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But when you cook with oil like this, some of it is going to cook away. How should I account for 0.75 cups of olive oil in a recipe if I want to use the MFP recipe tool? I agree, I don't think it cooks away unless you drain it.

Most recipes use the oil in other ways- like in a sauce, you sautee the onions and garlic in it, but then you wouldn't drain the oil out because you need it in the sauce itself. I never use more than 2 tbsp oil when cooking (and I cook for two, so only half of that at most is what I actually eat). You can definitely get away with a LOT less than you're used to. If you don't record it all, the only person you'll be hurting is yourself. And obviously, cooking with oil isn't the same as deep frying with oil; and nobody would say that you should record all the oil used in deep frying, because there is visibly oil LEFT that is not eaten, whereas in cooking, this does not happen. In that case, you would want to weigh/measure the oil before and after cooking and the difference will tell you how much of it ended up in the food and therefore how much to count. How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing. You can make money on YouTube by doing affiliate marketing, which is including links to products you review and use in your videos that will track a purchase.

If someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you receive a small commission for the sale. Melea is an expert in affiliate marketing and joins us to give us some tips for how to make money on YouTube with affiliate links. This is Melea, and she’s going to explain to you guys and to me exactly how that works. First of all, tell us who you are, what your background is with all this, and what you do on YouTube also. So I used to run a blog that I learned a ton about affiliate marketing with. And I recently sold that blog and came over to YouTube and started a YouTube channel, and realized that nobody was using affiliate links. Especially the huge channels weren’t using these, and they weren’t using them the right way. And I thought, oh, I’ve got to tell everyone that they can make a lot of money without sponsored videos. So I’ve just come over and started my own channel about helping people live the ultimate life for less, and been incorporating affiliate links and then showing other people how to do it. For anyone who isn’t familiar with what affiliate marketing is, what is that first of all? Basically, an affiliate link is a way for a company to track your personal link. So if anyone purchases anything on that company’s website, you get a percentage of the sale. So if I link to something on Amazon using a special link, and you click it and you buy it, then I would get a small percentage of that sale as a thank you for me sending the sale to them, right? It’s almost every single brand or company has some sort of affiliate program, so Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy. The list goes on and on and on, and they all have affiliate programs. So you can make money when your viewers actually click on your link. So I would start with Amazon if you’re new to affiliate links. The other places I would check would be CJ.com, LinkShare.com, ShareASale.com, and ImpactRadius.com. They’re like the affiliate networks or the houses that house all the different brands inside. So you can find the Wal-Marts and the Targets or whatever inside those networks. So once you get approved for their service, you can just start applying to all those different ones. How Do You Integrate Affiliates Naturally into a YouTube Video?

I think one of the easiest ways to do it is actually when you’re going to do a review video.

So if you’re reviewing a specific product, I would link to that product so your viewers can actually go purchase that product as well, especially if it’s something that you love.


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