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When the temperature reaches 275 F, add flavoring, tincture, food coloring, and citric acid. If the mixture is too hot when these are added the heat will burn them off. Working quickly, pour the mixture into candy molds or onto the parchment paper. If using parchment paper, you can shape your candies into circles, making them easier to store or make into lollipops. Wrap them in plastic wrap or storage container of your choice.

Guidelines for candy temperatures 230 F to 233 F Thread stage (syrup) 244 F to 248 F Firm-ball stage (Caramels) 250 F to 266 F Hard-ball stage (Marshmallows) 270 F to 290 F Soft-crack stage (Popcorn balls) Extraction by IchiBanCrafter. Crafting Concentrates For Medicine, Smoking and Edibles. This was my first time making candy and I was honestly expecting disaster, but it turned out pretty good despite my best attempts to blow it. I followed this very helpful explanation of the hard candy making process; For those making this medicated hard candy for the first time I highly recommend reading that post. The process is not overly difficult, but it requires close attention and expedient execution.

I mostly followed the recipe and process from Chica and Jo contained in the above link. The only change was the addition of canna-oil from 1/2-ounce of flower (Lemon Cush) made using the Source by Extractcraft ( The key piece of knowledge is knowing how to incorporate the canna-oil into the candy for not only best potency but also even distribution. We will achieve the best potency and most even distribution by adding the canna-oil just as the candy mixture reaches 300ºf and is most liquid viscosity. Incorporate the canna-oil into the candy mixture and mix throughly. Luckily, the candy mixture cools quickly to help us hopefully restrict any additional decarb. 2 cups granulated white sugar 2/3 cup light corn syrup 3/4 cup water decarboxylated canna-oil extract as needed for desired potency (please click here decarb blog if you are unfamiliar with decarbing) 1 tsp of extract flavoring (I used French Roast Coffee extract made with the Source) food coloring as desired. small pot small spatula pyrex measuring cup (min 2-cup) hard candy molds candy thermometer aluminum foil / convection paper non-stick cooking spray hands with the speed and agility of an angry ninja. Cover the area with aluminum foil or convection paper. Spray molds with non-stick cooking spray to coat well but not puddle. If it does puddle use a paper towel to remove the excess. Set the molds on the covered work surface in a way that will insure you will be able to quickly and easily maneuver a measuring cup over and around them to fill with the candy mixture when the time comes. Lastly, have the measuring cup handy for its turn to spring into action. Put the granulated white sugar, corn syrup, and water over high heat in a small pot that will maintain enough depth to accurately use a candy thermometer. Stir the mixture often and closely monitor the candy thermometer as the heat rises toward our target of 300ºF. When the mixture first starts to boil it will froth like mad and appear to be out of control, but it’s just a quick phase that will settle down quickly and turn into a simmering clear liquid. So, when choosing a pot, it has to be large enough to contain the initial exuberant froth and small enough that the candy thermometer will function properly. After the initial froth the temperature will advance quite slowly for a little while but don’t let this fool you and DON’T leave it unattended. The temperature can begin to advance quickly as it goes through 260ºf. When the temp is 300ºF add the canna-oil and mix very well. Next, move the mixture from the pot into the pyrex measuring cup to stop the heating process, combine desired flavoring, quickly add coloring if using, and expeditiously pour mixture into molds. The mixture will cool quickly and begin to harden at the same time causing problems if performed to slowly. The pictured canna-candy are brown from the French Roast Coffee extract I made and used for flavoring. Allow the candy to harden in the molds for about 30-minutes, then test a couple out and enjoy! With edibles you always want to know what the dosage per unit.

This begins by knowing how much cannabinoid content is in the extract you are using. 1) If you purchased the concentrate you know exactly the mg per gram as stated on the label, however, if you made the extract yourself and can’t have it tested you will need to estimate. A good estimation for concentrate potency is by observing the quality of the concentrate: dark black in color and no clarity is around 55% (550mg per gram of oil), dark to light brown decent clarity 65% (650mg per gram of oil), light amber and very clear 80% (800mg per gram of oil).

The more clear the higher potency, lower clarity implies undesirables and will reduce potency. 2) Total the number of grams you used, and determine the total number of mg included in the recipe.


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