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They give him his name, too, which means “butterfly” in French (and is pronounced “pah-pee-yon”, in case you were wondering). Personality: Attention-loving Papillons are playful, lively and friendly to all they meet. Temperament: These little dogs are obedient, affectionate and responsive, making them quite good with children – just be careful of this tiny dog breeds’ dainty frame. Papillons can do well in apartments but need mental and physical stimulation, so plan on a few games or a short walk every day. That long, silky coat needs regular brushing and trimming every few months.

This noble little “lion dog” was sacred to the Tang Dynasty in eighth-century China. Today, his regal nature makes him an esteemed companion. Personality: These small dogs are known for being laid back, but they’re also brave and dignified. Temperament: Pekingese are affectionate and extremely devoted to their family, but may have a stubborn and independent streak. Pekingese are ideal apartment dogs, but many enjoy a leisurely walk. Be careful in heat, however, as they don’t tolerate extreme temperatures well. The coarse coat of a Pekingese needs brushing several times a week, plus trimming every few months, His wrinkles should also be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth. Watch a Pom walk, and you may notice a bouncy, signature strut.

Sure, they’re self-confident, but with a smile like that, can you blame them? Personality: Outgoing, friendly and sometimes even cocky, with vocal tendencies that make them great watchdogs. Temperament: Pomeranians are easily trained and very family-oriented, but because of their small size, they may do better with older children. Make time for a puffball play session or a short walk, and these miniature puppies will be pretty happy. Plan on brushing the Pom’s thick, double coat about twice a week, along with trimming every 2-3 months. These delightful little dogs are a wag-and-a-half, and well known for their entertaining antics. They’re also loving and playful, making them a great choice for a family pet. Personality: Pugs like to show off and clown around, but they’re even-tempered and won’t shy away from cuddles. They are fairly quiet, but their bark sounds a bit more like a yip or a yodel. Temperament: Pugs are another of the toy dog breeds with a mischievous side, but they’re trainable and generally willing to please. Activity Level: They’re not one of the best small dog breeds if you’re looking for a workout buddy. Pugs may wheeze in heat, so keep activity simple with short walks and a little play. Pugs can be prone to gain weight, so they do need exercise—and a balanced diet. Plan on brushing a pug from time to time, along with a weekly cleaning of his wrinkles with a damp cloth. Athletic, and happy-go-lucky, Rat Terriers started as farm pets, but quickly became favorite at-home companions. Personality: Curious and particularly loyal, the Rat Terrier is friendly, active and playful. Temperament: These little dogs are family-focused, eager-to-please and among the most trainable of the Terrier group. They get along with other dogs and livestock but may chase smaller pets. True Terriers, they still need quite a bit of exercise and play. Grooming Needs: Rat Terriers need occasional brushing, and shed seasonally, but have relatively easy-to-maintain coats. His Flemish name means “Little Captain,” and it’s fitting for this small dog breed. Schipperkes are stealthy, full of curiosity and always on the lookout for adventure.

Personality: Faithful, and protective of family and property. Temperament: Schipperkes are independent and headstrong. They need firm training, but have a soft spot for children. Mental and physical stimulation is a must for Schipperkes, so plan on lots of play and regular walks. Needs: Another of the little dog breeds with a double coat, the Schipperke needs weekly brushing, and trimming every 2-3 months. Bred for adventure on mountainous terrain, Shiba Inus are spirited, bold and strong-willed. Personality: Not the smallest dog in terms of attitude, Shibas have a big personality. They’re independent and sometimes territorial but loyal to family and those who earn their respect.

Temperament: Shibas are always ready for adventure, so they play well with kids, but they do need firm training and may be vocal. Activity Level: Shiba Inus do best when they can play both inside and out on a regular basis.


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