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We received more than 150 responses from real people – many of whom are pleased with their experience with CBD oil. I hear CBD side effects amount to nothing in comparison to preventatives and pain killers. I take CBD when I get a hint a migraine is brewing, it really helps!! I have severe chronic migraines and cervicogenic headaches, too. I’ve been using CBD for a month, and noticed some decrease in pain level .

I’ve been using CBD Oil, and it has definitely made a difference! I need to get a med card to be able to try some of the THC strains. I take CBD oil after once having a daily headache/ few migraines a week and I feel like a different person. I am no longer in constant pain all the time it’s been a lifesaver. I was on 100mg a night of amitriptyline as a preventative, and it left me feeling groggy and gross every morning. Since starting CBD drops daily and medicinal marijuana when needed, I have been off my meds for close to 6 months AND have been migraine free… I have battled migraines since I was a child. I also use CBD balm on my temples and joints for pain. I was getting daily migraines, hospital grade, nothing worked. When I do get an aura, I take some THC strain and it knocks me out and I miss the migraine.

There are different strains, several didn’t work for me. CBD may not be powerful enough on its own to stop or prevent a migraine attack. Even while some people noticed results with CBD oil, many noticed no results, slight results, or only temporary improvement. Didn’t help me at all….my migraine still progressed to next stage of pain even with it.” -Carrol. I tried drops but no relief at all even after taking it daily for 2 weeks and still had insomnia so ? I have used CBD drops that have helped temporarily. It’s not immediate like THC, it can take at least 6 weeks of daily use and it’ll be more like ‘hey, I feel better than I did a few weeks ago.’ It helps with the pain, but in general, it’s preventative not rescue.” – Racheal T. Helped with inflammation problems but caused headaches that nothing would touch. Was medically prescribed but had to return to migraine rescue meds. “So far it makes me worse, but I’ve been trying to find the right dosage, strain, delivery system for a long time. It can be expensive and time-consuming to find to the brand or dose that works for you. Some community members discovered that pure CBD was not effective. “Some of the experts in the field say there may be the other chemicals in marijuana itself that may have benefit in addition to CBD and THC 5 ).” Issues associated with CBD include: CBD alone doesn’t cut it. It took time to figure out what helped and when to take it but I’m getting closer to finding what works for me. Medical marijuana rather than CBD oil is what works. I am currently using medical cannabis and it really really makes a difference for me. I’m using fewer narcotics and opiates and my doctors are all ok with my Rx. I’m glad I found some relief and I only hope everyone here can potential find something as well. Absolutely helps my migraines, but petrified to use as still illegal in Australia and worried about driving. It’s literally the only thing that takes the pain, nausea, vomiting away and makes me feel happy and relaxed to help me sleep. Also allows me to eat which is usually a struggle when retching or struggling with debilitating nausea – Simone D . So if you work for the federal government or one of its many contractors or subcontractors using it is a major no no. My neurologist “recommended” cannabis after all other meds have failed me.

The goal was to be relaxed enough to release all the tension in my neck, where my migraines trigger, years of scar tissue have built up and actually be able to sleep. This recommendation came before the next step was the pain clinic and very invasive shots. Going from hundreds of hours of migraines a month to next to none is unbelievable… it’s very frustrating to me that this medical miracle for so many illnesses is taboo.

I suffer chronic daily migraines, as well as Chiari malformation, herniated disc, and chronic pain, and I have tried many different strains of oils and dried and nothing…I was very disappointed. As with any decision regarding your health, the final verdict on whether CBD oil is right for you ultimately lies with you. It would be wonderful if there was more data-driven information available, but that requires funding for double-blind placebo studies. Nonprofits like the Migraine Research Foundation are funding studies into cannabis and CBD. Stay tuned for more evidence in this emerging field.


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