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Take a peak at what our guests are posting (and eating!) and share your favorite twisted farm food moments! I wish I could unhinge my jaw to make my mouth bigger. If you have the munchies after partying the night away in Las Vegas, then this is the place to go.

Located inside The LINQ Hotel & Casino, Hash House A Go Go brings its "twisted farm food" concept straight from the Indiana heartland to the heart of the Strip. This restaurant's claim to fame: This over-the-top Vegas restaurant received national attention on the Travel Channel's "Man V. Food," where Adam Richman sank his teeth into the Fried Chicken Farm Benedict. The hype continues: Hash House A Go Go has been named Best Breakfast, Best Brunch, Best Sandwich, on top of many other accolades. It's also a favorite among celebrities, including Martha Stewart, Dr. What to eat at this Las Vegas cafe: Hash House A Go Go is home to the city's best breakfast, including oversized flapjacks, breakfast scrambles, signature hashes, farm Benedicts and more. At lunch and dinner, the Las Vegas casual dining menu features chicken and sage waffles, one-pound burgers stuffed with bacon and mashed potatoes (or other scrumptious delights), sandwiches like the Kokomo (stuffed with meatloaf and smoked mozzarella) and salads. Save room for decadent desserts and wash them down with fresh-squeezed juices and signature cocktails like the BLT Bloody Mary.

Or, be inspired like Richman and wage your own Man V. Price: Price: £12.45 & FREE Delivery on your first eligible order to UK or Ireland. Price: Price: £15.99 & FREE Delivery on your first eligible order to UK or Ireland. Price: Price: £11.99 & FREE Delivery on your first eligible order to UK or Ireland. RRP: RRP: £21.99 Price: Price: £12.95 You Save: You Save: £9.04 (41%) Price: Price: £26.00 & FREE Delivery . This is an excellent little starter kit for growing your own herbs. Everything you need is supplied in the box, even the pots and dirt! Planting the seeds and growing the herbs is a project for my young son and this product just made everything so much easier. Product Review: Bootstrap Farmer Seed Starting Supplies. Since the main aim of Bootstrap Farmer is to provide more durable, higher quality products that don’t have to be replaced regularly, it would not have made much sense for us to write a review immediately after trying the products. Instead, we decided to put them through the wear and tear of a full growing season (or two since we’re now using them for the second time to start our late summer/fall seeds). Update May 3, 2019: It’s now two years later and we’re still using all of the same Bootstrap Farmer supplies that we got for this article! A 72 cell tray full of newly planted and labeled summer seeds. The vented humidity dome is helpful for maintaining high moisture levels inside up until your seeds germinate, but you’ll want to remove it after germination to prevent fungal diseases like damping off. We beat up our seedling trays and cells quite a bit, especially our winter/spring seed starts. As the weather warms, we take them out during the day to get free sunlight and bring them back inside any time the temps get too cold. During transplanting, it’s not uncommon for our trays to get dropped, have a spade or rock smack against them, etc – all things that usually end the life of a standard seed starting tray. A small hole in the bottom of each cell allows for good drainage and for the seedling roots to grow out into the tray below. To remove the seedlings, we gently pushed a chopstick into the hole to dislodge the seedling from each cell. Immediately upon opening the shipping package, it was evident how strong the Bootstrap Farmer trays and cells were. A 20 pound dumbbell placed on top that would crumple a standard tray only slightly bent our Bootstrap Farmer trays. (We initially tested them with our 14 pound cat before moving up in weight!) There are also minor differences in sizes, shapes, and depth in Bootstrap products that make them better/easier to use than other comparable products we’ve used over the years – e.g. you can tell the people who designed them actually grow plants and have an eye for detail.

The roots on all of the summer seedlings (like this eggplant) we started in our 72 cell Bootstrap Farmer trays were healthy and vigorous. We potted them up into Bootstrap’s 2″ seedlings pots once they reached this size, then transplanted them outdoors after last frost. After the wear and tear of the winter/spring seed starting and transplanting season, every Bootstrap tray and cell was as good as new, albeit a little dirty. Now, they’re full of seedlings for the next growing season: Brussels sprouts, cabbages, and other cool season goodies. Fall seedlings in our still like-new and stronger-than-tarnation reused Bootstrap seed trays. We have no idea how many years our Bootstrap Farmer supplies are going to last, but they’ve already outlasted many of the flimsy supplies we’ve used in years past, plus they come with a 1-year warranty, so if they break under normal wear and tear, Bootstrap will replace them. We haven’t had to use their customer service, but according to online reviewers who did, Bootstrap is responsive, honest, and helpful.

Excellent quality products combined with great customer service explains why their Amazon reviews are so high.


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