hemp protein isolate

White Hemp Seed Protein Isolate 85%

85% Protein

With both protein and PUFA’s, our White Hemp Seed Protein Isolate 85% makes a fantastic addition in many applications. It is a perfect protein source for vegan, gluten free consumers with a focus on health, sports or satiety in ready to drink (RTD), plant based meat or dairy alternative, bakery and even protein enriched Ready To Drink (RTD).

White Hemp Seed Protein Isolate 8 5 % * is unique because unlike other hemp protein isolates only Good Hemp fractionate isolates through a wet process rather than dry. This results in a white clean tasting powder which is much easier to incorporate into different applications – this isolate is the ideal, clean label, allergen free, GMO Free solution to pack more protein into a wide range of recipes.

White Hemp Seed Protein Isolate 85 % * a purified protein powder with the consistency of flour, produced by milling and separating Hemp Seed. The product is produced on a strictly controlled manufacturing process involving mechanical separation without any chemical extraction.

Characterised by it’s high protein level, White Hemp Seed Protein Isolate 8 5 % * is a natural complete protein powder delivering all 20 amino acids including 9 essential amino acid – when compared to other vegan protein sources such as pea contains more amino acids but can be used successfully in combination as well. What’s more, it has naturally contains 3.6 g fat, and rather uniquely , 2.5 g of the fat is polyunsaturated Omega 3, 6 & 9 fats.

Hemp seed protein provides the perfect environmentally sustainable source of protein perfectly in line with category trends and opportunities.

Hemp protein is easier to digest then alternatives such as soy, because it does not contain oligosaccharides and trypsin inhibitors. These contribute to the formation of gas and prevent efficient protein absorption.

Unlike none seed sources of protein, Hemp seed protein has 65% edestin and 35% albumin . Both comprise the main circulating protein s in the human body and albumin is commonly found in egg whites . Both are high quality globulin protei ns, which are high ly digestible and difficult to obtain in the diet when avoiding animal products. This means that the human body can use almost all of the amino acids in hemp protein powder for important bodily functions, such as repair and maintenance.

Hemp protein contains an exceptionally high amount of arginine (6%) and glutamine (9%) (Lu et al., 2010). Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide, the vasodilating agent that enhances blood flow and contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure (Wu & Meininger , 2002). H emp protein is also particularly valuable as a nutritional and bioactive ingredient for the formulation of foods that promote cardiovascular health.

*(protein dry weight basis of 90 % and ‘as is’ of 85 %). Our specifications are completely transparent, we quote the protein level ‘as is’ as well as the dry weight basis. This means you know the actual amount of protein in your end application.


White Hemp Protein Isolate 85% has a high water binding capacity; it is almost fully water soluble and has some emulsification properties. Our unique fractionation process concentrates the protein of the hemp heart into a high quality protein. From dairy and meat analogues to bars and shakes , use this hemp protein to deliver complete plant-based protein with uniquely functional flavour, nutrition and other critical characteristics.

Good Hemp Ingredients White Hemp Seed Protein isolate 85% is a perfect protein source for vegan, gluten free consumers with a focus on health!