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My favorite, reliable online source of CBD oil and treats is HempMy Pet. It varies based on weight and the condition being treated. For example, a small dog probably won’t need as much as a big dog and you may need to give them more to treat anxiety or to help control seizures than you would for general wellness. Read This: A Thorough Explanation of How Much CBD You Should Give Your Dog.

The bottom line is you have to find what works for your dog and situation. For the homemade treats, I suggest giving your dog the CBD oil directly first to determine how much they need in each dose. Start with the lowest recommended amount and work your way up from there. Once the desired result in achieved, you will know how many drops of oil, or how many mg of CBD, to put in each treat. The good news is, several studies on CBD have shown it has little to no side effects, even in high doses so you are very unlikely to harm your dog if you accidentally put too much in a treat. In cases where side effects from too much did occur, the most common one was drowziness.

On very rare occasions, side effects have included excessive itchiness or mild vomiting. If your dog starts having any of these symptoms after ingesting CBD, stop giving it to them and they should return to normal. If you are concerned, be sure to take your dog to the vet. There are four ways to make your own CBD dog treats at home. The first two are easy, the third one takes a bit more effort and care, but the last one – baking your own CBD dog treats – can be tricky. It’s tricky because too much heat can cause the CBDs in the oil evaporate so there is little or no beneficial ingredients in the treat. It’s best to stay away from making baked CBD dog treats unless you are experienced cooking with marijuana. Let’s look at the ways that don’t involve heat so you don’t have to worry about evaporation. One super simple way to make your own CBD dog treats is to put drops of the oil on your dog’s treats. I’ve done this and I can tell you it doesn’t necessarily work on any ol’ treat. In order for this to happen, you need to pick “porous” dog treats. Dog treats that look granular or that have little holes in them work best. One of my favorite treats for this is BIXBI BarkPops (they’re like dog Cheetos). Just place the number of drops of CBD oil your dog needs on the treat, let it soak in for a minute and let your dog enjoy. This is also a simple way to make CBD dog treats and they are especially great in the summer if your pup needs to cool off. That means you will have to multiply the number of treats the recipe will make by the number of CBD oil drops your pet needs and add that to the recipe. Adding CBD oil to frozen treats works best if you first add the oil to the “thicker” ingredients (like peanut butter, yogurt, etc) and then add in the liquid. If you mix it in well, and each treat is approximately the same size, you should get an even dosage of CBD per treat. Alternately, you can make a frozen treat mix, place individual portions in an ice cube or candy-making tray, add the appropriate amount of oil to each “cube”, and then mix it in. Do remember that adding the oil will change the freezing temperature of the mix so you might need to leave them in longer and/or the finished product may be kind of soft-frozen. Try one of these frozen treat ideas: If you don’t want to use your own ice cube trays to make these treats, check out this silicone paw print ice cube tray or this fun Marijuana Pot Leaf Silicone Mold. Your next option if you don’t want to put CBD oil on a pre-made treat, or give your pup a cold, frozen treat is to make no-bake dog treats. You’ll want to pick a treat recipe that calls for some kind of oil so you can replace all or part of that with CBD oil. No-bake dog treats are softer than baked dog treats so, while these are a great option around home, they can crumble if you are travelling or hiking.

To help prevent this, try putting them in a hard-sided container to protect them. Here are some recipes to try if you want to go this route: Bake Your Own CBD Dog Treats. Making baked CBD treats for your dog is definitely for people with prior experience making marijuana edibles for people or those willing to take a bit of a chance. The lower the temperature you bake the treats at, the less chance any of the CBD will evaporate. Generally CBD is completely degraded at temperatures in excess of 392 degrees F, although it starts to break down long before that. The consensus online seems to be the baking temperature should be 350 degrees or below.

You can either choose recipes that don’t require baking at a higher temperature or lower the recommended baking temperature for most recipes and just extend the duration accordingly. This method is also tricky because it’s hard to make sure each treat has the correct dose of CBD.


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