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Hemp Bombs Hit with Class Action Alleging CBD Products Are ‘Grossly Under-Dosed’ [UPDATE]

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Ahumada v. Global Widget LLC

Filed: September 24, 2019 ◆ § 1:19-cv-12005

A proposed class action lawsuit claims certain Hemp Bombs CBD products contain doses of cannabidiol far lower than advertised.

Case Updates

September 1, 2020 – Lawsuit One of a Few CBD Cases Paused Pending FDA Rules on CBD Supplements

The proposed class action detailed on this page has been paused pending long-anticipated FDA regulations for CBD products, Law360 reported on August 11.

The suit is one of a number of cases put on hold in recent weeks as the agency continues to deliberate on how CBD can be offered legally, whether these products should contain certain dosages and how CBD goods should be made, tested and labeled to ensure regulatory compliance.

To date, the FDA has officially approved only one CBD product, a prescription drug to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy. The agency’s website relays it is currently illegal to market CBD by adding it to food or labeling it as a dietary supplement.

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From Massachusetts district court comes a proposed class action wherein a consumer claims Global Widget LLC, which does business as Hemp Bombs, has intentionally and “grossly under-dosed” the amount of cannabidiol—CBD—in its products.

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant and used to impart a feeling of relaxation and calmness. The case expands that CBD does not give users a “high” feeling, which stems from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Per the lawsuit, CBD products have grown exponentially in popularity and demand due to both the absence of psychoactive effects and their reported health benefits, which include pain relief and treatment for anything from anxiety and stress to osteoarthritis and cancer. Moreover, CBD’s possession of a foothold in the realm of pain treatment has been aided by the ire drawn by and well-documented side effects and addiction potential of opioids and other pharmaceuticals.

While the demand for CBD products is unmistakable, the lawsuit concedes that a lack of substantive research on CBD makes it difficult to determine the compound’s true benefits. The FDA has said as much, acknowledging that it wants to compile more information on CBD to consider how production, labeling, marketing, distribution and dosage might be regulated. Given that CBD products are not regulated by the FDA, consumers may be susceptible to buying a product whose dosage is more or less potent than advertised, the lawsuit says.

Hemp Bombs, which makes everything from CBD gummies, liquid vape oil and lollipops to CBD syrup, pills and pain gels, is alleged in the lawsuit to have created a marketing scheme meant to capitalize on the swelling demand for CBD products. According to the complaint, Hemp Bombs “makes numerous false and misleading claims” on its product labels and website with regard to the CBD potency of its wares. At issue, the plaintiff claims, is that Hemp Bombs’ products contain less CBD than their labels represent, and are “grossly under-dosed.”

Citing “independent laboratory testing,” the lawsuit alleges Hemp Bombs’ products do not contain the advertised amount of CBD. The plaintiff alleges that Hemp Bombs “knew that consumers would pay more for a product labeled ‘pure’” and intended to deceive proposed class members.

“Defendant knew that the labeling of CBD Products are [sic] false and misleading to a reasonable consumer, because they contain either no amount of the challenged ingredients, or amounts too low to have any pharmacological effect,” the complaint alleges.

According to the case, the CBD dosage of the defendant’s products is material to consumers who rely on such representations and effectively pay a premium price for high dosages of cannabidiol. The lawsuit stresses that the plaintiff and proposed class members would not have bought the defendant’s products, or would have paid less for them, had they known they contained a lesser amount of CBD than advertised.

A proposed class action lawsuit claims certain Hemp Bombs CBD products contain doses of cannabidiol far lower than advertised.

Hemp Bombs [All About the Brand]

I’m not a big Instagram fanatic like some people, but believe it or not I actually stumbled across Hemp Bombs CBD one day while scrolling through my feed. And man, am I glad that I did.

Hemp Bombs is not only unique in the CBD industry in that they put a lot of time and care into their fan/customer base and social media presence, but they’ve also genuinely got some of the most potent and unique CBD-based products on the market – at least in our opinion.

Along with all the standard CBD “concoctions” like oral tinctures and edibles, they’ve got a few eyebrow-raising selections as well, including products like “CBD Pain Freeze,” “Chill Shots,” and “CBD Syrup.” Do they rate equally to some of the standards in the industry? Keep reading our Hemp Bombs review to find out how they fared in my personal experience or visit their official site.

  • Official Site:
  • Coupon Code: 10OFFCBD1

Hemp Bombs Quick Summary

“Don’t know how I ever lived without the Max Chill Shots. Help me fall asleep every single night — thanks so much Hemp Bombs.”

Who Is Hemp Bombs?

Hemp Bombs is actually a Florida-based brand that’s headquartered in the Tampa Bay area. Aside from actually planting and cultivating their hemp, they run an entirely vertical operation, meaning that everything from the CBD extraction to the processing to the bottling of the end product is done right there in-house. This is important to remember when browsing around online for various CBD sellers, as you want to buy from an actual manufacturer like HempBombs whenever possible, rather than what’s known as a “private labeler.”

Hemp Bombs CBD source all of their raw hemp material from organic farms in Europe, which is actually a bonus because it’s generally regarded that organic Scandinavian hemp is subject to much stricter rules and regulations than American hemp, and is therefore cleaner, more pure, and sometimes even more potent. Unlike a lot of brands, however, all of Hemp Bomb’s products are made with a 99% pure CBD isolat e, rather than a full-spectrum extract (I’ll talk more about what that means later).

Hemp Bombs Highlights

There’s no doubt that Hemp Bombs is a brand that stands out in the CBD industry. From their unique range of products to their social media presence to the design of their website, there’s no other brand quite like them at the moment. From a strictly quality and products point of view, though, here are several reasons why they’re one of our favorite brands:

  • Customer Relationship: For what it’s worth, one of my favorite things about Hemp Bombs is the fact that they make an effort to establish not only a customer base through the quality of their CBD products, but also a legitimate “lifestyle” and fan base that people will want to be a part of interact with and. Making this kind of investment into your customers shows that not only are you in the business for the long haul, but that you also have confidence in the products that you’re marketing and selling.
  • CBD Syrup: Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup is a unique product that you can mix up into any drink for an extremely convenient and tasty way to get your potent CBD dose. For those who don’t like the idea of taking oil drops under the tongue (or those who hate the taste of raw hemp), this might be a really great product to try out.
  • Potency of products: There are a lot of high quality CBD oils out there on the market (many of which are reviewed right here on this site), but here’s the thing – unless you’re spending money on the most expensive oil in their product range, you’re likely not going to get a super potent tincture. Since all Hemp Bombs CBD oils are made from 99% CBD isolate, however, they’re able to “pack in” more of the active compound into every bottle. For example, their 4,000mg CBD oil has a monstrous 66mg of CBD in a single dose – something you simply won’t find from another brand.
  • Organic EU-sourced hemp: Like we mentioned earlier, hemp that’s sourced from organic European farms is actually the finest and (arguably) the most potent worldwide, given the strict federal guidelines that they’re required to grow under.

0% THC: Another major benefit of using pure CBD isolate instead of whole-plant hemp extract is there’s no possibility of ingesting THC – even miniscule, trace amounts of it. If an upcoming drug screening has got you a little paranoid, for instance, all of Hemp Bombs products are labeled as having 0% THC.

Negative Thoughts

Interestingly enough, one of the “highlights” of Hemp Bombs CBD is also one of its downsides as well. That is, the fact that they use CBD isolates rather than “full-spectrum” hemp extracts.

While isolates work incredibly well for some people, there have actually been scientific studies published showing that CBD is more effective when it works along with other cannabis compounds and natural hemp components (this has come to be known as the “entourage effect”).

Whether or not you’re an “isolate person” or a “full spectrum person” totally depends on your unique chemical makeup – you’ll just have to try a few different products out and see which is most effective for you (fortunately for me, both isolates and full-spectrum blends seem to work very effectively).

“Love the vape lineup – the Glazed Chocolate Donut flavor is bombbbbbb. ”

My Personal Experience with Hemp Bombs

As part of our Hemp Bombs CBD review, I have tried the 2,000mg Hemp Bombs CBD Oil, the CBD Syrup, the CBD Gummies, and the “Max Chill CBD Shot.” All of them were very effective for me, except I will say that I didn’t notice a whole lot from the gummies (but then again I have never been much of a fan of CBD edibles for some reason).

The peppermint-flavored 2,000mg oil (which contains just over 33mg of CBD per dose) worked wonders for my day-to-day pain when taken 3x per day (morning, mid-afternoon, evening), and I will say that the syrup is extremely convenient to have around when you want to down a dose of CBD with a drink (I even tried in in beer once, but let’s just say that it didn’t taste too well).

The “Max Chill CBD Shot” is also an interesting product, as it kind of works like one of those 5-hour energy drinks, except with opposite (relaxing) effects. They have a whopping 75mg of CBD per bottle, and they’re actually most used as a sleep and relaxation aid, and taken in the evening before bed (my wife struggles immensely with insomnia, and she absolutely loves the Chill Shots).


Hemp Bombs has no shortage of CBD products to choose from. Keep in mind, though, that all of them are CBD isolates rather than full-spectrum extracts (they mostly use 0% THC isolates so that they can legally ship to all 50 U.S. states). Here’s a rundown of their current product range:

  • Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies. Like I mentioned, the Hemp Bombs gummies didn’t work particularly well for me, but they have tons of positive reviews so maybe I am just the odd man out. I will say, however, that CBD gummies from Hemp Bombs taste pretty amazing. They come in 5-count bags to 60-count bottles (15mg CBD per gummy).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules. CBD capsules are mostly used by people who don’t like the taste of the oils. I haven’t tried Hemp Bombs’ capsules, as I really like using their oil. I’m sure they work very well though. Come in 5-count to 60-count options and contain 15mg of CBD per capsule.
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Vaping Products. This brand has a complete range of vaping products, from the Hemp Bombs CBD vape juice that you can use in any portable concentrate vaporizer, to Hemp Bombs CBD e-liquid additive that you add to your favorite e-cigarette vape juice, to actual pre-filled CBD vape tanks (do not come with a battery). Moreover, their vaping products come in (an almost overwhelming) 11 different flavors — check out the complete Hemp Bombs vaping lineup and current prices here .
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Oil. Hemp Bombs CBD oil comes in two different flavors (peppermint and watermelon), and five different potencies: 300mg (approx. 5mg CBD per dose), 600mg (approx. 10mg CBD per dose), 1,000mg (approx. 16mg CBD per dose), 2,000mg (approx. 33mg CBD per dose), and 4,000mg (approx. 66mg CBD per dose)
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze. The Hemp Bombs topical “CBD Pain Rub” is designed primarily for joint pain and mild to moderate muscle soreness. It’ main advantage is that you can rub it directly onto the affected area, without having to wait for the digestive system to metabolize the active components. Come in either 1 oz or 4 oz tubs.
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup. Like we mentioned earlier, the CBD Syrup can either be taken by itself or mixed into any hot or cold drink for easy consumption. They come in 4 oz bottles and three different potencies: 100mg, 300mg, and 1,000mg
  • Hemp Bombs Max Chill Shot. The Max Chill Shots come in small little bottles, but each bottle has an amazing 75mg dose of CBD (making them super popular for nighttime sleep aid and anxiety relief). Come in either single 2 oz bottles of packs of five.
  • Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oil. This is the newest addition to the Hemp Bombs CBD lineup; a CBD oil created specifically for pets. They are available in either Chicken or Beef flavors, and come in 125mg, 300mg, and 1,000mg bottles for small, medium, or large-sized dogs (you can also use the 125mg or 300mg for cats and other smaller pets).

You can find Hemp Bombs reviews left by customers on the Hemp Bombs website.


  • Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Review. CBD Gummies range in price from $14.99 for a 5-pack (15mg CBD per gummy), to $99.99 for a 60-count bottle (they also have HP Extra Strength Gummies (25mg CBD per gummy) in 60-count bottles for $139.99).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules Review. Range in price from $14.99 for a 5-count pack (15mg of CBD per capsule), to $99.99 for a 60-count bottle (they also have HP Extra Strength Capsules (25mg CBD per capsule) in 60-count bottles for $139.99).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Vaping E-Liquid Review. The Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Liquid (this is the juice that you can add to any portable vape pen or vaporizer) comes in 11 different flavors and six different potencies (all are 60mL bottles): 75mg CBD ($14.99), 250mg CBD ($39.99), 300mg CBD ($49.99), 1,000mg CBD ($99.99), 2,000mg CBD ($169.99) and 4,000mg CBD ($299.99). They also have 4 and 10-pack Variety Packs where you can mix-n-match various flavors and potencies (check out all of your options here ).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid Additives Review. The CBD Vape Additives are specially formulated to be added to your favorite e-cigarette vape liquid or e-tobacco juice. They are unflavored (most of the e-liquids you’ll be adding them to are already flavored), and come in the same six different potencies as the Vape Liquids (all come in 60mL bottles): 75mg CBD ($14.99), 250mg CBD ($39.99), 300mg CBD ($49.99), 1,000mg CBD ($99.99), 2,000mg CBD ($169.99) and 4,000mg CBD ($299.99).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Tanks Review. The CBD Vape Tanks come with 1mL pre-filled cartridges, and are available in three different potencies: 125mg ($29.99), 300mg ($49.99), and 1,000mg ($99.99). They are available in the same 11 flavors as the CBD Vape Liquids.
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Review. All Hemp Bombs oral CBD oils (these are the ones you drop under your tongue) come in two different flavors (peppermint and watermelon), and are available in five different potencies (30mL bottle): 300mg ($49.99), 600mg ($74.99), 1,000mg ($99.99), 2,000mg ($144.50), and 4,000mg ($299.99).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze Review. The Topical CBD Pain Rub comes in 1 oz or 4 oz sizes: 1 oz tub is $14.99 and has 50mg CBD total, and the 4 oz tub is $39.99 and has 200mg CBD total
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Relaxation Syrup Review. The CBD Relaxation Syrup comes in 4 oz bottles, and is available in three different potencies: 100mg ($19.99), 300mg ($49.99), and 1,000mg ($99.99)
  • Hemp Bombs Max Chill Shot Review. The super-potent (75mg CBD per bottle) Max Chill Shots come in 2 oz bottles, and are available to buy individually ($14.99) or in packs of 5 ($59.99).
  • Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oil Review. The Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oils come in 1 oz bottles, and are available in three different potencies: 125mg (recommended for small dogs, cats, and other pets – $29.99), 300mg (recommended for medium-sized dogs – $49.99), and 1,000mg (recommended for large dogs – $99.99).

Final Verdict

Hemp Bombs CBD is a unique and exciting brand that we have no hesitation recommending. It’s worth it however to keep in mind that all of their products are CBD isolates (contain 0% THC) rather than full-spectrum hemp extracts (which may contain trace amounts of THC). This is good news if you live in a non-legalized state, as Hemp Bombs can ship legally to all 50 states given that their products have no THC.

I use their 1,000mg oral CBD oil almost on a daily basis and had great results with with it.

HempBombs is classed as one of the best CBD oil producers on the market. Read the complete review on this uprising super star.