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JOB SUMMARY The Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (NGVC) Nutrition Manager/ Nutritional Health Coach (NHC) position is a dual multi-faceted position, which emphasizes employee/customer education, sales and promotion, community relationship building, and retail operations. As the store's nutrition professional, the primary responsibility of the NHC position is to provide science-based nutrition education/training to the store crew, our customers and the community as a whole, and drive store sales. The NHC is responsible for driving sales throughout the entire store, the supplement department, and the Nutrient to Know About specifically. The Nutrition Manager/NHC position is integral to fulfilling Natural Grocers guiding founding principle of providing nutrition education to empower our communities and employees to achieve health. The Nutrition Manager/Nutritional Health Coach functions as the professional nutrition education resource for customers, employees and community members providing information on dietary supplements, food quality, nutrition, and company differentiators; drives store sales through community outreach, employee education, and promotion of NHC services, products, and events; and is a vitamin aisle employee with the same job responsibilities as all vitamin aisle employees. Skills required: + Excellent public speaking skills + Confidence in front of an audience providing cooking demonstrations + Ability to engage customers and start conversations about products to drive sales + Excellent interpersonal skills + Excellent organizational skills and priority management + Self-directed and able to maximize time management + Able to work well with a team and accept constructive feedback + Motivated to grow and develop knowledge and skills C. Nutrition Manager/Nutritional Health Coach Weekly Overview 1. For the NHC to successfully complete all responsibilities outlined in the job description the schedule requires a 40 hour workweek. One day conducting individual coaching sessions with customers. One day "office" time: + Seek outreach opportunities and develop community relationships + Develop and implement local store marketing strategies to promote the in-store customer nutrition education classes, cooking demonstrations, and other store events and services in the store and out in the community. + Prepare for and conduct in-store classes, employee trainings, and community outreach + Complete continued education d. One day conducting outreach presentations, in-store customer nutrition education classes or cooking demonstrations. Educate employees and customers about nutrition, all products, and optimal health/healthy living with the intention of supporting store sales. Conduct the nutrition portion of the Health Hotline/good4u crew trainings.2. Pull reports for employee LMS "Take-15" and Health Hotline walkthrough education.3. Create and maintain an employee "Glad You Asked" question center.4. Prepare for and present in-store customer nutrition education classes.5. Conduct Sit-Down/In-Store Nutritional Health Coaching SessionsC. Build relationships with community partners by spreading awareness of Natural Grocer's store services. Establishing relationships with practitioners who recommend supplements and coaching services to their clients3. Promoting in-store classes and events outside of the store or on external websites4. Researching and contacting potential groups to use the store's meeting space5. Researching and contacting potential guest presenters D. Stay current with Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage NHC materials as a means of continued education.

Read and study the material provided by the Nutrition Education Department such as Health Hotline training material, NHC FYIs, NED bulletin and newsletters, in-store class material, continuing education, etc.2.

Follow directions for assigned health supportive statement homework. Attend Nutritional Health Coach Meetings for ongoing training and education.G. Conduct Book Club discussion group for customers and employees. Collaborate with the store manager on the development and implementation of the store's Nutrient to Know About strategies.B. Take an active leadership role in the planning and execution of store sales promotions, Natural Grocer's Employee Wellness Challenges, and other initiatives coordinated by the Home Office.C.


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