hemp bra

Hemp Bra

Hemp bras are sweeping into fashion, not simply because they are eco-friendly, but because they are practical and functional as well!

They are super strong and durable. And that them perfect for women looking for a piece of clothing that will stand the test of time.

These accessories are one of the eco-friendliest on the planet.

What is a hemp bra?

Hemp bras are just as good looking, but far more practical than cotton bras. Also, they are super strong. That’s because the plant has super long fibers. Manufacturers weave those fibers together to create a strong product.

Although they can be rather rigid when you first put them on, they get softer over time. And as you wash them and wear them, you’ll notice they become more comfortable.

Many people find hemp clothing too hard and disregard it altogether. However, there are plenty of options available for blends with cotton and other fabrics.

No matter the style or size of hemp bra, you can purchase a fantastic option to suit your style.

How do they make them?

It all starts with the plant. After a three or four-month growing cycle, farmers harvest hemp and separate its fibers. Manufacturers then weave fabric from the fibers.

Or, designers may choose to mix hemp fibers with other material to create a blend.

When the fabric or fabric blend is done, they cut and shape it into pieces for bras. What comes out is a natural and eco-friendly bra perfect for many different situations.

Hemp bras come in an abundance of styles, shapes, and colors. Thanks to its water-absorbing properties, hemp bras actually look better for longer, as their fibers can hold the dye colors for longer.

Hemp is woven in with cotton and other blends in the manufacturing process to create the hemp bra.

Thanks to the hemp plant’s strong fibres, the material is more durable.

What are the benefits?

There are a massive number of benefits for wearing hemp bras. Also, they look great and will feel good too.

People make these bras with one of the worlds most eco-friendly materials, hemp. Hemp, as we are sure you know by now, can grow just about anywhere.

It requires very little water in comparison to alternatives—such as cotton—and it has a very short harvest cycle. These qualities make it perfect for counties that can suffer extreme temperature variants.

Hemp bras are very strong, durable and water absorbent. Also, they wick away moisture well, which keeps your body fresh and dry. In addition, hemp bras also are extremely breathable, so you can wear them to the gym or on a run and feel cool and comfortable.

Also, did we mention they have anti-microbial properties? That’s actually really great to have in a bra. That means you won’t have to worry about unwanted odors or anything like mold or mildew. That’s because the material fights off these things naturally.

This is super helpful if you’re using the bra for exercise. If you happen to leave it in your gym bag, it will definitely cause less of an odor than a cotton type.

This anti-microbial property also helps the crop grow. Because of this, it doesn’t need pesticides. That makes it easy to grow organically, and that’s something else to feel great about.

Why do we need hemp bras?

Sustainability is paramount to the long-term protection of our environment and the prosperity of people struggling below the poverty line.

You can make products from hemp cheaply and affordably. That means many people around the world can make them by hand or via machines and craft stunning pieces. This gives them economic power and can help communities rise up out of poverty. When that happens, everyone wins.

Also, from a personal level, you need a bra to wear under your outfits. And if you can buy a bra that is eco-friendly, you’re doing your little bit while feeling great.

Where can I get hemp bra?

Hemp bras are available online, in retail stores and at specialty boutiques for lingerie.

If you are looking for one with a little more style, why not seek out one that is handmade or custom made.

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Sweeping into fashion, hemp bras are more eco-friendly than their cotton based cousins, and they are also practical and functional as well!

Tantra Bra

Tantra sexy halter style bra with trompe d’oeil trio of horizontal peek-a-boo straps across the back. Bra comes in solid colour with our new Synergy Print on the waistband and back straps. Our most Bikini like panties have the same mesh detail along the hems. Guaranteed prolonged underwear pleasure. Just breathe.

What we say…

So this is Louie’s favourite piece of the season. Seriously. Do we need to say more about this? This bra looks fantastic underneath low backed tops, it’s great on it’s own at the beach (where you will develop some very cool tan lines). It’s not our most supportive bra ever, so if you are looking for that you might try one of our other styles. But what it lacks in support it makes up for in almost every single other way;) Really. And let’s take a moment to discuss why anyone would put WIRE near their mammeries. Woah. We don’t get it. This bra is going to blow your mind with it’s combination of comfort and sassiness. Want to be all matchy matchy? Check out the matching undies.

Why did we make this tantra sexy bra out of bamboo and organic cotton?

Click here to find out more about our love for sustainable fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Soy (among others). All Nomads Hemp Wear clothing is also certified Fair Trade.

Tantra Bra Tantra sexy halter style bra with trompe d’oeil trio of horizontal peek-a-boo straps across the back. Bra comes in solid colour with our new Synergy Print on the waistband and back ]]>