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Our vision is to facilitate the evolution of the U.S. family farm and build a sustainable, local hemp foods industry. By establishing a supply chain of U.S. grown hemp, we’re working to revive our countries agricultural system. We have partnered with family farmers across the United States to be one of the first companies to source domestically grown hemp. And now you can enjoy our locally grown hemp seeds delivered right to your door.


How Specialty Can Still Help Grow Brands

Customers might love natural and specialty retailers, but lately it looks like their creditors don’t. In the past month, three long-time natural/specialty retailers, Lucky’s Market, Fairway and Earth Fare, declared bankruptcies. Meanwhile, big box retailers increasingly feature emerging brands, and e-commerce and direct-to-consumer are gaining prominence in brands’ strategies. NOSH spoke to analysts from Mintel, IHL Group, and The Hartman Group to weigh in on the state of specialty — and what it means for brands.

Industry Responds to USDA Hemp Guidelines

The USDA yesterday added its interim final rule for the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program to the Federal Register. As the guidelines are implemented, hemp industry leaders reacted with a mix of relief, excitement and hope for a future of regulated cannabis food and drink products.

Industry Responds to FDA Hearing on Cannabis Products

The FDA’s first hearing on cannabis products provided few concrete answers on exactly how and when it will regulate the emerging marketplace of CBD products. In the following days, NOSH spoke with a handful of industry experts to assess their reactions.

Evo Hemp to Unveil New CBD Food Products at Expo West

Evo Hemp is unveiling a new line of CBD infused food products that include hemp hearts, hemp protein, hemp seed oil, hemp bars and more.

Distribution Roundup: No Evil Sees Wins with Walmart

From Walmart embracing a vegan meat alternative to brands playing with trendy ingredients seeing new retail pickup, here are some of the newest wins in retail for brands.

Evo Hemp Partners with Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to Grow Organic Hemp

Evo Hemp, known for its line of organic fruit and nut Hemp Bars, is proud to announce a new line of CBD extracts and soft gel capsules made with organic hemp grown by Native American hemp activist Alex White Plume on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota.

Evo Hemp

Evo Hemp: ‘Within six months we’ll be seeing CBD products in every major retailer’

By Elaine Watson contact

06-Feb-2019 – Last updated on 06-Feb-2019 at 03:41 GMT

While CBD (cannabidiol) isolates are still off the menu for food, beverage and supplement companies until the FDA lays out a regulatory pathway, most companies are navigating the regulatory minefield by selling ‘broad spectrum’ hemp extracts (which contain CBD, among other things), with some choosing to use the word ‘CBD’ or ‘CBD-infused’ on the label, and others not.

Evo Hemp​,​ which has built a business around hemp seed products​​ (bars, oils, proteins, de-hulled seeds or ‘hemp hearts’) over the past eight years, first started selling full spectrum hemp extracts (which are derived from hemp flowers) via tinctures and softgels about a year ago, and has seen this part of its business skyrocket, co-founder Ari Sherman told FoodNavigator-USA.

“At Expo East 2017 we started getting approached by a lot of our retail partners to do CBD products as we saw that the stigma around CBD and cannabinoid products was really going away.

“When Lucky’s Market first approached us at Expo East, they said their supplement sales were about 7% of store sales. The day they launched CBD products that percentage jumped to 17% of store sales, so 10% of store sales were coming from CBD. I don’t know if they sustained that, but it showed what these items can do.

“Our ​[HempX branded] softgels and tinctures ​​​[marketed as ‘full-spectrum’ hemp extracts] have done phenomenally well and really transformed our ecommerce business almost overnight, so we’re now adding hemp extracts ​[with 15mg of CBD per serving] to some of our bars, hemp hearts, protein powders, and oils, and have seen a huge amount of interest from retailers because we are already a known and trusted brand in the hemp food space.

While some retailers are more cautious than others about using the term 'CBD,' many leading food and drugstore chains are actively exploring building dedicated segments in store devoted to hemp/CBD following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, says hemp food maker Evo Hemp. ]]>