how to make weed less harsh

Ask Cheri

Dear Cheri,

I’ve made tinctures with Everclear (in the past, obviously) but they are so harsh I can’t use them sublingually. Do you have tips to smooth out cannabis tinctures a little? I plan to try glycerin soon, but I wonder if doing something to evaporate some alcohol might ease the burn a bit?

Everclear being harsh is kind of the nature of the beast and I don’t know any way to change that other than diluting it into other ingredients in a recipe, but that does not not work for sublingual or under the tongue applications.

Instead of using Everclear to make cannabis tincture, you can use a more palatable hi proof alcohol such as vodka or 151 rum. This will still taste like alcohol, but it is not quite as harsh as Everclear. Follow these instructions for making a simple alcohol tincture.

I do not personally like glycerin as it only absorbs about 1/3 of the cannabinoids that alcohol does, so glycerin tinctures always lack potency. But if you need something lightly dosed, glycerin can work. Glycerin’s mild sweet flavor certainly tastes a lot better.

The other option is a coconut oil cannabis tincture. This is not technically a tincture by the dictionary definition of the word, but a lot of manufacturers make very strong infused coconut oil “tinctures.”

I personally like these best for both flavor and effectiveness. Again by the dictionary definition of tincture, coconut oil would not qualify, but they are marketed as tinctures and can be used just like a tincture, in other words sublingually. To make a coconut oil “tincture” at home, you would infuse a small amount of coconut oil with a very strong dose of cannabis. Package in a dropper bottle and use a few drops under the tongue, as needed.

How Can I Make My Cannabis Tincture Less Harsh? Practical advice on options when making marijuana tinctures.