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We have been amazed to find how many items you can find there and it has really saved us on some projects. We drove past the store for years thinking “we don’t need any seeds”. One day, something in the window caught my eye and I ventured in.

You can ship UPS, find hardware, crabbing gloves and boots, old furniture, doll clothes, paints and tools, flowers and fertilizer, gifts, canning supplies, cleaning products, decorative home items, and much, much more. I really enjoyed the opportunity to sit down and talk with Murphys owner, Rebecca Gillions, about the story of Murphys. Next time you are traveling on 202 through Mount Holly, stop by Murphys and take a look. Murphys is an old-time hardware store, yet there is so much more. Murphys also includes: lawn and garden, gifts, antiques, furniture, small engine repair… a little bit of everything. There are four buildings to browse and find treasures, with plants and hardware in the middle. Lawn mower repair can be found in the back of the new showroom next door – come in and see Larry for service. We take consignments and some things are being donated because people are downsizing or moving.

I had a man come here from Tappahannock to buy vegetable seeds. He asked me to look at these old tools in the back of his truck. I try and move things for people and get them a little money. I sold them for him for about $300 – he was tickled. I would like to do more re-finished furniture but do not have the time right now. However, Murphys has the supplies and I can tell people how to re-do it. We are a little cluttered and need to improve our appearance, but we are working on it. I can special order some things – we get trucks 3 times a week from various places. The Murphy family started the store in 1929 in the current Rivah Relics building, with hardware, farming supplies, and fertilizers, but seed cleaning was the main thing. We processed seeds like wheat, barley, soy beans, oats, rye, clover. We cleaned the seeds, took shaft and weeds and everything out and re-bagged seeds for farmers to plant the next season. In 1942 the main building was added and they sold shares to various farmers. I am from Oldhams but left the Northern Neck to attend college. It changed to James Madison University the year I graduated. After college, I first worked for Lester Miller in his lumber business. At that time, he had an office at his home in Bushfield. My father was a stock holder in the tractor dealership across the road and I came here to help. When my Dad died in 1989, my brother and I bought Murphys from the other stock holders. Seed cleaning got to be too much, and we sold the seed business to Mid Atlantic Seed from Pennsylvania in the late 1990’s. Later, my brother decided to focus on farming, so now it’s just me here now. We are opening a new showroom next door in the front of the building with small engine repair. We are excited to have more room for furniture and display. In the fall, I hope to have another Mt Holly night. This is a night of food, music, and fun for everyone. It is held to benefit the Westmoreland County Museum. Most folks are surprised at how much I have in this building.

Nice thing about Murphys is you can buy a nut or a bolt and you don’t have to buy more than you need. You can buy an ounce of seeds and not just pre-packaged seeds. You will find many things here that no one sells any more. I have people driving here from Tappahannock to buy vegetable seeds.

State: Pennsylvania Address: 251 E Main St, Bath, PA 18014, USA Zip code: 18014 Phone: (610) 837-6447. Hayes Flowers is located in Northampton County of Pennsylvania state.


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