angry elf) farmer who grows, among others, hemp (CBD).

A play on how smoking takes you to a relaxing idyllic place. Logo elements can also be deconstructed for usage in any collateral designs. HempScapes is the world’s first and only company able to deliver both low cost and eco-friendly industrial hemp products utilizing a patented molecularly modified hemp starch waste. Health fanatics that want to replace medications with natural remedies. However, the most dominant CBD consumers appear to be united by one common cause… wellness. Sports professionals, baby boomers, and women, in particular, are the most influential CBD consumers to date. Foster is a high-end and luxury brand of CBD (Cannabidiol) positioned as a lifestyle supplement. The company is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The company specifically wanted to depart from obvious associations with marijuana. As their location is known for its forests, we picked up on the pine tree as a reference point.

Having explored a number of ways of representing pine trees in minimalist style, we settled on this design. A subtle use of shadowing gives the mark dimension and dynamism as the horizontal wraps around the vertical. The pine is combined with a clean and refined sans serif, conveying quality and calm simplicity. I design a Line Craft type of logo with intertwine coffee cup shape and a cannabis. west coast, farming, oregon, california, nevada, farmers, cannabis, cbd, hemp, Bold modern logo for Temple Wellness. after reading the brief I immediately had a vision with a simple universal symbol that evokes nature (leaf), CBD products (a drop shape) and with some simple techniques a Temple symbol. Logo proposal for a hemp company based in Oregon with "western" "cowboy" feeling. Modern style Logo for Olymp CBD, products for Sport. I envisioned an Greek/Olympian column symbol with an abstract leaf shaped integrated as an architectural design to evoke elegance, strength and beauty all in a simple/memorable icon. The circle at the top also represents and "O" letter (company initial) We are a legal cannabis company in Washington state. For Wyatt Herb's Private Stash, we'd want an old classic western/cowboy theme. Whisky barrel wood, old timey guns, Wyatt Earp mustache, Jack Daniels label, anything like that. Hey :) This logo doesn't have a home yet, if you're interested in adopting and growing it into a successful brand it can be yours for only $299! A lifetime warranty that includes minor revisions is also included! the continuum symbol is something client wanted to see but so I envisioned a continuum line leaf where the joined leaves are abstracts of the classic infinity symbol that it's overused so the fresh approach really made this a winner. I am developing a skincare and CBD supplement line. We're creating a serious line but marketing it with an element of humor. I am looking for a tight, clean logo that can work with the humor of the name "The Stash". ie: reference (the 60's and 70's marijuana culture) but still give credibility to a serious hemp based product. I would like it to look modern and edgy but also allude to the natural base of the cbd. Elegant Modern logo for a company that sale Hemp (Marijuana without the THC) extract products in retail dispensaries and online. An abstract hemp leaf with the central leaf combined with an extract droplet and shaped like letter S. Minimalist Logo Design for Vortexes, a company that is selling the highest quality oil products in the UK. Company is described as being modern, scientific with the highest quality products, lab tested. I went for a minimalist approach combining a triangle as a V letter with a central oil drop and a vortex. Added a customized font version which the client loved. We are a cannabis cultivation company based out of northern California. CrippyX logomark is designed for the line of cannabis seeds, growed by 808 Genetics from Hawaii.

Modern, simple and geometric alien scull inspired with the 90's skate and surf vibe followed with 808 genetics bolt gave the CrippyX line a face that line deserve. Client noticed my initial entry of this concept and selected me among the finalists.

We started working on refining it as the simplicity of the word-mark with the negative space beaker integrated in the H letter is just amazing. Droplet instead of the H horizontal bar and the abstract hemp leaves just completed the picture perfectly. Had another logo selected winner here as the client really loved my style and asked for a very specific cross designs with an apparently generic look but with very special meaning to it and an awesome philosophy behind. Really enjoyed the project and hope we'll have some more work done together in the future :) Logo design for hemp company. Modern mono-line Logo for The Hempions a company that produce, distribute and sell hemp products or products with synergies with hemp.


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