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My doctor told me that if I was not able to get my blood pressure down by my next appointment she was going to look into prescribing Xanax to help with my stress level. The fact that my doctor was willing to so flippantly prescribe me with something such as Xanax scared me even more. I had heard a great deal about CBD through the company I work with so I figured as a last ditch effort, I would try it out. I took the Formula Black for about a week before my follow up appointment.

My doctor was amazed to see how much it had improved. Overall I feel much calmer, I can sleep at night, and my blood pressure is great:) Karen (verified owner) – January 27, 2019. He also has a lot of pain in his ankle from a birth defect that required surgery. I am wondering if this might also help with the diabetes? LabCanna_Admin (verified owner) – January 28, 2019. Many customers have reported a decrease in A1C levels after starting a CBD regimen, and we encourage you to let us know! I’ve been using TenneCBD Black since it’s been on the market for my sciatica. I’ve had injections therapy and nothing can compare to this product.

I will only use TenneCBD, and I only purchase from LabCanna. I’m always telling people at work they need to try this oil. I’m so very very grateful for the LabCannaEast store. I can just walk in and pick up my 30ml bottle of Black. Thank you 🙏🏾 so so so very much for being local and having a “Quality Product”. If there were on a bigger bottle beside the 30ml of black. Thank you so much for your loyalty to our product, LabCanna East, and our company as a whole. We are ecstatic the Formula Black is providing you with the benefits you were looking for! Results and feedback like this are the reasons we are in this business. We hope all the people you tell find your recommendation invaluable too 😉 TamulaC – August 9, 2019. It also lowered my blood pressure when taken on a regular basis. I was surprised when our orthopedist told my husband to take CBD oil for his shoulder pain. Hi Josefina I am happy to hear CBD is working for your family! For breast cancer I would do our TenneCBD Formula Green Or TenneCBD Formula Green Plus. Those two products are full spectrum meaning not only does have CBD but it also has other terpenes of the plant and that legal amount of 0.3% THC. Full spectrum products could potentially help with going through cancer such as helping you sleep better, stimulate appetite and help with any pain you are having. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us anytime via email or by phone. My first order was the Cinnamon due to the fact I have autoimmune diseases & my inflammation is always high. My dr told me to find the highest dose I could find…of course & afford. 🤗 But now I’m desperate for help w/ 14 yrs of depression/anxiety (someone reviewed earlier it was great but didn’t mention which one) after tons of different therapies & meds. But I discovered last night how bad my 12 yr old is depressed/anxious too.

I need to know which can help us both & how much I can give her. But I don’t want her on meds yet if at all possible. I’ve read all the info my iPhone shows, but there is hardly any info on each kind, only possibly a sentence or so then just your commitment & how great it is…I pray I hear from you soon!’ Thank you!

Hi Sarah I am so pleased to hear the CBD has helped lower your inflammation and your bloodwork came back lower as well. For your 12 year old you can certainly give her the same one you take but give her 0.25ml twice a day instead of 0.5ml twice a day. Isolates could work well with someone who deals with depression and anxiety. You can also give her our TenneCBD Formula Black as well that one is an isolate like the cinnamon one. I have a 5ml/300mg bottle and an 30ml/1800mg bottle as well.


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