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you can enter to WIN with every purchase of any Solgar item. You can enter to win as many times as you buy a Solgar item. Wynants’s Family Health Foods is Celebrating there 38th Year Anniversary, and we want to show our Appreciation to all our customers by giving 15% off on everything in the store. We wanted to let our customers know that we are releasing a new commercial on the local station KEZI.

Stay tuned, we are now on instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We are going to be doing coupons, special discounts and all kinds of fun stuff! Wynant’s Family Health Foods is having a Black Friday sale for the first time ever. We are offering 20% off on all our supplements on Friday November 23rd from 9:00am to 8:00pm. This is a perfect time to stock up on all your vitamins, protein powders and those hard to find herbs. New Leaf Medicinals is a Dispensary in Chickasha, OK on - see weed pics, weed prices, weedmaps, and menus. New Leaf Medicinals is a Marijuana Dispensary located in Chickasha, OK. New Leaf Medicinals dispensary takes root in Chickasha. Left to right: Carly Miller, Myka Hernandez, Eric Hernandez, Travis Guest and Mikki Elam.

New Leaf Medicinals is a locally owned, family business. Edward Hernandez, Eric's father, works as security. He designed the New Leaf logo and built the website. Eric Hernandez displays a jar of flower at the New Leaf Medicinals dispensary at 210 S. Travis Guest holding one of the pre-rolls, $10 for one gram. New Leaf Medicinals, LLC is cultivating about 140 different strains of cannabis, with close to 55 ready or almost ready for mass production, owner and operator, Erick Hernandez said. New Leaf had about 20 different strains of flower in house on Tuesday, with eight more strains set to hit shelves later in the week. The New Leaf Medicinals dispensary is located at 210 S. The dispensary first opened its doors for business on Nov. 8, the Chickasha Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon cutting at 11 a.m. Upon entering the store, there is a security entrance where patients will be asked to show their medical marijuana card before accessing the dispensary. Large portraits of cannabis plants decorate the soft grey walls. Inside the dispensary, jars of flower perch on shelves behind a large glass counter. An assortment of pipes, papers, vaporizers, tinctures and seeds provide options at a glance. A mini fridge holds packets of wax, which can be used in edibles or smoked. New Leaf is also carries small plants that card carrying consumers can take home and grow. Chickasha native, Hernandez, is the owner and operator of New Leaf Medicinals, LLC. He learned the medicinal cannabis trade when moved to Colorado a year and half ago. After Oklahoma passed State Question 788 in June, Hernandez decided to open his own business in Chickasha. For patients who may have questions about the different ways to administer their medicine, Hernandez said the staff can help. "If you don't know how to use it we can explain it," Hernandez said. For those who do not want to smoke, there are extracts with varying levels of potency as well as edibles, which could be available at New Leaf in a few weeks, pending permit. The medicinal cannabis field has been taking off like a weed, and Hernandez and Travis Guest are excited to be among the first dispensaries on the scene in Oklahoma. "It's exciting to catch the market in the very beginning and show people we have a great quality product right out of the gate, and then retain that customer base and hold onto it," Guest said. While they just opened their dispensary, the company is already looking to branch out with an 800 square foot propagation center and a 5,000 square foot facility, which will house the edibles-infused kitchen and extraction lab.

New Leaf hopes to retain Chickasha customers as well as Rush Springs, Duncan, Tuttle, Mustang and other surrounding communities. Moreover, the dispensary is considering adding a CBD lounge that will be open to the public. CBD pet products in the form of edibles and tinctures may also be offered. For the uninitiated, Guest said there are Sativa and Indica cannabis plants. Sativa tends to have a more uplifting high and is more appropriate for activity and daytime use. Indica tends to promote relaxation and is suited to evening use. The effect of hybrid cannabis may vary from person to person. Guest said as the medical marijuana field evolves, the hybrid spectrum has become more sophisticated.

"Every person is different so they're all going to react different to each strain," he said. The commercialism of medical marijuana has had a huge effect on the product sold today. Appearance-wise, this includes a bulbous, round and tight look to them and something known in the cannabis world as "frost." These traits are being sought out by consumers. "It's kind of a race to make sure that you are everything to the market that shops with their eyes and are aware of the latest trends," Guest said. The flavor and smoothness of the cannabis is another consideration for breeders.


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