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But When she looked down she saw that mercy was rubbing his member up-and-down to get him fully stimulated again, this caused Widowmaker to blush even more and become feverishly aroused. Then she is starting to think through her self "could I really be sexually attracted to that little punk, could I have really fallen that well to these women standards?" However the board soon vanished as the women continued to final both her breast and her womanhood, with the latter slowly but surely started secreting love juices to better lube herself up. She is urgently trying to resist the pleasure that was assaulting her from both above and below, however it is proving to much for her to handle.

With all the nipple pinching and pulling, to the clitoris looking in the fingers pistoning in and out of her, no wonder women would fall for this barbaric action she was being inflicted with. It was only a matter time before she would finally snap she would end up climaxing from just merely being rubbed off, although this would not be a new experience seeing as she already done it before by herself. And after a few more bits of us stroking, pinching, etc. she finally let loose and climaxed, she let out a great big turret of her essence all over the bed. She was screaming and meet a love stupid face as her body tensed up an extreme euphoria. After what was almost a minutes, her climax finally died down, however her body slumped back and was making a hazy face and looked like she was in a trance. The women looked pleased with their work, while the other women were busy getting her fully undressed, then tracer said to "Mercy, all right luv, let them loose!" At the next moment, Widowmaker looked up, regaining her vision, and saw Brian hovering over her.

She was freaking out a little bit, as he was so close to her, she could basically smell is masculine musk, and it was intoxicating, Though she smelted before, a close range it was deadly. Although that was the least of her concerns, as she looked down to see his massive member riding up against her snatch, now that she thought about it, it is definitely bigger than her late husband's member. Brian then said before he started to put himself into her, "hey, no hard feelings for last time, but I hope we get to know each other better." We don't make her then tried to say "like I would ever Be your-" she was cut off at that moment when Brian's member, invaded her beautifully smooth womanhood, this caused her to be even more wide-eyed and stupid happy then before. Her body tensed, as his huge member was filling her up to the brim and stretching her out way beyond anything she had felt before with her husband. She was gripping the bed so hard, she almost tore the fabric, while unconsciously, her legs wrapped them selves around Brian's hips to keep him in place. With that said, tracer told him "don't worry luv, or right on the head." Brian did just that, as he started to pour myself out slowly, letting her womanhood experience the sensation slowly and agonizingly long, and then thrust himself back in at full speed and force. He started thrusting his hips up slowly in order to keep Widowmaker all the more pleased and pleasured, and it was succeeding as well as Widowmaker was morning and gasping for air. She could not believe that the same brat that hit her was actually fucking her, and what is making things worse is that she might actually have feelings for him. She should've killed him when she had the chance, that is what she thought but now she was going to be one of his women as well. His arms were placed on each side of her body, supporting his weight as he continues to thrust into her, seeing her face quiver and moan by his love making. She been let loose her grip on the bed and then move her arms around his back to embrace him tightly, as he moved down to also embrace her as well in a beautiful missionary position. She had a nice pair on her, which made a nice pillow for Brian's head to rest on, this was sickening, yet this was amazing for her, she tried so hard to hold off for so long. However, no matter how hard she tried, it was just no use, or lingering feelings along with her grudge made it impossible to avoid as both started and woman stared into each others eyes. Then Brian made the first move while still thrusting into her, as he tilted his head impressed his lips softly against hers, this made Widowmaker wide-eyed for a moment and she was actually kissing someone way younger than her. But at that moment, or disgust, rage and shock disappeared, and just romantically melted into the kiss and pressed her lips against his own. their lips felt heavenly against each other, moist, smooth and warm, they just could not get enough of each other's lips, they've been opened up their mouths in order to let their tongues danced with each other. Though no one could see it or barely see it, but there are tongues were dancing with Rich saliva being exchanged between two and the rhythm was so perfect. While that was going on, their bodies were being pressed against one of the other with Brian slim yet tough form, and Widowmaker's slim, curvy and smooth form as well. They were shaking as Brian thrusted himself deep into her cervix and penetrating her womb as Widowmaker's body jiggled with each thrust impacting her. however, despite not wanting this to stop, All things have to come to an end eventually as both of them were reaching their climaxes, Widowmaker sooner than Brian's. With that being said, they then had to detach from there but contact in order to regain their breath yet leaving behind a trail of saliva, Brian been said to Widowmaker "I'm, I'm about to cum!" Widowmaker, while still gasping from the sudden increase in the wrestling speed from Brian, manage to say "I'm about to cum as well!" Though her old self wanted him to let loose outside of her, she was too far gone to even consider that, it just felt so good, so like it or not, she was going to take that risk. With that being said, oh we're bracing themselves for the inevitable climax that they were both about to receive as Brian thrust himself with more speed force then ever before. However, it was Widowmaker that managed to climax before him, he felt her spray her essence around his pelvis and her vaginal muscles squeezing around his large member. And at the next moment, Brian let loose his essence, deep inside her womb. While Brian's reaction is grunting, Widowmaker is mixing with gasping and cueing was it felt like her womb was on fire, his semen is thick and merely flooded her baby room to the brim and even her vaginal tunnel. This act lasted for a few more minutes while Widowmaker finished first, Brian managed to unload his load after a few more spurts. For Brian, somehow being able to have sex with a woman but hated you, it's somehow turned him on and it became hot with just the very idea of it.

After they have finished coming down from their climaxes, their bodies is that from their attention and just one down on the bed with Brian resting on Widowmaker and Widowmaker still holding Brian in her embrace. Brian managed to push himself up and looked down at Widowmaker, while she looked at Brian, both making eye contact, she felt strange looking at his young yet innocent looking face and asked "W–what?" Brian smiled and then asked " is it OK if I do you up the butt?" Widowmaker became surprised by his assertiveness and only blushed and shyly responded "S-sure, whatever." Brian was happy and then they moved over, with Widowmaker rolling over onto her belly and then got onto her knees, sticking her rear in the air in front of him then use their hands to spread her cheeks open to reveal her puckered little anus. Brian always knew that she had a really recognizable bottom, but now that he gets to see it right in front of him, it was even more amazing to him then he ever thought would be. Brian then proceeded to stroke his member, which was still lubed up from their first intercourse, to get some of its juices and then start to probe her butt hole with it. Widowmaker was biting her bottom lip as she expect her butt is one of the most sensitive areas on the body, as her sphincter is rather tight around his fingers. He realized that his fingers were not lubing her up enough, so he decided that his best coarse of action is to go directly in there with his tongue. Which he did, this time Widowmaker screeched a bit as it was a tongue going in her butthole, it was slimy and weird feeling, but this caused intense sensitivity of sweet pleasure. Brian was flicking his tongue up and down her walls, and even at times pistoning his tongue in and out of her, she had a very unique taste, as one would expect of a butthole. After a while of rimming her rear end, Brian then removed his tongue from her and then got up, and mind his member with her rear end where his tip and her entrance touched. Widowmaker gripped the sheets of the bed in preparation for what she suspected was intense pain as he would push his way into her bowels.

As Brian started to push his way in, then the next moment he was almost fully in, Widowmaker was gasping at the top of her lungs when it happened. It was definitely painful at first, having something that big ramming up her asshole, however after a moment of pause and acclamation, that pain turned to pleasure. Even Brian needed a moment of pause and adjustment for an ass as good as Widowmakers, he had his hands firmly placed on her round smooth butt cheeks. With both of them finally relaxed, Brian then started to thrust in and out of her at a slow pace at first, all Widowmaker could do was just lay down, relax, and take it. When he was finished with his slow thrusts, he then proceeded to do hard core poundings, which cause ripples to do all her ass and her body to move as well.


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