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It is closely related to the psychoactive ∆ 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound which causes the “high” associated with cannabis. Unlike the THC constituent of cannabis, CBD is non-psychoactive and has attracted significant media attention due to its potential health or medicinal benefits. Reported beneficial effects include pain relief, reduction of anxiety/depression, sleep management, skin condition treatment, neuroprotective properties etc. Evidence of clinical efficacy is still limited at this stage of medical research. Extracted from the Hemp species of Cannabis sativa (high CBD/low THC natural content), CBD is commercially available in a variety of forms including oil oral drops, oral sprays, skin creams, muscle balms, and e-liquids.

Many of these products are formulated using “full spectrum” CBD oil, which contains not only CBD but many other cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids. More sophisticated and costly extraction methods have been developed to extract pure CBD isolate from the hemp plant, which is an essential requirement for creating a high-quality CBD liquid suitable for use in an e-cigarette / vape kit. Consumer demand for CBD-containing products has soared in recent years, with many CBD users enthusiastically sharing their positive experiences. Research in the field of CBD has also increased in recent years, with limited evidence (at this stage) that CBD may be useful in the treatment of a number of health-related conditions. CBD induces markedly different physiological effects compared to the best-known cannabis component, THC, and this difference in mechanism of action accounts for the non-psychoactive properties of CBD when compared against THC (the constituent of cannabis which gets the user “high”). The relatively recent identification of cannabinoid receptors in the human body has triggered significant growth in the number of studies exploring the endocannabinoid system and its regulatory functions in health & disease. There is already a wide variety of CBD “e-liquids” available on the market. They essentially fall into three categories depending on the way CBD is introduced as an ingredient, these being: whole plant CBD, full spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

Whole plant CBD e-liquid uses hemp oil/paste as an ingredient. This contains not only CBD but many other cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, including low levels of THC. (Note: legal sale in the UK requires hemp oil/paste content of THC to be less than 0.05 % w/w). The hemp oil/paste ingredient mainly consists of plant-based terpenes, flavonoids, waxes, lipids, and oils. It has a very distinct, and to most, unpalatable taste. Full spectrum e-liquid still contains CBD and a broad range of cannabinoids (including low levels of THC, plant-based terpenes, and flavonoids). However, the wax, lipid and oil constituents of the hemp oil are removed via an extraction process. Full Spectrum CBD e-liquid also has a distinct taste due to the presence of many plant-based substances. CBD isolate e-liquid contains only high purity CBD as an ingredient. Other cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, lipids, oils and flavonoids are removed in a multi-step purification process. It should also be noted that CBD isolate quality can vary between suppliers, with the highest purity CBD isolate attracting a premium supply cost. Why do we produce CBD vape liquid using CBD isolate? There are a significant number of articles/blogs published online describing the added benefits of whole plant/full spectrum CBD e-liquid compared to CBD isolate e-liquid. The articles focus on the purported beneficial “entourage-effect” of CBD usage combined with other cannabinoids and plant-based substances contained in whole plant/full spectrum CBD. However, the authors fail to evaluate the suitability of such plant-based substances for inhalation using an e-cigarette. As a sector-leading manufacturer of the highest quality e-liquid products, we conduct an extensive toxicological assessment of all ingredients used in our e-liquid/CBD liquid products. We have deemed whole plant hemp extract & full spectrum CBD oil unsuitable for use in the formulation of CBD liquid. For this reason, Otium CBD vape liquid has been formulated using only CBD isolate of the highest purity, sourced from a trusted supply partner. Yes, the manufacture and supply of CBD liquid is legal in the UK. In order to comply with The Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 and Home Office guidance, the CBD vape-liquid unit bottle must not contain more than 1 mg of THC. One of the first things you’ll notice on the packaging for Otium CBD vape liquid is that it doesn’t contain the nicotine warning we have become accustomed to post-2016 with the implementation of The Tobacco & Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR). As the product does not contain nicotine it is not within the scope of TRPR, and hence outside the regulatory framework of this product-specific set of regulations. The manufacture and supply of CBD vape liquid products is governed by The General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR). Under GPSR, in the absence of specific provisions governing the safety of a product, the general safety requirement must be assessed against other available standards (compulsory or voluntary) drawn up in the United Kingdom. Hence Otium CBD vape liquid is fully compliant with the requirements of not only TRPR but also BSI PAS 54115:2015. You will also notice some additional information on the Otium CBD vape liquid packaging, which includes the phrase “ Food supplement product containing Cannabidiol ”.

The reason for this is that CBD vape liquid products are regulated as foods under the provisions of general food law. The product labelling requirements for CBD vape liquid are governed by the Food Information Regulations (2014) and the Food Supplement Regulations (2003). Each individual is different and therefore we cannot advise what strength CBD liquid you should buy. We advise new users of Otium CBD vape liquid to start with the low strength 100mg (10mg/ml) option.

Over time you will establish which daily CBD dose works for you, and will potentially increase your strength depending on personal experience. We can help you understand how the strength of CBD vape liquid can be used to estimate CBD dosage.


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