health ranger cbd oil

Health ranger cbd oil


Over the last 2 years, I spearheaded the science team that has co-developed the world’s first mass spec CBD quantitation method using Time of Flight instrumentation (LC-MS-TOF). This research has been published in the science journal LC/GC. This method allows us to accurately measure CBD (cannabidiol) concentrations with the kind of accuracy that has never before existed in the hemp industry. (See details on our mass spec method in the video, below.)

Introducing Native Hemp Solutions Extract

It is a whole hemp extract, using a unique spagyric extraction process that preserves the minerals, adaptogens and a multitude of minor cannabinols such as CBG and CBN. It’s derived from the high-CBD components of the plant such as stalks and seeds. It comes from plants which have been naturally selected over many generations to produce high CBD and low THC. This is why the CBD content is so high in this natural spagyric extract.**

Introducing Native Hemp Solutions “Hemp Sleep Essentials”

Quality sleep is one of the most powerful regeneration techniques for the body. With Hemp Sleep Essentials, you get a powerful sleep aid that combines the following:

This whole hemp plant extract combines these powerful herbs to give you the best opportunity for a deep and rejuvenating sleep. **

  • 100mg of verified cannabinoids (predominantly CBD and CBDA, via our Spagyric Hemp Extract) in each bottle – 2 oz size
  • + Hops, Oats, Chamomile, and Peppermint

Introducing Native Hemp Solutions ” Hemp Clarity “

Hemp Clarity delivers a synergistic blend of potent brain-boosting ingredients, including:

  • 100mg of verified cannabinoids (predominantly CBD and CBDA, via our Spagyric Hemp Extract) in each bottle – 2 oz size
  • + Lion’s Mane, Ginkgo, Yerba Mate, and Licorice (all powerful brain boosters)

This whole hemp extract combines with these powerful herbs to help support healthy brain function, memory, and concentration.**

Introducing Native Hemp Solutions “Hemp Salve”

Our Whole Hemp Extract in a Salve for topical use

An amazing salve for those cuts and scrapes.**

Effective for the most challenging muscle and skin issues.**

Packs a whopping 125mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids.

We use our Spagyric process to create the most potent and active salve available

Certified clean and all-natural

  • Lab-verified for purity.
  • Absolutely NO GMO
  • China-Free
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed label claims
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


My ISO-accredited analytical laboratory, CWC Labs, is now the standard of laboratory authentication of CBD in hemp extracts. Because we combine cannabinoid quantitation with CBD molecular authentication technology that screens out counterfeit molecules, we are one of the world’s leading laboratories on cannabinoid identification and quantitation.

Beyond merely quantitating cannabinoids with extreme accuracy, we also use the following mass spec analytical techniques to verify the authenticity of the cannabinoid molecules: Accurate Mass, Retention Time, Isotopic Ratios, Isotopic Spacing and Ion Fragmentation fingerprinting technology with broad spectra scanning (possible only through LC-MS-TOF).

Every production lot of these products is validated through this rigorous analytical scrutiny before it is allowed to be released. This is why our products are sometimes sold out, because they cannot be released until CWC Labs confirms the authenticity and concentration of the target molecules.

While most CBD companies have no idea what they’re actually selling, we refuse to sell anything until we have 100% verified its molecular composition and verified it meets or exceeds all label claims. That’s why Native Hemp Solutions products work so effectively and generate enthusiastic repeat purchases from satisfied customers.

Certified clean and all-natural Native Hemp Solutions CBD products which help to support health brain function, memory, and deep and rejuvenating sleep.