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American-Made CBD Products: CBD Vape and More

Halo has a great selection of CBD products available, including CBD isolate and CBD full-spectrum vape juices. All of our CBD vape products are formulated from USA-sourced, pure ingredients. What does that mean? That you’re getting the absolute highest quality CBD Vape available.

In addition to our own Halo CBD vape, we carry other industry-leading CBD brands, such as SYNC, SPIRO and Daily Grind. All are available in 100mg, 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg CBD strength. Along with vape juice, we offer a variety of other CBD products, including:

  • CBD pods for the Aspire Gusto Mini
  • CBD disposables from DOSE
  • CBD drops and tinctures
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD oral mist

You can also get a CBD vape starter kit, which pairs the Aspire Gusto Mini with SPIRO CBD pods, or a multi-pack of Halo CBD vape flavors โ€” both perfect CBD starter kits! None of the CBD products we carry contain nicotine. Browse our full selection below.

What Flavors are Available for CBD Products?

The various CBD products available at Halo come in a wide range of flavors.

  • Halo CBD vape is available in several delicious flavors, including: Tribeca (smooth tobacco), SubZero (menthol), Malibu (tropical fruit), Mango Lemonade, Blue Watermelon, Apple Pie, Banana Cream and Berry Twist.
  • DOSE CBD disposables come in Mango, Berry Mint and Pear for both the CBD isolate and CBD full-spectrum vape devices.
  • Daily Grind CBD vape and tinctures are available in the coffee-inspired flavors Chai Latte, Mocha Frappe and Cafe Con Leche.
  • SPIRO CBD full-spectrum vape juice comes in Mint, Citrus and Raw (natural) flavors, while SPIRO’s topical cream offers Lavender and Citrus scents, and the oral mist comes in Mint or Cinnamon.
  • SYNC CBD juice and CBD pods are available in Melon Berry, Lemon Tart and Purple Haze.

What CBD Products are Right for Me?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. CBD vape products are great for experiencing an overall calming effect, along with other benefits for your full body and mind. This is true whether you choose CBD vape for a refillable vape device or CBD pods for an all-in-one device. However, some people prefer to use CBD drops or oral mists, but that’s a matter of preference. For targeted relief, topical creams or roll-on products may be a better option.

If you’re looking for the highest quality CBD products, you’ll find them here at Halo. Standard shipping options are available to US customers. International customers are encouraged to call customer service at (866) 305-4256 (HALO) to place their CBD order. Shop for CBD vape and more at Halo now!

Buy CBD products made of 100% organically grown hemp. Browse our selection of CBD oral drops, vape juice, and starter kits. Made in USA. Buy online!


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Come check out some new Halo CBD gummy candies! We have a bunch of different flavors ranging from 250mg to 750mg ๐Ÿฌ If youโ€™re looking for something to ease any pain or anxiety, definitely try them out!!

City Line Smoke Shop

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Come check out some new Halo CBD gummy candies! We have a bunch of different flavors ranging from 250mg to 750mg 🍬 If you’re looking for something to…