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Powered by Fiction Portal 2.0 Modifications © Manta2g, DemonGoddess Hosted by Nexcess Site Owner - Apollo. Hey y'all, it has been a while, but I am back, here is the next chapter of my Overwatch story "International Fun". In this chapter, we left off with Brian's fate being left in the hands of Widowmaker. Warning: lemon, adult language and content (the Brian is to be pounded really hard, more than before) Disclaimer: I do not own Overwatch. In that moment, he truly felt like he was about to die, when he stared into the eyes of the blue skinned, French originated, Talon Assassin Widowmaker, aka Amélie Lacroix. She stared with intense anger and garage in our eyes, he was standing on the bed looking down at him he then move forward a little bit and then pick them up by the neck. She then asked him " do you remember that day, when you decided to play hero, that is when you sealed your own fate." At that moment, Brian could only flashback to the day where his life was going to be changed forever. It was weird, because it almost felt like it was yesterday. (Flashback, Overwatch Museum) It started off as any other day, clear blue sky's, a perfect sunny day, and just another day at the museum, it was supposed to be a simple trip for him and his Fanboy of a brother who really adores the overwatch team. It was supposed to be just like any other day, until they felt like it was an earthquake and then came crashing from the sky both overwatch and telling members turning the peaceful museum into a battleground. There was Winston, going around and tanking various attacks, reaper floating around blasting with his shotgun, tracer leaving around teleporting third time, and then Widowmaker sniping from a distance. It appeared to be a stalemate for a while, until Talon seemed to have gained an upper hand, with Winston down and tracer out of juice. It seemed that they were going to get their objective until overwatch got her second wind. It was in that moment, when Brian decided to be a hero, while the heroes and villains were distracted in the battle, Widowmaker saw that her objective (Doomfist's gauntlet) was stolen. As reaper was still fighting Winston and tracer, Widowmaker was trying to find the gauntlet that went missing, and then his kid brother Timmy shouted "watch out!" And as Widowmaker was about to kill him, Brian then popped out wearing the gauntlet and shouted at her "hey!" She then turned to his attention and then was smacked right in the face with it. Both went flying backwards, while Widowmaker was getting the worst of it. But then Widowmaker got up and was prepared to kill Brian but then Winston stepped in front of her to shield him, then Tracer sprinted forward to knock the gun out of her hands and then used it to fire on Widowmaker. Realizing that things are not going as planned, the Talon duo retreated and headed back to their lair, while Overwatch members headed off after them, however, Widowmaker's grudge still remained, and yet, something else she did not even realized. Brian was still struggling as Widowmaker was still holding his neck, her grudge lasted to this very day, she then said with fury in her eyes "And now, the time for my revenge has come." He was choking for a bit until some of the women managed to pull her away, with Mercy catching Brian and tending to his needs, with Zarya strong enough to hold Widowmaker down, Tracer was rubbing her head and said "Geez, I should have figured that things would turn out like this, I guess we need to get you more tenderized before you start." Widowmaker tried to get free from Zarya's grasp, but she was too strong for her to get loose, and she was seeing tracer moving closer to her. And then Widowmaker yelled demandingly "release me at once!" However, tracer just started to grow per body as well. She then said " no way luv, we said everyone would get involved with him and that is what we intend to do." Despite still having her latex suit on, tracer is still massaging her medium sized breasts which makes Widowmaker moan in delight and yet filled with frustration with what they are doing to her.

And then Moira, one of her allies moved in close to her, and then she started to get in on the action, while Tracer was busy with one of her nipples, Moira took the other one from her as well. Widowmaker was blushing, and tried her best to deny these feelings that she was experiencing, she convinced herself that she was like a spider, they have no emotions, but it was hard in this case. but then someone came in from behind and took the place of the fondling of her bosom, it turned out to be Sombra, she was also linking and nibbling on her earlobe while blowing in her ear gently as well. Widowmaker was feeling tickle-ish from her partners efforts on her, she was shaking, groaning, yelping, and was building up to a dramatic climax. While Sombra was doing her work, both Moira and tracer were moving down to her nether regions, which they manage to unzip her suit down to that part as well. Widowmaker looked down and saw what they were about to do, they were about to get her off by playing with her womanhood, she could not believe this was happening. She was about to start yelling at them until Sombra covered her mouth her hand to silence her, she then said "no no no no, we wouldn't want you to ruin the moment." Widowmaker looked at Sombra with scorn in her eyes, the latter then continue to say " I also want to show you something." She then took her hand off her mouth for a moment and showed a hollow bed of a video of Widowmaker touching herself in her room. Widowmaker could not believe what she was seeing, all the women in the room could not believe that the famous assassin had a repressed sexual side to her.

Sombra then said to her partner while still fondling her "see?


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