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"Just like their bath-foaming counterparts, shower bombs awaken in a fizzy explosion of scent and sound," Vega says, noting that the difference is in their usage: bath bombs plop into the tub with you, while shower bombs dissolve in your hand (or on the floor of your shower) and can be used like a cleansing shower foam. "While both fizzers share a base ingredient of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid—the ingredients that makes them fizz—shower bombs have seaweed and potato starch to create a puffy mousse you sweep over your body, leaving skin silky-soft." How to use bath bombs, bubble bars and more. Love dipping into deep mounds of cloud-like bubbles but hate leaving a trail of packaging behind you? Get the lowdown on how to use Lush’s classic naked products from bath bombs to bubble bars with this handy guide.

The following bath products strip off unnecessary bottles and wrappers, so that you can delve into divine, waste-free baths. From big, boldly scented bubbles to more subtle suds, naked bubble bars are an oh so easy way to indulge in a bubble bath. Bubble bars shake up the notion of liquid bubble bath, taking many different colours and forms to create a unique experience. Product Inventor and Co-founder Helen Ambrosen explains: "Creating solid bubble bars turned into an art form. You could make all sorts of shapes, all sorts of sizes, but also you didn’t need a synthetic preservative." From candy sweet, fresh and green, or dark and earthy, there’s a bubble bar for all the family. Simply crumble the bar under running water, swish, and relax in lashings of trouble-free bubbles. Most bubble bars are perfect for one blissful bath, so you don’t need to worry about using too much or too little. Bigger bars, like The Comforter and Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds, are good for more than one use, so crumble as much as you crave under the tap and store the rest in a cool, dry place ready for when the mood takes you.

For a bar that lasts a little longer, a reusable bubble bar is the answer. These can be twirled in your bath water until it is brimming with beautiful bubbles, then whipped out of the water and into a cool, dry place ready for you to summon splendid suds again. If bubbles aren’t your bag but you’re fanatical about fizz, perhaps a bath bomb is for you? These solid orbs packed with beautifully scented essential oils, lustres and kaleidoscopic colours will transport you to new dimensions. Get lost in thick forests or jetted deep into the cosmos, all whilst sitting in your bath tub. Once you are ready to embark on a bathtime adventure, simply run your bath and climb aboard. Place your chosen bath bomb in the water and get lost in its whirling, twirling wonder. Why not celebrate your out of this world experience by creating your own bath art? Sink into deeply soothing waters and let rich organic shea and Fair Trade cocoa butter glide over your skin, lulling you into deep repose. Unwind knots that have gathered through the day, embrace hydrated skin, breathe in aromatic essential oils and let the day’s tension fall from your shoulders. Rolled in dried petals or lustres, these melts will paint coloured oil patterns in the water and release celestial scents. Choose one, or select a pick n mix, to dip into when you need some well deserved ‘me’ time. One bath oil or melt is all you need for five (or 50) minutes’ peace. Let the tap run over the oil until it turns into melty goodness, releasing clouds of fragrance. Alternatively pop it in the bath once it’s run and allow the water to infuse with all those magnificent natural oils and butters. For a daring dip, why not slip into rich Jelly Bomb waters. As Turtle Jelly Bomb liquefies, it releases a nourishing jelly into the water to moisturise thirsty skin. Watch as mesmerising colours trickle out of your rolling, tumbling Jelly Bomb, filling the bathtub with soothing oils and spellbinding scents. Place in the water and bathe in rejuvenating waters. Sometimes you just need to add a pop to your bath art and bubble brushes are just the ticket. As your bath runs, hold under the tap to build mounds of bubbles before dipping your brush in the water and stroking, dotting, splashing and drawing over the foam to create your very own masterpiece. If you're new to CBD and are yet to try the popular natural supplement that has taken the world by storm, then it is more than likely that you'll have a few questions that you're keen to have answered before you start. What's the difference between CBD Oil and CBD Vape Oil ? But more pressing perhaps, is, how will vaping CBD make you feel? You may have heard your friends and family utter this three-letter initialism in conversation, but I bet you're wondering, what on earth CBD is.

Rather than the Central Business District that you may have swooned through from time to time, CBD in this instance refers to the now hugely popular cannabis extract cannabidiol. One of over a hundred known cannabinoids found to exist in the family of plants associated with cannabis, CBD is a chemical compound that doesn't get you high like its cannabinoid counterpart THC . Known to support your wellbeing and healthy functioning of your organs, many use CBD as a supplement, much like they would their daily dose of Vitamin C, magnesium or iron. In fact, CBD has become so popular that you're now likely to find the compound as a featured ingredient in numerous household items. From beauty products such as moisturisers and lip balms to food and drink items like chocolate, water and beer; CBD is being used by millions of people around the world daily. Full Spectrum CBD E-Liquid from £8.99 Flavoured CBD E-Liquid from £9.49 CBD Green Mood Cartridges from £29.99. Upon perusing the wealth of CBD products that are available to you both online and on the high street, before buying, you must be able to distinguish the difference between CBD Oil and CBD Vape Oil. While they both will contain CBD, if you misuse them, you will more than likely be a little disappointed, as well as left feeling a little queasy.

CBD Oil is designed to be used in several ways, but its primary function is to be taken sublingually by placing a few drops directly under your tongue. Held for up to 90 seconds before swallowing, any remaining oil that hasn't been absorbed by your mucus glands (known for their particularly direct access to your bloodstream). As such, a few drops of CBD Oil can also be added to your favourite food and drink items as a way to provide a more flavourful experience for you. Blended with organic olive oil; concentrations of CBD sourced from high-grade hemp extract are then added.


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