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Their commitment to innovation and finding ways to adapt to an evolving marketplace has led them to the benefits of short-run digital printing – and a partnership with Webcom that has led them to actionable, scalable solutions that improve access, affordability, and achievement. More than just responding to the changing needs of the educational marketplace, Pearson is a publisher that anticipates the future and moves quickly to position themselves for success. Demand for increased customization and faster delivery times is on the rise, and rather than viewing these demands as a challenge, Pearson seized onto them as opportunities. Working with Webcom’s innovative BookFWD program, the company invested in a printing model that would prove both nimble and unique. “Webcom is a proven North American vendor for Pearson.

The assurance of quality books with a regular stream of short print runs using this emerging technology is the right direction for our business.” Taking advantage of the available technology made order processing and proof checking dramatically faster, automating and streamlining previously manual steps and allowing the easy management of a large volume of orders. Careful planning on Pearson’s part allowed them to select a program designed to maximize efficiency. Using cutting edge Electronic Data Interface (EDI) software, Webcom and Pearson completely synchronizes their systems, allowing for fluent communication between the two. Taking advantage of the available technology made order processing and proof checking dramatically faster, automating and streamlining previously manual steps and allowing the easy management of a large volume of orders. By negotiating a direct shipment plan, Webcom was able to help Pearson eliminate the cost and wait times associated with using a third-party warehouse, making deliveries right from the presses instead. Having seen proof of the seamless equivalent quality between Webcom’s offset printing and digital inkjet printing of 4-color books, Pearson decided to implement the digital technology that forms the backbone of the BookFWD printing model. This allowed them to maximize their ability to customize products for their customers by ordering smaller quantities of books at more frequent intervals, which helps ensure their products are always as up to date as possible. It also kept their inventory more organized and easily managed – significantly reducing the number of returns on unsold stock and guaranteeing a quick turnaround on reprints of high demand products. Group Introduces Cyber Security Solution for Small Businesses.

Partnership with SKOUT Cybersecurity and Lookout enables small businesses to quickly mitigate cyber risks and safeguard their business. JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Group , a leading web technology company helping millions of customers around the globe thrive in a connected world, today announced the introduction of a new, end-to-end Cyber Security Solution . The new security solution provides small businesses with comprehensive mobile device protection and 24/7 access to security experts to safeguard their businesses against the threat of cyberattacks, which carry an average cost of more than $2.65 million for small businesses. The all-new Cyber Security Solution is now available to Network Solutions customers and is also coming soon for customers. Launched in partnership with SKOUT Cybersecurity and Lookout , the new security offering brings together the on-demand technical expertise of SKOUT’s 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center with Lookout, the leader in mobile security which continuously monitors the security and health of mobile devices. The result is a comprehensive solution that combines both offense and defense to provide small businesses with total mobile security including identity protection and theft prevention. “Theft of digital information has now surpassed physical theft. Yet, when cybersecurity incidents occur, small businesses typically don’t know who to call or where to get answers,” said Sharon Rowlands, CEO and president of Group. “By joining forces with SKOUT and Lookout, our Cyber Security Solution provides small businesses with a proactive approach to protecting their mobile platforms, while also offering 24/7 access to very best security experts—all in a single, end-to-end solution.” “Cloud services have increased small and medium business productivity by enabling employees to work anywhere on their mobile devices,” said Marc Jaffan, vice president of business development at Lookout. “As a result, we are excited to be part of the solution offered by Group to secure mobile devices accessing business and customer data outside their security perimeter.” The new Cyber Security Solution effectively serves as the customer’s IT security team, for a fraction of the cost. This is crucial because hackers are targeting small and mid-sized businesses. Yet, unlike larger enterprises, most small businesses cannot afford to hire full-time cybersecurity experts. As a result, when small businesses experience a data breach or identity theft emergency, there is nowhere to turn—there is no cybersecurity 9-1-1 for them to call. “We’ve been focusing on protecting small businesses since day one. Every company should have access to technology and talent to protect itself from cybercrime,” said Aidan Kehoe, Founder and CEO of SKOUT. “We’ve seen a huge uptick in incidents in the last few weeks and that can be devastating for SMBs, potentially lasting years and crippling the business. We’re thrilled to partner with Group to provide the 24/7 security resources and infrastructure these businesses need to thrive.” Group’s Cyber Security Solution gives small businesses the power to react quickly to cyber risks, ultimately protecting their valuable data, securing the business, and potentially saving millions of dollars. Key features include: Cyber Security Operations Center : Get access to a 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center staffed with trained security professionals capable of guiding small businesses through steps to remediate, prevent or investigate any security breaches or issues they may encounter. Mobile App Security & Scanning : Secure smartphones and other mobile devices against mobile threats like malware, adware, and phishing, before they do harm. Lost Device Location Services & Theft Protection : Get the easiest tools to find a lost or stolen phone, including email alerts with a photo and map if a thief tries to steal it. Privacy Advisor: Instantly see which apps potentially have access to data or hardware on your devices. Breach Reports: Identify breaches of any services connected to the apps you have installed and get timely alerts on corporate breaches that may affect you, as well as advice on simple steps to protect your personal information. Safe Mobile Wi-Fi : Scan your current Wi-Fi network to establish whether anything on it poses a threat.

Mobile Phishing Protection: Surf the web and click confidently on links from Facebook, email, text messages and more. The all-new Cyber Security Solution is priced at $49.90 per year with monthly pricing available. Capsule size chart fill weight and capacity comparison. We get a lot of questions asking “what are the different capsule sizes?”, “how much powder does a certain size capsule hold and which one would I need to fill a certain amount of powder?” “what are capsule sizes?”, So here is capsule sizes explained in a simple guide and gelatin vegetarian capsule size chart.

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