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HBP is an excellent store if you want your cat to eat holistic food. I spend an average of $16 a week so my cat can eat better food than those crappy supermarket brands. I found a kitten by my work last week went to HBP to get some quality kitten food.

Friendly, knowledgable people who clearly love animals. My pups favorite dog food is a couple bucks less here than it is at that popular chain store . Business description (4) Honey Bees Pets is located at 277 Main St in Belleville and has been in the business of Pets And Pet Supplies since 2008. Honey Bee Pets islocated in Belleville, New Jersey. No matter what type of pet you have, you should always provide the best food and supplies. You don’t have to spend a fortune to ensure the health and happiness of your pet. Come to Honey Bee Pets for great prices on all the brands that you’re looking for. You can have the quality food and supplies you need for your pet delivered right to your. Pet food and supplies with your pets health in mind Supplies for your pets/savings for you.

Category: Pet Supply Store Address: 277 Main St, Belleville, NJ 07109, USA Phone: +1 973-751-9400 Rating: 4.3 Working: 10AM–8PM 10AM–8PM 10AM–8PM 10AM–8PM 10AM–8PM 10AM–8PM 10AM–8PM. This local pet store stocks many items for its size. The store is always clean and the aisles are clear of any floor displays, which permits customers to easily move around. I did some price reviews at Petco and found out that Honey Bee was less expensive for several items. Ive been going to Honey Bee for over four years and always had a good experience. The staff are friendly and if you need a particular item that isnt in stock, the staff will special order it for you. They obviously dont care about their small animals and its very aggravating. I called to make sure there were male rats, they said they were sure there were. I went to the shop to see only females after wasting my time calling and driving out. The small animals are in cages too small for theor safety or comfort, including animals that are not feeders. Very unreliable and the owners shouldnt have an animal within 100 yards of them. I went only because this place is close to my house, I asked for three small crickets since my beardie is really small. The guy tried to give me ten and then after he gave me the three i asked for then he charged me a dollar. I love going to Honey Bee, the staff are very personable. Store is quaint, but I have never had a problem getting all my pet needs. Have all the Holistic foods I need for my dog, cats, and birds. I like this spot convenient and prices are not too bad for mice ,crickets, bird food and hamster food. EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - New developments are in the early stages, but they are the most promising we have learned for the future of the old IGA since its closure at the beginning of 2018. 14 News just got confirmation from the realtor that a developer has made an offer to purchase not just this building but this entire block here. The developer hopes to redevelop this into a mixed use space. We are told a grocery store is an element they hope to include. Now this is a private transaction, so the developer has not contacted the city. But if the sale goes through and if it provides a grocery, the city has already committed a $500,000 incentive from the Jacobsville TIF. The realtor tells 14 News the developer is interested in this spot due in part to the revitalized streetscape and upcoming Aquatic Center, which is expected to increase traffic on Main Street north of the Lloyd Expresway. Kelley Coures/Department of Metropolitan Development: “We’re trying to work with developers as best we can to try and attract a grocery outlet to come to these neighborhoods, but the 2 things that businesses look for to open a supermarket or a grocery store are traffic and profit.” We expect to learn more on this potential sale in the next couple of months.

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Buehler's IGA on north Main Street will be closing its doors at the end of the month. The closure comes as a surprise because it is in an area that the city is spending a lot of money on rebuilding. North Main Street IGA is the only full grocery store of its kind in the downtown area. We talked Kelley Coures, who is with the Evansville Department of Metropolitan Development, he tells us a lot of the residents in Jacobsville relied on the store. "It really did kind of come as a surprise," explained Coures.

"I thought that the fact that they had stayed open this long meant they were gonna give it the long haul. Business decisions are made and you can't fault a business that's not making a profit." We are told plans are for it to close at the end of December. And it comes at an unfortunate time because the city has been spending a lot of money on the area in hopes of turning it around. 14 News reached out to IGA officials to find out the reason for the closure, but we haven't heard back.


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