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If like me, you’re curious about the daily cost… at 1g/day it works out at $3/day ($75 per 25g tub). If you buy 2 or 3 tubs you get a discount, and it comes down to $67.50 per tub, so $2.70/day. NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) In the interview David refers to two molecules that can act as “gas” for the sirtuin activator (resveratrol) to work; NMN and NR (nicotinamide riboside). It’s not clear yet how NR compares to NMN in terms of effectiveness – those studies are still to be done.

However, David speculates based on the animal studies done so far that NMN may turn out to be the superior molecule in terms of raising NAD levels in cells. When it comes to NR, there is already a clear brand leader in the space; Chromadex Tru Niagen. It’s Chromadex’s NR that also goes into other brand’s NR offerings such Life Extension’s NR. However when it comes to NMN, there isn’t a clear brand leader. Searching online there are a large number of possible options. Without doing ones own 3rd party lab testing, it’s hard to evaluate the quality of products.

What I’ve done below is put some of the more highly reviewed options into a table, calculated the approximate price per gram, and added links to any 3rd party analysis certificates the companies display. Powder Double Wood (30g powder) $3.83/gram ($115 / 30g) - using $15 off coupon code Yes (link) - via Colmaric Analyticals ProHealth (15g powder) $4.60/gram ($69 / 15g) Yes (link) - via Micro Quality Labs Genex (15g powder) $4.60/gram ($69 / 15g) Yes (link) - via Micro Quality Labs RevGenetics Advanced NMN (25g powder) $15.8/gram ($395 / 25g) Yes (link) - via Intertek Capsules Double Wood (125mg capsules) $5.86/gram ($44 / 7.5g) - using $5 off coupon code Yes (link) - via Colmaric Analyticals ProHealth (150mg capsules) $5.44/gram ($49 / 9g) Yes (link) - via Micro Quality Labs Genex (125mg capsules) $6.66 ($50 / 7.5g) Yes (link) - via Micro Quality Labs. For further information on the topic of Resveratrol and NMN, see this longer post I did on David Sinclair’s Supplements – What He Takes & Where to Buy – including additional information we’ve learnt since David was on JRE. In a January 2019 podcast episode (JRE #1234 ), Joe discussed the 3 nootopic supplements he likes & takes; Neuro1, TruBrain & AlphaBrain. The 3 Nootropic Supplements Joe Rogan Takes – YouTube Clip. I use 3 different companies, 1 that’s one of mine (AlphaBrain), and then 2 that are other companies; Neuro1 and another one called TruBrain” Neuro1. Joe has mentioned Neuro1 numerous times over the years (for example see Joe’s below tweet from 2013). It’s a nootropic created by former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski, who after 16 years, and many hits in the NFL, was suffering from memory problems. In 2007 he brought together doctors, scientists and nutritionists to create a solution to fix his cognitive decline. More about Romanowski and the creation of Neuro1 here, and the product’s website link here. Note: Whilst Neuro1 lists ingredients, it doesn’t list quantities (not good). Their website says “one serving of Neuro1 is equivalent to about 1 cup of strong coffee”, so around 100mg to 120mg of caffeine per serving. Joe interviewed the neuroscientist behind TruBrain, Dr Andrew Hill, on JRE #629. Similar to Neuro1 above, it shares active ingredients caffeine and piracetam, but then adds oxiracetam to the stack. They come in these “on the go” pouches, that work out to be a couple of dollars per dose. AlphaBrain is made by Onnit, a company that Joe has openly said he owns a stake in. He also notes that all the supplement’s ingredients could be bought separately for less, it would just require more time and effort. There are two versions; pill form (Alpha brain) and sachet form (AlphaBrain Instant). Unlike Neuro1 and TrueBrain, AlphaBrain doesn’t include caffeine. It’s active ingredients include: Alpha GPC Bacopa Huperzine A Vinpocetine L-theanine. Alpha GPC, a type of choline, is also favoured by Dr Rhonda Patrick, a regular guest on Joe’s podcast. She takes around 800mg (substantially more than 2 capsules of Alpha Brain contains) before intense writing or public speaking events. Interestingly, Onnit did sponsor a 63 person study (source) showing that Alpha Brain improved “delayed memory recall” vs a placebo.

Specifically that’s where participants are told/shown something, then a break occurs, then they’re later asked questions that requires them to recall the information they were earlier provided. Now, given that Onnit sponsored the study, we should use appropriate scepticism in interpreting their positive results; but thought it interesting to mention nonetheless. As recently as August 7 2019 – Joe has talked about his Onnit “essentials” including Alpha Brain and Shroom Tech Sport. During Joe’s recent interview with Dr Rhonda Patrick (#1474) – he discussed using Neuro Gum on a regular basis, in particular before doing kick-boxing workouts.

See this section of the interview where Joe mentions it. Each piece contains caffeine (40mg), L-Theanine (60mg), B6 and B12 vitamins. L-Theanine is found naturally in tea, and many find it “smoothes out” the stimulant feeling from caffeine. It’s available in two flavors; mint (blue packaging) and cinnamon (orange packaging). Worth noting that they make 2 products; mints and gum.


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