is cbd oil legal in japan

Everything you need to know about CBD oil in Japan

What’s the difference between marijuana and CBD?

Marijuana as most people know it and CBD come from the same cannabis plant; but they’re different.

THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that makes people feel ‘high.’ THC is illegal in Japan, while CBD is a different chemical compound taken from the hemp plant, which doesn’t contain any THC and doesn’t leave the user feeling high. We’ve covered it in more depth over on our FAQ page.

Is CBD legal, and what types are available in Japan?

CBD by itself is legal, but Japan-based users must be diligent in ensuring what they’re using is ok. There are three types of CBD: CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate (the purest form) and broad-spectrum CBD contain no THC, so they are legal. Full-spectrum CBD contains THC and is not legal in Japan.

MUKOOMI’s CBD products are entirely legal, and our oil is registered with the Cannabinoid Examination Committee of the Japan Cosmetics Association.

How much does CBD oil typically cost?

Quality CBD oil should be considered an investment in your wellness journey. Prices vary depending on the size of the product and the concentration levels of CBD in each oil.

MUKOOMI’s 30ml CBD oil, for example, is 900mg, which places it in the mid-level concentration and makes it a perfect starting point for trying CBD for the first time. Expect to pay between ¥9,000- ¥13,000 for a similar product depending on the supplier.

What non-oil forms does CBD come in?

Gummies, capsules, vapes, bath bombs, snacks, lemonade, topicals, CBD comes in countless forms! Imagine a product you consume or apply to your body, and chances are there’s a CBD-infused version of it out there.

We decided to begin simple. Beyond the consumable oils, we have CBD infused face cream , skin serum , eye serum , and a toner .

Many users with problem skin like acne have found that CBD helps reduce inflammation and decrease excess sebum. Those dealing with the effects of getting older say they love the antioxidant boost CBD gives their skin. Remember, everyone is different, so you may have to explore a little before you find the product to best suit your needs.

Published: Mon, Jun 01, 2020

Starting your CBD journey is an exciting time! But with so much information out there and uncertainty about the legality of hemp products in Japan, knowing what to trust is difficult. So we’ve put together a simple, concise run down everything you need to know about CBD oil in Japan.

Is CBD Legal in Japan?

While there is a basic pattern amongst most countries that have legalised CBD products, Japan does things a little differently. While CBD is legal in Japan, the products sold in the country have to be made specifically to keep within unique legal guidelines.

The Asian CBD market is an interesting one in general, with CBD being illegal to purchase in mainland China and Hong Kong, but many of the CBD products that are sold around the world being produced in China .

But what about Japan? The rules here differ greatly from those in China, and Japan is in the midst of something of a CBD boom. But how does the legality around CBD in Japan actually work?

CBD Law in Japan

Essentially, CBD is totally legal in Japan and has been since 2016. However, if you intend to take your CBD products into the country for any reason, it is worth being very aware of the small print.

Unlike most other countries with legal CBD sales and consumption, where trace amounts of THC (usually between 0.2% and 0.4% depending on the country) are acceptable, THC is 100% illegal in Japan, in all circumstances.

Travelling into Japan with any products with THC content at all is likely to be classified as drug trafficking, and that is a charge that you really don’t want to deal with!

CBD products that are sold in Japan, whether homegrown or imported, are formulated to contain no THC at all.

The Japanese CBD Revolution

If you’re familiar with Japan, you probably know that if something is trendy globally, it’s probably uber-trendy in Japan. That’s certainly the case with CBD.

The Japanese market has captured the attention of international CBD producers due to the rapid rise of the market, which is said to be growing at nearly 100% year-on-year .

CBD shops are popping up all over the country, and CBD is also available in non-specialist shops. Cafes will sell you CBD coffees, while mini-markets carry CBD ice teas and other drinks.

CBD basically couldn’t be more accessible in the country at this point, but due to the strict THC laws, it is heavily advised to only consume products in Japan that you have bought in Japan.

Other Asian Country Laws

Asia is a clusterfudge (that’s a word now, you should all start using it immediately) of different laws and regulations, on extreme ends of the spectrum, from legalised CBD in Japan, to the shocking case of a doctor given the death sentence (which is currently being reviewed, but has had a concerning lack of additional information in the last two years) for giving CBD products to patients in Malaysia.

CBD has been legalised for medical purposes only in South Korea, while Thailand legalised medical marijuana back in December 2018 and as for Indonesia, yeah, don’t take CBD to Indonesia.

Basically, if you’re travelling around Asia, if you are not sure about the rules, don’t buy anything unless you know categorically it is legal to do so. That’s a rule that covers all cannabis products, not just CBD. Drug laws can vary a huge amount in the region.

That being said. If you fancy embarking on some cannabinoid tourism, and checking out the CBD scene in various countries around the world, then we highly advise putting Japan on that list.

It isn’t rare for Japan to be at the forefront of evolution, and while we are used to that being more in technology, the country is leading the charge when it comes to CBD too.

With products available all over the country, in multiple different stores and outlets, and an increasing number of international producers looking towards the region, if we can’t refer to Japan as the Mecca of CBD yet, it doesn’t feel like it’ll be too long until we can!

What’s your opinion on CBD in Japan? Is it the Mecca of CBD? Why not let us know in the comments for the chance at a 10% lifetime discount on all our products!

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CBD products that are sold in Japan, whether homegrown or imported, are formulated to contain no THC at all. Purchase is currently legal… ]]>