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there are a ton of booths TOTALLY secluded to play in., in addition to buddy booths. The entire building has been remodeled from front to back. All of the video booths in the back are very roomy! Best Charlotte's Web Vhs of 2020 - Review and Buying Guide.

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The relationship between Wilbur and Cardigan is one of the weirdest parts of the film - for starters, Wilbur spends the first twenty minutes teaching Cardigan to act like a pig, and none of the human characters ever take issue with this, even as Cardigan takes part in things like eating Wilbur's pig slop. I get that it's supposed to be heartwarming or something, but why not just have Cardigan act like a normal sheep while still being friends with Wilbur? One of the things I happen to remember about the original story was how Wilbur grew to like Charlotte in spite of the ways in which she was different from him, like her unsettling, albeit natural thirst for blood. I don't think they were deliberately trying to go against that moral here by having Cardigan be just like Wilbur instead - it was just a weird choice that wasn't completely thought through, I'm guessing. There are also a lot of times where Wilbur and Cardigan sleep next to each other and cuddle together or nuzzle each other's noses. Rewatching it, I briefly found myself wondering if Cardigan was supposed to be a female.

(As far as I know, he's not.) But while the film had some. I think the best parts of it were when it focused on Charlotte's daughters. The three of them get a subplot about trying to live up to their mother's legacy, complete with a song number as they try to spell out Wilbur's innocence in their web. Even as an adult, I found them to be pretty endearing as characters and I was sort of invested in their arc, and I wish more of the film's running time had been devoted to them.


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