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Remember that you can add unlimited text to Twitter images and videos. Once you’ve started to get attention online, it’s time to convert those views into followers. Run a Twitter giveaway which is exclusive for your followers. Encourage Twitter users to follow you before the competition closes, then import your list of followers to Easypromos to select a winner.

We liked this example from Food To Live, a healthy snack brand. Just like in the previous example, they shared a photo which explained all the important details about the prize and the competition rules. Social media giveaways must include clear rules, terms and conditions. Use Easypromos’ free tool to write, host, and share the legal details with a short link or follow-up tweet. So you’ve got publicity with retweets, and increased your follower count with an exclusive Twitter giveaway. Now the challenge is to maintain a relationship with your followers. Interaction and engagement are the key to long-terms success on social media. Asking for retweets and follows is a great place to start.

But your next step should be creating quality, user-generated content and conversations. Run a Twitter giveaway for followers who reply to a question or comment with interesting and original ideas. As part of their Back to School sales campaign, they asked followers to share their favorite read. When you ask users to share their opinions and experiences like this, you demonstrate that you are ready to listen to customers . And with luck, you’ll spark a conversation which will boost your brand’s visibility even further. Attract attention with a mention + hashtag contest. Another way to encourage original content is a Twitter giveaway with mentions and hashtags. Instead of simply replying to a Tweet, ask users to @mention your profile and use your #competitionhashtag. It’s the only example in this post that wasn’t made with Easypromos – we just really liked the jokes. The AA Center asked users to reply with their favorite Drake song, for a chance to win concert tickets. As you can see in the screenshot, their followers responded with some creative puns on song titles. When you use Easypromos for your Twitter giveaway, you can filter replies by hashtags, and exclude specific users temporarily or permanently. So it’s easy to make sure that only users who follow the rules can win the prize. Hear from your followers with a single-question survey. Twitter is a great place for sharing ideas, getting opinions, and hearing hot takes. Twitter even includes its own features to help, such as polls embedded in Tweets. However, it’s difficult to break down the results of an embedded poll to select a winner. Instead, try creating a survey by asking users to reply to your tweets with a specific hashtag. Take a look at this example from a Spanish travel agency. They shared a tweet with pictures of famous Roman sights. To answer the survey, users just had to respond with the hashtag of their favorite photo. And in return, they could win a free holiday to the ancient Italian city. Once your Twitter giveaway is up and running, you’ll want to maximize engagement.

You can include up to 10 tweets in a single giveaway , including promoted posts .

Alternatively, you can run repeated giveaways on a single tweet . Take a look at this example from the heavy machinery manufacturer, Kubota. They ran a twelve-day countdown to Christmas , with a new prize each day. They asked users to like and retweet their posts, including a competition hashtag. Because the competition lasted several days, users were highly motivated to follow the brand for more.


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