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Elektra CBD Hemp Flower

To borrow a phrase from the immortal Keats, Elektra is a strain of “mellow fruitfulness.” Made with a combination of ACDC and Early Resin Berry, this high-CBD hemp is well known for its soothing effects and musky aromatics. Some scientists believe the primary reason for both of these features has to do with Elektra’s high traces of myrcene. Recent research suggests this mango-like terpene might have sedating and analgesic properties. With all of this in mind, Elektra is best reserved for use after dinner.

  • Elektra Contains 16.95% CBD
  • Top Shelf Oregon Grown CBD Hemp Flower
  • 100% Hand Trimmed Buds
  • 100% Organic, No Pesticides, No Additives, No Synthetics
  • Lab Tested for Purity and Compliance
  • 50 State Legal
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant – Less Than 0.3% Delta 9 THC

To borrow a phrase from the immortal Keats, Elektra is a strain of “mellow fruitfulness.” Made with a combination of ACDC and Early Resin Berry, this high-CBD hemp is well known for its soothing effects and musky aromatics.


A cross between ACDC x ERB, this Elektra hemp flower earned *2nd Place at the 2019 Cultivation Classic* and is highly sought after. Elektra CBD hemp flower has hints of sweet pine with a taste of citrus, just before melting into a deep wood flavor. Elektra is great for those afflicted with joint and muscle fatigue and overall discomfort. It’s ability to help you relax is sure to put you in a great mood any time of day.

Total Cannabinoids 25.77%

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


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Elektra CBD Hemp Flower and Prerolls (Joints)

If you are seeking a fast-acting solution to your bodily discomforts, this award-winning flower may be the answer you have been looking for. As one of our most popular products, Elektra CBD hemp flower & prerolls (joints) will not disappoint!

When you push your body to the max on a regular basis as you balance work, family, friendships, self-care, and your home, you need an effective product you can trust to soothe the fatigue radiating through your overworked muscles and joints. Many of our customers don’t hesitate to reach for this CBD hemp flower, because they continue to experience quick results that last all day long, but without psychoactive side effects. As one of our most frequently purchased CBD hemp flowers, it can be enjoyed before, during, or after a long day, and the CBD and other helpful cannabinoids get to work quickly for you. The subtle, yet pleasant hints of flavor are an added perk to the fast-acting benefits you’ll feel quickly, as the discomfort in your joints and muscles melts away and you feel a wave of relaxation wash over you.

Elektra: An Award-Winning, All-Natural Solution

After winning second place at the 2019 Cultivation Classic, Elektra’s uniquely sweet, citrusy, and piney attributes were finally given the recognition they deserve. It is not only a surprisingly pleasant flavor palette, but the terpenes responsible for the aromatics are undeniably distinct. Because The Hemp Doctor ™ proudly organically grows a natural proprietary strain of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp in the nutrient-rich soils of Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley as well as the fertile fields of North Carolina ‒ and ensures that the strictest farming methods are being utilized to harvest the cannabinoid-rich hemp at the perfect time ‒ you can trust that you will receive the absolute highest quality hemp product. We promise you won’t be disappointed when you try our Elektra CBD hemp flower & prerolls (joints).

CBD Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I be sure my CBD product is safe?

A: At The Hemp Doctor™, safe, first-rate products are our passion and priority. Every CBD product is not created equally, so it’s important that customers only choose trustworthy CBD brands who diligently organically grow their hemp, and when applicable, meticulously process and purify their products using advanced scientifically-driven processes. Furthermore, companies should candidly share every step of their process with you, like The Hemp Doctor™ does here. Perhaps the most important and tangible way customers can ensure that their products are safe and only contain what the company promises is to only select products that have been third-party lab tested for quality. Transparent companies should voluntarily show customers the lab reports so they can be reviewed for their safety and peace of mind. At The Hemp Doctor™, we confidently share ours here.

Q: It contains THC – is it legal?

A: In order to create high-quality, effective CBD options, we are proud to grow and harvest only the finest organic hemp, maintaining its natural, pure components as we craft our highly effective products. This ensures the delivery of the best results for you while adhering to the legal maximum of .3% THC. So rest assured, every single premium product we offer our customers is100% legal and is crafted with strict attention to detail. In 2018, the passing of the Farm Bill outlined the nationwide standard for all hemp-based products, requiring all products to contain .3% THC or less. At The Hemp Doctor, we take these regulations seriously. This means our consumers are free to choose from a variety of full-spectrum products, including our Elektra hemp flower and joints, that contain the legal limit of THC and enjoy those benefits safely. Shop with confidence – everything we offer complies with legal standards.

Q: What side effects come with using CBD?

A: The great news about CBD – the hemp-based product that is taking the wellness industry by storm – is that it is an all-natural supplement. Because of this, CBD, in all of its forms, is tolerated very well by the body. Unlike most other substances you get over-the-counter or from your doctor, that usually come with a host of side effects, CBD works naturally with the body’s internal endocannabinoid system to provide users with long-lasting relief. A few discomforts such as dry mouth, reduced appetite, diarrhea, and drowsiness have been reported on rare occasions. However, simply adjusting the intake of the CBD to a lesser amount will relieve those discomforts.

Some of our future clients may be concerned about any side effects from the fact that some of our products carry small amounts of THC. Let us put your mind at ease there as well. By law, our full-spectrum products like the Electra CBD flower and joints contain less than .3% THC, and this trace amount of THC does not produce any psychoactive side effects. If you are still concerned about ingesting any THC, however, we have a full line of broad-spectrum (THC-free) products to choose from.

The concern about side effects is yet another reason to choose a premium CBD retailer like The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary. With so many CBD products on the market today, you do not want to risk ingesting a CBD supplement that may be of suspicious origin. Be sure to only use CBD products that have been tested by a third-party laboratory and have the batch results readily displayed. The Hemp Doctor insists on this standard of excellence in our quality control so that you know exactly what you are getting when you trust your wellness needs to us.

Q: What if I prefer not to smoke CBD?

A: At The Hemp Doctor, that is absolutely not a problem. As a matter of fact, we carry a dizzying array of other products to meet any taste, lifestyle, and application preference.

Wellness enthusiasts who want quick and long-lasting relief often enjoy taking their CBD orally, and we carry a number of delicious options just for this preference. Products like:

When you need fast relief from the mental and physical stress and strains of the day, and if you don’t want to smoke but are OK with getting your CBD in a convenient vape form, our vape products are sure to please. We carry:

When you need CBD to get to work to provide targeted relief to your aching muscles and joints, our topical products are a great way to get satisfaction fast. Our extensive inventory includes:

There are other ways to enjoy all of the amazing wellness benefits of CBD, like our CBD Hemp Kief. We even carry pet softgels, tinctures, and treats for your favorite furry friend!

Quality You Can Count On

At The Hemp Doctor, we don’t cut corners, because we want to give our customers the very best products on the market. That’s what makes us different from our competitors. We are so confident in our products that we offer a satisfaction guarantee to go along with every purchase you make. If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know within 30 days and we will promptly give you your money back. You won’t be disappointed with our top-notch customer support!

What Our Clients Say

Very informative, clean and most of all knowledgeable. They even sell for pets. So grateful they decided to open. It’s hard to find clean and pureCBD Hemp oil made from all from organic materials and from Colorado . The owner and the staff are very personable and nice. I highly recommend them.

A product good for joint and muscle dicomfort. If you want to know more about Elektra, CONTACT The Hemp Doctor today. We will answer all your questions.