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Because they don’t fit easily into either category, e-cigarettes may require a new set of regulations. Many people want to know if they can use electronic cigarettes in places that restrict tobacco smoking. Manufacturers and e-cigarette users argue that because the vapor presents no health risks and no offensive odor, e-cigarettes should be permitted everywhere. E-cig opponents argue that allowing e-cigarette use everywhere may discourage people from cutting back or quitting smoking by making it easier and more socially acceptable to get a nicotine fix. Inconveniences like shivering outside in the cold to enjoy a smoke may actually contribute to some smokers’ desires to quit.

And until the vapor that e-cigarettes emit is proven safe, harmful effects from secondhand vapor can’t be ruled out. Individual countries and states have adopted a wide range of rules governing e-cigarettes. Australia, Canada and Hong Kong have banned e-cigarette marketing and sale. In the United Kingdom, e-cigarettes marketed as a smoking-cessation aid must be licensed and regulated as a medicine, but their use as a recreational smoking alternative is unrestricted. In the United States, the FDA has confiscated e-cigarette shipments coming into the country on the grounds that they are unapproved drug-delivery devices. Two e-cigarette manufacturers took the FDA to court to oppose this action and won . Regulations will continue to evolve as electronic cigarettes grow in popularity and experts seek to gain reliable information about them. In the meantime, users around the world are relishing the experience of smoking cigarettes without the smoke. Now that we have already talked about the positives benefits from switching to an electronic cigarette it is time to dive into how e-cigs actually work.

What actually goes on while you are taking your puff? As well all know lighting a traditional cigarette causes the tobacco to burn, releasing smoke that contains nicotine. The user breathes in the smoke to deliver nicotine to the lungs. An electronic cigarette doesn’t rely on this process of combustion. Instead, it heats a nicotine liquid and converts the liquid to a vapor, or mist, that the user inhales. Depending on the e-cigarette, the user may simply inhale from the cartridge to begin the vaporization process, though some devices have a manual switch that activates the vaporizer inside. An e-cigarette has three main parts: • a rechargeable lithium battery • a vaporization chamber • a cartridge. The lithium battery powers the e-cigarette and can be charged using a charger similar to those used for cell phone batteries. The charged battery is connected to the vaporization chamber, a hollow tube that contains electronic controls and an atomizer — the component that creates the vapor. Before the user activates the device, he or she attaches a cartridge containing nicotine liquid to the vaporization chamber. The tip of the cartridge serves as the e-cigarette’s mouthpiece. E-cigarette users inhale the way they would with a regular cigarette. This inhalation activates the atomizer to heat the liquid in the cartridge and convert the liquid to a vapor. Inhaling this vapor through the mouthpiece delivers nicotine to the lungs, and the user exhales vapor that looks much like a cloud of cigarette smoke. Fans of e-cigarettes say they enjoy many of the same sensations as tobacco smokers — holding the device in their hand, inhaling and exhaling. Many e-cigarettes have a light-emitting diode (LED) on the end that lights up when the user inhales, simulating flame. But please do not try to light your electronic cigarette as it could ignite and explode. The liquid or “smoke juice” that fills the cartridges is usually propylene glycol, an additive that the FDA has approved for use in food. (Fog machines that create a smoky atmosphere at stage shows also use propylene glycol.) 5 Leading Benefits Electronic Smoking Has Over Traditional Cigarettes. 5 Leading Benefits Electronic Smoking Has Over Traditional Cigarettes. We here at invite you to read about 5 of the leading benefits electronic smoking has over traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are indeed an exciting new alternative to traditional cigarettes. They’re a suitable choice for many because of the benefits they have over “smoking.” Electronic cigarettes are no different than other products in that in order for someone to switch brands or consider alternatives they need to clearly see the benefits of the new approach.

Many, if not the vast majority of those interested in electronic smoking, are current smokers. Chances are you’re one of them – searching for an alternative but wanting to understand the benefits of switching from your current brand is something that you are interested in researching. Reason #1 – E-cigarettes do NOT have that distinctive odor that you find in regular cigarettes.

Just about everyone knows that cigarettes smell and most can be disgusted by it. When you walk into someplace be it a class, a date, or a business meeting it is the first thing someone notices about you. Scent from cigarette smoke gets into, and clings, to just about anything it comes in contact with. Not only does the odor cling, many consider cigarette smell offensive and avoid close contact.


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