how to store cannabis oil

How to store CBD products correctly

You probably know, finding high-quality CBD can be a challenge and when you’ve finally discovered a product which works for you, how do you store the stuff, so that it retains its potency and doesn’t turn rancid?

Like anything natural we consume, CBD and other cannabinoids are subject to degrading over time. Light, heat and air can breakdown cannabis compounds, and it’s why most CBD hemp oil is placed in a dark and airtight bottle.

Taking the right steps to look after your oil will help maintain the cannabinoid profile along with ensuring it doesn’t taste foul before you reach the end of the bottle!

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how best to preserve your CBD oil.

How should you store your CBD oil?

Tinctures are the most common way to use cannabidiol, where hemp extract is diluted in a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or MCT coconut oil.

Research Indicates that light exposure is the most significant factor in the deterioration of cannabinoids, closely followed by exposure to air.

As a result, keeping your oil in an airtight tincture bottle, stored in a cool and dark place is vital to ensure product stability. It’s the reason why some people choose to refrigerate CBD oil, as it ticks all the right boxes for optimal storage.

That might make you wonder, does CBD oil need to be refrigerated? Not necessarily, but it is the easiest way to store your purchase without looking for somewhere else cool and dark!

If you are looking for other places to keep your CBD a cool cabinet away from light, a dry pantry, the basement or cellar are all ideal locations to store your CBD oil.

What is the shelf life of CBD oil?

Depending on the exact type of CBD oil, you have shelf life can vary. The quality, packaging and storage of the oil can all alter the period your bottle stays fresh for.

On average, your new bottle of CBD can be kept fresh for between 18-24 months since bottling with the right storage and if it is unopened. Once open, a CBD tincture will maintain its cannabinoid concentration and overall profile for around six months, assuming you keep the bottle stored in an appropriate place.

However, products which are considered raw, i.e. undergo no heating and are minimally processed, can have a shorter shelf life due to natural changes in the oil and in particular the carrier oil.

For example, raw CBD hemp oil is usually a mix of raw full spectrum hemp paste combined with raw hemp seed oil. This product will likely have a shorter shelf life than another CBD oil which has undergone some further processing by way of decarboxylation (heating).

Activating the CBD extract found in the hemp paste through heating turns precursor acids into the compounds we are familiar with such as CBD or THC. This process naturally extends the shelf life and the durability of the CBD cannabis oil.

Nature & Bloom CBD oils are labelled with a best before date for ease. Just take a glance and ensure you use your CBD before this date for the best results.

Why CBD oil gets out of date

You might be asking does CBD oil expire? Yes, CBD oil has an expiry or best before date, which is the date until which the product is expected to remain stable and useable.

After this period the CBD oil may change taste and consistency; and as a result, it’s suggested you don’t use the item after the expiry date as with anything else you would ingest.

To give you visibility of how long our CBD oil will maintain its freshness, Nature & Bloom CBD oil comes with an expiry date. You can find this information listed directly next to or above the batch number located on the bottle.

You have your CBD at hand, now how do you store it to ensure it retains its shelf life? We have a few suggestions for you to best store your CBD right here!

How should I store CBD Oil?

Your CBD Products

One of the great things about the development of the hemp industry is the fact that cannabinoids like CBD are now offered in countless types of products. Whether you are using oils, vaporizers, edibles, or cosmetic products, there is likely an option that will suit your preferences. Once you’ve honed in on a product of your choice – maybe a Snoozeberry Puff Vaporizer – you may be curious about the best way to store your CBD. CBD is categorized as a food and health supplement, and with this in mind storing CBD is as easy as storing some common household food products. The way you store food is one of the most important elements of safe consumption, and the same applies to CBD. Doing the research on how to maintain your CBD can pay off in the end. You can stay safe, and ensure lasting freshness.


The good news is that storing CBD is not a difficult task. The most important aspect of safe storage is keeping your CBD away from extreme weather conditions like heat, light, or moisture. Storing your CBD in something like a dry pantry is one of the best options. Maintaining a stable temperature is important in order to avoid damage from heat. With that being said, many people are opting to store their CBD in the refrigerator. Many find that this helps increase the shelf life of CBD, which can last roughly a year in proper storage. The drawback of using a refrigerator is the possibility that your CBD oils might crystallize. Although, hot water can be used as a solution to help break those crystals back into solution. Another interesting fact about today’s CBD production is that most CBD extracts come in a carrier liquid that hosts the product. Hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are common carrier liquids for this purpose. So, you can think about storing your CBD similar to the way you would store a bottle of olive or coconut oil. A cool, dry place is the simplest way to ensure your CBD stays safe.

Storing your CBD

Storing CBD shouldn’t be an obstacle. The guidelines are generally straightforward, and as long as you can store your CBD in a fairly neutral environment, you should be in good shape. Storing your CBD properly has the biggest impact on longevity. It’s in your best interest to keep your CBD safe in order to ensure the maximum value. The hefty shelf life of CBD is certainly a selling point, as people often aim to make consuming CBD a long-term lifestyle choice. Considering larger quantity CBD products can last for months, and proper storage can enhance your experience by ensuring you are equipped with the products you need over a long period of time. A little bit of research can often go a long way, so do yourself a favor and get the highest value out of your CBD. Health and happiness are what’s most important, and your long-term wellness will thank you in the end!

Your CBD Products One of the great things about the development of the hemp industry is the fact that cannabinoids like CBD are now offered in countless types of products. Whether you are using oils, vaporizers, edibles, or cosmetic products, there is likely an option that will suit your preferences. Once you’ve honed