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Driven by science. Inspired by innovation. Our organic hemp farm is home to some of the best, unique varietals in the world.

BFF has the experience, team and resources necessary for your success. Offering high CBD genetics, flower and extracts, our mission is to revolutionize the hemp industry in a purposeful and scientific way.

Searching for the best seeds and genetics over the years, BFF became frustrated with the lack of options available and couldn’t find anything that offered the right support, coverage and stability. This led us to start breeding in-house, incorporating genotyping with other scientific techniques and trialing different strains to get the solutions and results that meet our standards.

BFF Genetics is our answer to seeds that actually perform. Designed for medicinal qualities and uniformity. Each seed has a solution for the future.

The Farm

Our sundrenched, organic farm is home to some of the world’s best hemp cultivars. Here, we trial each of our varieties so that farmers know what to expect once they plant their seeds in the ground.


With our in-house plant geneticist, we are constantly in the pursuit of knowledge so that we can continue to leverage the power of the hemp plant.

The Lab

Our state of the art extraction facilities use the leading technologies to create certified clean, pure, extracts. We are constantly creating new formulas for the demands of the future. This goes beyond CBD.

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“The thing that made Queen Dream and Hot Blonde really stand out in the field was their consistency. They grew vigorously and evenly, and were beautiful plants. They tested compliant for total THC and had around 8-10% CBD for homogenized biomass. Queen Dream and Hot Blonde are great varieties.”

Harry A., Colorado

“As a new hemp farmer, I had a lot of questions about seeds, planting, and harvesting. Blue Forest was extremely knowledgeable and happy to assist me the entire way. The seed recommended to me was Hot Blonde and it didn’t disappoint. The plants grew a nice, stacked bud structure and we were able to get nearly 3 lbs of flower from the huge plants. The lab that processed our flower said it was some of the best they had seen. Our farm grew seeds from four seed vendors last year, but I will only be buying seeds from Blue Forest next season. Their seeds simply outperformed the rest. Here’s to another successful season.”

Chris M., Colorado

“The Blue Forest Farms team helped me to identify genetics that would work well in my area. They also provided verified test results to back up their strains, which I couldn’t get from some other companies. I grew mostly the Hot Blonde strain, and the plants grew quite large and were very uniform throughout the field. I would choose this strain again.”

Robbin P., Michigan

“We purchased Hot Blonde and Queen Dream hemp seeds from Blue Forest Farms for our first year of growing hemp and were very pleased. The Hot Blonde plants were an average of 5’ tall and the Queen Dream plants were an average of 5.5’ tall, and both strains were very bushy with large flowers. By recommendation of Blue Forest, we harvested both crops about six weeks after flowering. Our harvested material came in at 9-10% CBD and still compliant. We will be confidently growing these two strains again on our farm.”

Louis W., Colorado

“Queen Dream and Hot Blonde have been 100% germination for me. The plants had consistency from the time they started in the greenhouse to the field. We followed the protocols Blue Forest Farms provided, and we were able to harvest with 8-11% compliant material. Their experience and customer service is top notch.”

Eric G., North Carolina

“So far, we have about 2,000 lbs of dry, trimmed up bud, and about 100 super sacks of milled up and dried biomass, and that is only half of our harvest! Blue Forest Farms is working with us to have most of our biomass processed for oil and isolate, and we are working together to create a product line for distribution. We could not be happier with our partnership with BFF.”

Eric C., Michigan

“Blue Forest Farms is a great company to work with. They were very informative and customer oriented. I bought several of their varietals, all of which performed well in the field. My favorite of those types was Hot Blonde, although all their strains produced good results. Blue Forest Farms helped me out along the planning and growing process with spacing, irrigation and harvesting techniques. Highly recommend. Will be buying from Blue Forest again.”

Charles W., Oregon

“From the day I met her, Hot Blonde has been my favorite. Her vigor was unmatched and her vegetative structure was the envy of the greenhouse. The base of this heavy-hitting strain is one that promotes the growth of a lot of flower sites. This makes it a perfect strain for quick propagation and high yields. The plants display tight intermodal spacing and wide, stout leaf structure. The flowers swell with tremendous girth and stack tightly on top of each other to form large apical colas. The fragrance, or terpene expression, is that of blossoming orange trees with a drop of gassy billows. This variety will not disappoint anyone looking to grow in similar environments to the arid conditions of western United States. Hot Blonde is a grower’s choice variety and comes highly recommended!”

“Queen Dream has rightfully earned her spot as the backbone of our genetic standards. It is our family’s heirloom and sits at the head of our proverbial table. While in [the vegetative stage], Queen Dream grows vigorously, yet systematically in structure. It can easily be pinched one or two times to create a plethora of apical shoots that can be trained upwards to form many flowering sites. Within the first few weeks of flower, this variety stretches 1.5x its original size, making it great for shorter growing seasons. The flowers do not swell in girth, but rather grow tall and sturdy, with more elongated internodes. This makes it ideal for more humid environments. The aroma is an exquisite blend of fruity and earthy, with an expression of vibrant grape, balanced on top of a sharp, skunky background. Ten out of ten on this variety and its potential to be grown as a high quality, high value crop.”

Testimonial from Vinnie Clause, Hemp Cultivation Lead, Yabba Cannaba

Blue Forest Farms is an organic 150-acre hemp farm in Colorado. We grow premium-grade, organic hemp crops. Find flower, seed & extracts. Partner with the best.



Rare and exclusive strains, organically grown, high CBD & CBG.


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Stocked in all of our available strains.


Made from sugar leaf trim using 153 micron tumbling screen. Great for making moonrocks.

CBD Kief testing at 32.4% CBD

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Steam distilled fresh from the field.

Hemp Worldwide produces industrial hemp grown under a registered license with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Hemp Worldwide products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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