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It was a struggle to find a vet whom cared as much as I did for my animals. She not only does everything in her power to understand the animals needs but she makes you feel at ease and fills you in on all thoughts related to your animals condition. Selina has a large heart for her four legged customers and is always in the best interest of them. The staff is also extremely friendly and makes you feel as if you and your pet are always welcomed.

My pets went from hating the vets office, peeing on the floors and quivering at the site of the building, to walking in with ears forward, wagging tails, and belly rubs :)Thank you Selina! She saved my shettie from a potentially fatal hit and run a couple years ago and kept him with her … more Highly recommend Selena. She saved my shettie from a potentially fatal hit and run a couple years ago and kept him with her for nearly two months to watch over him. He was not even put into a cage and was allowed to lay on a bed in the corner with his toys from home. The fact that he was loved so much only added tremendously to his recovery and we were allowed to visit him on the weekends. Back in 2007 my Yorkie had passed away from natural causes and we rushed him to her. She didnt force us to leave the exam room and we were allowed to take our time to say goodbye. Ive yet to see a vet with that much compassion other then Selena.

Her rates are negotiable under certain circumstances and she also allows her patients parents to call her for emergencies. It’s pretty difficult to buy weed in Texas since recreational marijuana is illegal throughout the state. What’s more, Texas also has some of the most restrictive cannabis laws in the entire country. Still, there are so many people in Houston, and all over the country, who manage to buy and smoke weed every day. Now, let’s break down all of the cannabis laws in Texas and see how they affect the everyday weed-lover. We’re also going to share some of the best places to buy weed. Finally, we’re going to include some tips and tricks on how to buy weed safely and avoid getting a fine or even some jail time. Even though weed still isn’t legal in Texas, the state has a long and complicated history with it. In fact, El Paso, Texas, was the first city in the US to ban marijuana even though doctors thought it had a lot of healing properties. Ever since then, marijuana laws have been extremely restrictive, and the progress has been slow. When the Compassionate Use Act passed in 2015, it was a landmark decision that made medical marijuana a bit more accessible. Let’s take a quick look and see how Texas regulates medical and recreational marijuana. While it’s true that the Compassionate Use Act was a big step in the right direction, Texas still has a long way to go. With the Compassionate Act, the only people who could get access to medical marijuana were patients who have intractable epilepsy. What’s more, the process of getting a medical marijuana card was a difficult and expensive one. But, in June 2019, Texas lawmakers passed the House Bill 3703, making history once again. They’ve now expanded the list of medical conditions and patients who can get access to medical marijuana. Some of the conditions include: Parkinson’s Disease Multiple Sclerosis Autism Terminal Cancer ALS Huntington’s Disease Alzheimer’s. While it’s still pretty difficult to get a medical marijuana card, this bill is a step in the right direction. We recommend checking out this article to see how to apply and get a card in Texas. Even though Texans are stepping up their game when it comes to medical marijuana, smoking weed recreationally is still illegal. They’ve done a lot to decriminalize it, but they have a long way to go. Anyone caught carrying less than two ounces, could spend 180 days in jail and pay a $2,000 fine. Also, since smoking generally isn’t allowed in public spaces, it can be a bit tricky to find a good place to smoke weed. Unless we own a licensed dispensary, growing weed anywhere in Texas is next to impossible. Not only that, but even dispensaries have to go through a long and complicated process to be able to cultivate it.

Penalties for growing weed are pretty similar to those for possession. What’s more, keep in mind that dispensaries can’t sell marijuana flowers.

The only thing we can buy in a dispensary is CBD oil, and it has to contain less than 0.5% of THC.


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