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And Bryan tells us this rifle performs as good as it looks: “This is the baddest little .22 LR trainer ever. With the barrel length and can, it’s the exact length of my regular comp rigs.” With length, balance, and ergonomics near identical to Bryan’s centerfire competition rifles, this 40X is a superb training tool. • Modified Remington 40X Action • Calvin Elite Trigger • Bartlein #5 22″ Barrel • Mack Brothers Vapor Suppressor. • Bedded Manners T4-A Stock • Defiance Embedded Front Rail (EFR) • Harris Swivel Bipod with Handle • Bushnell DMR2 Scope w/ G3 Reticle.

Many readers wanted to know about the bottom metal and the detachable box magazine. Bryan Sike reveals: “The magazine setup is designed specifically to replicate my actual competition rifles. The bottom metal is for use with AI magazines and uses a standard M5 type inlet just like any centerfire completion rifle. In this case with the .22LR, Mike Bush designed a high reliability rimfire magazine using the same outside dimensions as an AI magazine . The action was modified and trued, barreled, fully bedded, etc. using ALL components common to centerfire match rifles.” The Rem 40X action was modified by Modacam Custom Rifles to work as a repeater with box mags. Bryan adds that a new rimfire action is in the works: “My preference is modified Remington 40X actions and the soon-to-be available, V-22 action from Mike Bush. Both of which are TRUE repeaters and don’t feed from a Savage magazine.

This rifle feels nothing like a .22 LR and that was the whole point.” Why You Need a .22 LR Tactical Cross-Trainer Many guys who shoot long-range tactical matches practice with .22 LR rifles of similar configuration. Rimfire ammo is way more affordable than centerfire, you do not need a big range facility, and shooting rimfire saves wear and tear on your centerfire rifle. Further, for learning how to read the wind, there really is no better training tool than a .22 LR, even as close as 50 yards. Our Friend “DesertFrog”, who shoots tactical matches in Southern California, explains: “I used to shoot an average of 200 rounds of .308 Match ammo a month for training (50 per weekend). These days I shoot maybe an average of 50 rounds of .308 Win per month and probably around 600 rounds of .22 LR. Using mainly the .22 LR for practice did NOT hurt my standings in actual competitions. I shot my .308 just as well in matches, but saved the cost of hundreds of rounds of .308. If I didn’t reload and was still buying boxes of Federal Gold Medal Match .308 Win [at $1.00/round], this would be a savings of [$150 per month on the centerfire ammo.]” Money saved is money earned. These FREE targets by DesertFrog are offered in Adobe Acrobat format for easy printing. CLICK HERE to download all six targets as a .ZIP archive. Share the post "The “Baddest Little .22 LR Trainer Ever…”" CVS/Pharmacy. CVS/Pharmacy - Fridley (53rd) 755 53rd Ave NE, Inside Target Store, Fridley, MN, 55421-1240. Prepares medical prescriptions and offers information on how medications work together. Helps users manage drug costs and order prescriptions, including: * Getting refills * Checking order status * Reviewing savings options * Viewing prescription history * Medication dose reminders * Finding a local pharmacy * Talking to a pharmacist * Finding health information. CVS/Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy PO Box 659915, San Antonio, TX, 78265-9149 CVS/Pharmacy - Aitkin 25 2nd St NE, Aitkin, MN, 56431-1419 CVS/Pharmacy - Albany 740 Railroad Ave, Albany, MN, 56307-9456 CVS/Pharmacy - Alexandria 4404 Highway 29 S, Inside Target Store, Alexandria, MN, 56308-2915 CVS/Pharmacy - Andover (Bunker Lake #1) 3633 Bunker Lake Blvd NW, Andover, MN, 55304-7402 CVS/Pharmacy - Andover (Bunker Lake #2) 2000 Bunker Lake Blvd NW, Inside Target Store, Andover, MN, 55304-4014 CVS/Pharmacy - Anoka 657 E Main St, Anoka, MN, 55303-2528 CVS/Pharmacy - Apple Valley (Cedar) 15150 Cedar Ave, Inside Target Store, Apple Valley, MN, 55124-7056 CVS/Pharmacy - Apple Valley (Dove Tail) 15115 Dove Trl, Apple Valley, MN, 55124-7871 CVS/Pharmacy - Apple Valley (Galaxie) 15051 Galaxie Ave, Apple Valley, MN, 55124-6987 CVS/Pharmacy - Apple Valley (Pilot Knob) 15560 Pilot Knob Rd, Inside Target Store, Apple Valley, MN, 55124-8160 CVS/Pharmacy - Baxter 14546 Dellwood Dr, Inside Target Store, Baxter, MN, 56425-9744 CVS/Pharmacy - 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Paul (Ford) 2080 Ford Pkwy, Inside Target Store, St. Paul (Suburban) 1744 Suburban Ave, Inside Target Store, St. Paul (University) 1300 University Ave W, Inside Target Store, St. Paul, MN, 55104-4103 CVS/Pharmacy - Stillwater 2021 Market Dr, Inside Target Store, Stillwater, MN, 55082-7546 CVS/Pharmacy - Vadnais Heights 975 Co Rd E, Inside Target Store, Vadnais Heights, MN, 55127 CVS/Pharmacy - Virginia 1001 13th St S, Inside Target Store, Virginia, MN, 55792-3254 CVS/Pharmacy - Waconia 875 E Main St, Inside Target Store, Waconia, MN, 55387-1081 CVS/Pharmacy - West St.

Paul (Robert #1) 1750 Robert St S, Inside Target Store, West St. Paul, MN, 55118-3141 CVS/Pharmacy - White Bear Lake (Co Rd E) 2730 Co Rd E, White Bear Lake, MN, 55110 CVS/Pharmacy - White Bear Lake (Hwy 61) 4800 Highway 61 N, White Bear Lake, MN, 55110-2844 CVS/Pharmacy - Willmar 2505 1st St S, Inside Target Store, Willmar, MN, 56201-4215 CVS/Pharmacy - Winona 860 Mankato Ave, Inside Target Store, Winona, MN, 55987-4867 CVS/Pharmacy - Woodbury (Commerce) 449 Commerce Dr, Inside Target Store, Woodbury, MN, 55125-4872 CVS/Pharmacy - Woodbury (Eagle Creek) 2150 Eagle Creek Ln, Woodbury, MN, 55129-3201 CVS/Pharmacy - Woodbury (Tamarack) 8468 Tamarack Bay, Woodbury, MN, 55125-3738 CVS/Pharmacy - Woodbury (Valley Creek) 7200 Valley Creek Plz, Inside Target Store, Woodbury, MN, 55125-2265. Clicking a taxonomy term from the list below launches a new search. : Clicking a taxonomy term from the list below launches a new search. Organizations that are involved in the business of preparing, storing, compounding and dispensing drugs in accordance with prescriptions prepared by licensed physicians.


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