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Product is very good.

I have been using the balm ever since the Mustard Seed Market started selling it. I use it every night before going to bed to help with my arthritis pain. It relieves my aches and pains and also has a calming effect that helps me fall asleep. It tends to be a bit expensive but I wait for it to go on sale. I think it is worth extra penny I do spend on it.

Easy to use website , great fast service , product mailed out instantly ! Always get delivered on 2-3 days . this CBd is great for better sleep . & joint pain .

Hemp Luxe is helping with the pain I have from my hip & knee joints

Works great. I have no trouble sleeping anymore

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Softgels | Multiple Sizes

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Softgels | Multiple Sizes

It helps calm my beagle/Jack Russell and I also give it to my older pup to reduce inflammation. Good stuff!

Hemp Luxe Hemp Extract oil is a great product. Helps with pain and has a calming affect emotionally

This helps sleep.

I use CDB oil for sleep. It works great and it’s a natural anti-inflammatory so it’s great for overall health. I also use the CBD for dogs to help keep my beagle/jack Russell calmer in his crate. I highly recommend!

Along with my regular purchase of Hemp Extract Oil I got a jar of Hemp Extract Cream. I’ve been using both ever since. It happened to be a particularly hard week for me with a lot of leg pain and I used the cream almost the minute I got it. That pain has eased and I’m still using the cream on my thumbs. Both products seem to be an excellent pair when used together.

helped w/ more restful sleep,relieved minor knee pain

I have been using this for at least 5 years and find it works wonders for me

I tried this one out, the water soluble is definitely fast acting! The flavor is a little strong for me, but that didn’t stop me from finishing the whole bottle. Hopefully this one will come out with the Mandarin orange flavor soon!

“After a few days of taking these I have experienced noticeable differences.” – Kate, Hemp Luxe Customer

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How does CBD work?

We answer questions like this in our Guide to CBD.

You can trust Hemp Luxe™

At Hemp Luxe, we know we know that you want to be at your best overall health. In order to do that, you need to get your desired results when using CBD. The problem is that not all CBD is created equal, which can make it hard to know which brand can be trusted, and which can’t. We’ve gone the extra mile to use certified organic hemp, and use a 3rd-party lab to test every product we create. We believe people should have access to natural and effective relief.

You deserve a product that works.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD – Made from Certified Organic USA Grown Hemp | Pain, Sleep, and Anxiety Support

Hemp Luxe Review

Quick Review

  • Certified organic hemp 🌱
  • Full spectrum extract
  • Various products and potencies

What to Know About Hemp Luxe

Source 🇺🇸

Every product at Hemp Luxe is made from certified organic hemp grown on Colorado farms.

Taste 👅

Hemp Luxe CBD oil tinctures are available in three flavor options: natural, peppermint, and mandarin orange. If you aren’t a huge fan of the earthy taste of hemp, you may want to opt for the refreshingly cool peppermint or citrus orange flavors.

Shopping Experience 🛍️

The Hemp Luxe website makes it easy to find products in their drop down menus, although it’s less obvious that they sell CBD gummies since these edibles are not prominently displayed in their online store. Additionally, customers should look carefully at the hemp extract versus the CBD milligrams in each serving, which differs for each product.

**Example: Their Original Strength CBD oil contains 14mg of hemp extract with 9mg of CBD per serving.

Range of Products

With a variety of topicals, ingestibles, and CBD oils, Hemp Luxe has a decent product selection that can appeal to a wide range of CBD consumers. It’s also nice that their website features a product finder quiz to help those who are newer to CBD find a product that’s right for them.

Lab Testing 🔬

Hemp Luxe mentions that each product is third party lab tested to ensure the purity and potency of each product. Although these lab test results are not posted online, consumers can email [email protected] to view the lab results for a specific product. Remedy Review also independently tested Hemp Luxe CBD oil with an accredited third party lab, ProVerde. Their Original Strength CBD oil passed with flying colors, meaning the product was free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other unwanted solvents. The tincture also showed a cannabinoid/terpene profile that accurately reflected the “full spectrum hemp extract” claim boasted on their site.

You can view these test results here.

  • Made from certified organic hemp
  • Product finder quiz
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Difficult to find gummy products on website

Hemp Luxe Review—Important Notes

The CBD market is highly unregulated, making it hard for consumers to find a trustworthy brand. Hemp Luxe aims to combat this issue by ensuring their products are of the high quality by using the best ingredients and sustainable sourcing methods. They also use third party lab testing to assure customers they are getting a clean, full spectrum CBD product when shopping at Hemp Luxe.

Top Products from Hemp Luxe

Entry Level Cost
Highlights 🌟


Entry Level Cost

9mg, 18mg, or 54mg of CBD per serving

Highlights 🌟

Available in various formulas, each CBD tincture features a clean carrier oil such as organic sunflower oil, cold pressed hemp seed oil, or MCT oil.

CBD Softgels

Entry Level Cost

15mg of CBD per softgel

Highlights 🌟

Looking for a simple, on-the-go application method for CBD? These softgels ensure consistent dosing and an easy to swallow product.

CBD Balm

Entry Level Cost

145mg, 450mg, or 605mg of CBD per container

Highlights 🌟

Blended with beneficial ingredients like arnica and essential oils, this topical balm works to soothe skin and support the body beneath the surface.

CBD Cream

Entry Level Cost

45mg or 90mg of CBD per container

Highlights 🌟

Specifically design to nourish and moisturize, this CBD cream is perfect for anyone looking to heal their skin or alleviate irritations.

More About the Brand

Hemp Luxe may be a newer brand to enter the CBD market, but the leaders of the company have years of experience in the natural food industry. The founders of Hemp Luxe, Margaret Nabors and her husband Phil, first started the Mustard Seed Market and Café in 1981. This family store specializes in offering natural and organic products, and continues to be the largest locally-owned retailer of organic goods within the state of Ohio.

After years of experience in the organic goods business, Margaret, Phil, and other stakeholders in the Mustard Seed Market decided to create Hemp Luxe. Sticking to their roots, all of the CBD products at Hemp Luxe are made from certified organic hemp plants, and align with the company’s mission is to elevate the health and wellness of others.

Awarded the Remedy Review Seal of Approval

Finally you can shop for CBD with confidence. Our product testing is among the most comprehensive in the industry and includes label accuracy, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, mycotoxins, and terpenes. Look for the Remedy Review Seal when buying CBD and be sure you’re buying a quality product.

Hemp Luxe Original Strength CBD Tincture was awarded our Seal.

Need more info on CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound abundant in cannabis. If you have questions, you can email me at [email protected] Or check out these medically-reviewed articles.

We also recommend reading our best CBD oil article to help you gain an understanding of the market, our review process, and what to look for in your CBD products.

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Read our review of Hemp Luxe to learn more about this brand, and find out if their CBD products are the right choice for you.