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Hempure cbd

Most versatile way
to add CBD for health

CBD Capsules

Easy to swallow,
consistent dosage

CBD Balm

Relief right at the
source of discomfort

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A sweet treat to nourish
your body’s systems

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support of your pets

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to the body

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the benefits are real

Thomas H.

“Love these CBD Capsules I love these capsules. It’s a measured amount of cbd so I know how much I’m taking.”


“Wow This works great for my back pain. Works fast. I only needed a little too.”

Dr. Julie F.

“After two weeks of regular dosing 250 mg, the pain in my rotator cuff subsided. The injury was nine months previous and I had tried everything to no avail. So grateful.”

Jennifer S.

Machesney Park, IL.

“I’ve gotten a lot of pain relief from using this balm, especially in my neck and shoulder area. I am also using the balm on my lower back nd it’s amazing the way it takes away the pain.”

cbd balm

get relief where you need it

CBD Balm provides targeted, fast-acting relief. Bypass the metabolic process in the liver by massaging into the skin at the source of discomfort.

CBD Drops

Find your Focus and FLow

Take CBD Drops every morning to feel a positive shift in your overall wellness and sense of balance. Whether you’re looking for more restful sleep, clarity to handle a full workload, or therapeutic systemic support, CBD Drops can help.

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Hempure CBD Gummies Review

It has been millennia since our ancestors began to take advantage of the cannabis plant, and it is only now that we are beginning to unlock its secrets. From more traditional smoking methods to tinctures, candies, and brownies, cannabis sure has changed a great deal. One such example, that will be the star of today’s performance, is the CBD Gumdrops from Hempure.

These gumdrops provide twenty-five milligrams of pure CBD into the dietary tract, and then into the bloodstream, and straight to your brain providing you with the benefits known from CBD. What could be easier or more convenient? Today we are going to be reviewing CBD Gumdrops from Hempure.

Some of the best CBD products out there and you’re going to find out just why in a moment, before we go there, however, first we should probably define CBD so that you know what we are talking about and why these gummies are so special.

Now let us get on to the review of the gumdrops themselves! The way we are going to do this is by the following; taste, convenience, strength, price, and overall quality. So sit back, relax, and let’s get started!


When it comes to edibles of any kind one of the first things you’re going to want to know is, well how does it taste? I am happy to report that these gumdrops are some of tastiest edibles I have had the pleasure of enjoying.

Instead of that weedy taste that so many edibles have that I personally cannot stand, these gumdrops are the flavor you’d expect depending on the color of the candy! Without failure! There maybe be a slight weedy aftertaste but nothing too strong or noticeable.


When one considers the myriad of ways in which CBD can be introduced into the body, this has to be one of the simplest, and traditional. Just pop one into your mouth, chew, swallow and you’re good to go! They look like anything else someone might be eating so you don’t have to worry about being singled out or “caught” consuming CBD gumdrops!


These gumdrops come in 25mg a piece bags and they are fairly strong. While not the strongest out there, and the lack of diversity among strengths is annoying, to say the least, 25mg is a good place for slightly more experienced users to enjoy. It’s probably a little too much for the beginner, but by far not too much for the more experienced user.

25mg is a great place to start, it just would have been nicer if they had options when it came to dosing.


As far as the price goes its $60 for 15 gummies, which considering again how strong they are and the fact you could tear them apart this is a pretty fair price. Again, here we see the lack of diversity in quantity and strength pricing. But for what it is it is a very fair price.]

Other retailers would most likely charge more for this level of strength and this quantity as well as the quality of gumdrops. So not his front it’s a deficient buy from me.

Overall Quality

So, we have gone over the main features of these gumdrops but what is the overall, actual quality of these products? At least I’d be asking myself that at this point. Well, to be honest, these gumdrops are a great buy. Between the convenience of use, strength, and price, you’re getting a very well-rounded product here.
It seems with competitors there is always a give and take, a positive and a negative, but if you’re looking for 25mg gummy edibles, then look no farther, but as I’ve said a few times now if you’re looking for anything else you’re going to have to look elsewhere.


To conclude, gumdrop gummies from Hempure are all that they are cracked up to be. They’ve got great taste, long-lasting effects, and strong potency. Their price is fair, and you are going to get what you paid for with this product.
If you’re looking for a simple, convenient and good-tasting way of getting CBD into your body than look. No further, gumdrops from Hempure are the way to go. I’ve tried many different edible products over the years and these have got to be some of my favorites. For a variety of reasons, many outlined here.
But truly if you’re looking for an easy, affordable and safe way to get CBD into your body and experience some of those great effects then CBD Gumdrops may, in fact, be for you. Either way, they are worth the try and you will not regret getting these gummies for Hempure, for if nothing else you’ve tried them and you can make your own valid decisions when you get the chance.

For now, let’s sit back with our edibles, and enjoy the rest of our days and much as possible because isn’t that what it’s about in the end? Whether it be for pain or ailments of the mind, CBD can help, if we just give it the opportunity to.

Gummies are a great way to consume CBD. They have a slow release mechanism that help to ease the effect. Read the Hempure CBD Gummies Review. Click NOW ]]>