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Exclusive emotes, character outros and skins become available for a short period of time. Once upon a time, Widomaker's 'Biathlon' could only be obtained during Winter Wonderland 2018. Fans who couldn't get their hands on it protested until Blizzard had a change of heart.

Though it's expensive, players can now buy the cool 'Biathlon' skin for 3,000 coins. Talon is a criminal organization in the Overwatch universe. Folks like Reaper and Doomfist lead Talon the same way Kingpin from the Marvel universe runs his businesses. People like Sombra and Moira secretly work as double agents, keeping their agendas to themselves. Widowmaker simply follows orders and executes them to the letter. Her 'Talon' skin reflects her allegiance to the criminal organization. A grey and tan uniform replaces her traditional violet costume. Her trademark Widow's Kiss hybrid sniper rifle bears Talon's logo. Most striking of all, Widowmaker's skin has a normal hue.

This skin used to be exclusive, but now players can buy it for 1,000 coins. Should you play Overwatch anytime soon, chances are you'll see tons of people using this outfit. This sleek ensemble alludes to Widow's heritage; before Talon got their hands on her, Amélie Guillard was a ballet dancer and heiress. The Guillard was very powerful and influential in France. This outfit reflects that and creates a sense of dread. If you look closely, you'll that Widowmaker's teeth look vampiric. The 'Huntress' skin amps up her creepiness to the nth degree. This skin isn't based on the Huntress from the DC Universe, despite the shared name. The 'Huntress' skin is tragic because represents Widowmaker's lost heritage. The 'Odette' skin is equally forlorn because it represents the life that Talon stole from her. While working as a ballerina, Amélie met Gérard Lacroix. Eventually, Amélie learned that Gérard worked for Overwatch. Talon captured Amélie and turned her into Widowmaker. Her first assignment was to kill Gérard in cold blood. Amélie executed her husband without the slightest shred of remorse. This skin reminds us of the ballerinas from John Wick 3. Widowmaker is a female assassin who's lethal and graceful. Her 'Black Lily' skin embodies this idea to the letter. "Black Lily' first became available during Overwatch's 2018 Lunar New Year event. Blizzard runs the Lunar New Year parties annually, just like the Winter Wonderland bashes. The Lunar New Year events honor the Chinese New year with new skins and special game modes. Overwatch first came out in March 2016, well after the 2016 Chinese New Year. Since then, Blizzard works hard to make up for the lost time. Players can purchase the 'Black Lily' skin for a respectable 1,000 coins. This skin is inspired by Nova, another character from the Starcraft series. Like Kerrigan, Nova is a psychic soldier from Earth called a Ghost. Starcraft's story is too complex and intricate to talk about now.

Suffice it to say that Nova's popularity among Starcraft fans is well earned. Blizzard created this skin to celebrate Starcraft's 20th Anniversary as well. Just like the 'Kerrigan' skin, Widowmaker's 'Nova' skin was exclusive. Eventually, Blizzard decided to throw players and bone and let them buy the 'Nova' skin. The 'Kerrigan' skin is still off limits, but Overwatch players can get the 'Nova' skin for 1,000 coins. "Côte d'Azur" roughly means "blue coast" in French. This phrase refers to the French Riviera—a breezy vista known for its tropical weather and beautiful scenery. We imagine she's had her fair share of fun in the sun before Talon took her in. Widow got this skin during Overwatch's 2017 Summer Games event.

Usually, the skins released around this time allude to the Summer Olympics. However, Blizzard decided to mix things up in 2017. And what better way to make a stir than to put a cold-blooded killer in a bathing suit? Widowmaker's 'Côte d'Azur' skin reminds us of Marvel's old Swimsuit Special comics.


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