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Meanwhile, InhaleHealth’s vape, which also contains lavender and chamomile, delivers only about 0.1 milligram of melatonin per puff, claiming that its instant absorption into the bloodstream means that less of the hormone is required. Dreamt’s vape includes a combination of melatonin, various cannabis compounds, and valerian root, that it claims work synergistically to promote sleep. But experts worry about the dearth of research evidence to support the use of melatonin vapes as sleep aids. Christine Won, director of Yale’s Sleep Laboratory, told Rolling Stone that melatonin can throw off our sleep-wake cycle when not taken appropriately, and in fact, some doctors doubt whether it's effective at all, even when it’s taken in supplement form. More importantly, the safety of melatonin vapes remains murky.

A nationwide outbreak of vaping-related lung injury — which has led to 57 reported deaths and 2,602 hospitalizations as of January 7, per the CDC — has shown that vaping clearly carries risks. The ingredients responsible for these cases have yet to be identified, although many of those affected had used illicit vapes containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the high-inducing compound in cannabis), according to a recent CDC report. Vitamin E acetate also appears to be associated with vape-related lung injury. But Rolling Stone points out that melatonin vapes are commercially available and that vitamin E acetate doesn't appear on the ingredient labels. Even if you use “safer,” commercially available devices, the chemicals in vape juice and their health effects are still largely mysterious. Still, "at this time, no vaping of any product is 100% safe,” Timothy Fong, a professor of psychiatry who treats patients at the UCLA Addiction Medicine Clinic, tells Mic, adding that even if you use “safer,” commercially available devices, the chemicals in vape juice and their health effects are still largely mysterious. After all, vapes have been on the market for only 15 years or so, making them relatively new products. The bottom line is that while melatonin in and of itself is benign, melatonin vapes may contain other potentially harmful ingredients, or have health effects we can’t anticipate.

For now, it’s probably best to avoid them, or any vapes for that matter, until scientists conduct rigorous an unbiased human trials to validate their safety. “I’m happy to vape melatonin created by a pharmaceutical company after years of safety testing,” Fong says — but that just doesn’t seem to be the case with the products available right now. Indeed, Grandler told Rolling Stone that his search of the clinical trial and other research literature for studies on melatonin and vaping had come up dry. Fong doesn’t find the emergence of melatonin vapes that surprising, and predicts that we’ll see “more and more ‘vape-able’ substances.” InhaleHealth already sells a caffeine vape, and Fong raises the possibility of vaping asthma medication or even antidepressants. “The vaping technology is fascinating and could have incredible therapeutic potential, if done correctly,” he says. That’s a big “if,” though, and one that will require more research to bear out. Sleep can be hard to come by — and a new class of companies hopes vaping melatonin could offer a cure. Americans have a hard time sleeping — according to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly a third of U.S. But sleeping pills can cause plenty of unsavory side effects, which is why so many people are turning to natural remedies. And over the past two decades , one of the most popular has been melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body to help regulate the circadian rhythm, or the sleep-wake cycle. During the day, melatonin levels decline to the point of being undetectable. When the sun goes down, melatonin levels begin to rise and gradually signal to the body to begin falling asleep. However, a variety of factors, like stress or shift work, can desynchronize one’s normal cycle, making it difficult to initiate sleep or wake up at the desired time. “For patients suffering from sleep issues related to circadian-rhythm changes, such as shift-work disorder or jet lag, melatonin can help to readjust their sleep-wake cycle,” says Dr. Philip Gehrman, assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. There's No Hack For Better Sleep; Honestly, You Just Need a New Pillow. Weed Dispensaries, Destroyed and Looted in Late-Night Unrest, Face Uncertain Future. Oral melatonin supplements are the most popular form of ingestion, and are widely available over the counter. Yet as the demand for melatonin continues to grow, there are now several melatonin vaporizers designed to cut the absorption period down to mere seconds. If melatonin vaporizers work as well as their manufacturers claim, that would make them the fastest-acting over-the-counter sleep aid on the market. When concentrated melatonin is inhaled, in theory, it is instantly absorbed by alveoli in the lungs and enters the bloodstream, instead of being metabolized by the liver, as would a tablet.

Only a small amount of melatonin, then, is required to create a physiological effect. Philip Forys, a pulmonologist at Indiana University, is skeptical about vaped melatonin’s proposed absorption rates. “Melatonin is a large chemical compound, unlike nicotine and other commonly vaped substances,” Dr.

“While it’s possible this product may work, we really don’t know if this is an efficient delivery mechanism, as there have been no studies conducted on the effects of vaping melatonin.” Vaping is considered to be relatively safer than smoking , but the CDC’s investigation into the health risks of vaping is ongoing. In the past several months, there have been at least 55 vaping-related deaths and thousands of cases of illness, mostly from black-market THC vaporizers that contained vitamin E acetate. In a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vitamin E acetate was found in the lung injuries of 48 out of 51 patients who used vaping products. But unlike illicit THC vapes, melatonin vaporizers are commercially available and do not list vitamin E acetate as an ingredient. In October 2019, Cloudy , which was founded earlier that year, became the first and only melatonin vaporizer to join Google’s prestigious Brand Accelerator program , an invitation-only program developed to help support disruptive brands that have high-growth potential.


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