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Might Not Be Safe – Miracle Smoke does not even speak to lab testing, nor do they publish any lab results. This makes it impossible to know if their CBD oil is safe for consumption. Information Lacking – Miracle Smoke provides little to no information about who they are, the quality of their products or safety. They seem to be marketing focused rather than information focused. Rena's Organic Review - May 17, 2020 Green Angel CBD Review - May 17, 2020 Harmonious CBD Review - May 17, 2020 Moon Mother Review - May 8, 2020 Cope CBD Review - May 8, 2020 Knockout CBD Review - May 2, 2020 Ology Essentials Review - May 2, 2020 Vida+ Review - May 2, 2020 Kushly Review - May 2, 2020 CBD ReThink Review - May 2, 2020.

CBD Oil Review rates the Miracle Smoke line with two stars because it qualifies for the Quality & Innovation Badges. These criminals (yes the owners have criminal records) have changed their company name to Miracle Nutritional Products. There is lots of information available on their website and via telephone. I recommend this product to anyone who is interested in a drug free method of relieving anxiety and relaxing. I have been using MiracleSmoke vape oil and pen for about one month. It has almost completely relieved my back and joint pain and over time find that it has a curing effect. It began to work immediately upon first use and the effect is getting better and better. Is there a brand with high % of CBD oil that works for any of you?

I have purchased every product sold by “Miracle Smoke”. Not only have the products changed after time, but I feel certain the only product that may contain ANY CBD is the Eliquid. The company made a change and the capsules were oil. The tincture appear to be hemp oil with CBD powder mixed, but I feel like there is a lack of quality control. At one time I ordered two 2oz bottles, the CBD was not at the advertised level. The gummy bears the company sent as a sample appear to be standard gummy bears dipped in hemp oil. We used to sell this stuff at our smoke shop in fort lauderdale a few years ago. that was before we had any knoledge about the product. These days we carry a wide range of lab tested and pure CBD products. I have tried using the Miracle Cannabis Oil Superfood tincture and capsules for one week. I am not convinced that there is any CBD content in this oil. I tried small and large amounts and noticed nothing at all. The ‘CBD’ powder in the capsules appears to be basic hemp powder. I have used CanChew CBD Gum in the past and found that CBD has a noticeable feeling of relaxation. This is either a scam or a VERY small amount of CBD. The sad part of most of the ads for CBD that you see are just that, ads to sell product. Also part of the reason for the low levels, perhaps tooo low for any real effect, is that CBD paste (34% avtive ) is over $13,000/ pound direct from import sources. So to add any real concentration it would cost thousands of dollars not pennies. I saw one ad where one MG was shown to cost just $0.29 ( yes , 29 cents per MG ), but do the math, it takes 1000 mg to equal a gram and 454 grams to equal a pound, so they are selling CBD for $13,166 per pound. So unless this CBD is plutonium, the minusclar amount involved in these products is way too little to be of any benefit. So like it has been said, if it sounds too good to be true . Well I purchased Miracle Smoke for back pain & Fibromylisia & got nothing from it.

& the the vapor e-cig they sent me was junk, it didnt even work. My wife and I have both used the “Miracle Smoke” brand e-liquid and seem to get no effect what so ever from it.

I got it to help with my sleep and to help combat pain. They have differant levels of CBD, I tried their basic “classic 30”.


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