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6 Benefits of Hemp for Cats

We adore all pets equally here at Canna Companion , but we’ll admit it—there’s something extra special about a kitty curling up next to you for a nap or purring as you scratch behind his ear just right. With the right combination of care and good genetics, cats can live happily by your side for decades. But cat owners have their work cut out for them in terms of keeping their pets safe and healthy over the years. Outdoor cats are exposed to all manner of toxic substances and other dangers, while indoor cats can become depressed or develop additional health issues.

A cannabis-based supplement can provide support for your cat in a number of health areas. But not all supplements are created equal—because cannabis dosages are largely unregulated, some products marketed for pets may still contain unsafe amounts of compounds like the psychotropic THC. The veterinary experts at Canna Companion developed a special formula that unlocks the supportive effects of the cannabis plant while minimizing the negative impact of THC. Here are some of the key benefits of hemp for cats.


Your kitty’s immune system is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting her from sickness and disease, so it’s important to help her take good care of it. Infections and even genetic makeup can weaken that system, leaving her susceptible to health issues. Canna Companion’s hemp-based formula contains cannabinoids that help to support her immune system, promoting her health in the long run.

Mobility and Joint Flexibility

Chances are that your kitty has ruined at least one of your shirts or surprised you by stalking you from the shadows. Cats love to hunt, pounce, climb, and scratch. Not only does all that movement keep them in prime physical condition; it keeps them happy ! But as cats age, their bodies and joints can weaken, leading to stiffer movement and other mobility challenges. You might notice your senior cat beginning to slow down, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t continue to enjoy playtime. To maintain a high quality of life, your cat needs to stay mobile. Canna Companion can ease joint discomfort that comes from normal movement while supporting overall joint health—leaving you with more mornings spent playing around with your kitty!

Digestive Support

Just because your cat can eat something doesn’t mean he should! Felines aren’t garbage disposals, and they don’t come equipped with iron stomachs. Unfortunately, cats are experts at getting into things they shouldn’t. Outdoor cats are at risk of ingesting toxic substances like antifreeze, while indoor cats can easily mistake human food for a treat. Substances like chocolate can wreak havoc on their digestive system and even prove fatal. While it may be impossible to prevent your kitty from eating something bad, you can help support his digestive function and the overall health of his GI tract with a supplement. Our plant-based formula works to keep your cat’s digestive system in peak physical condition and can help reduce normal GI distress.

Neurological Function

You probably know that your cat has a nervous system—but did you know that he also has an endocannabinoid system ? This system consists of a number of receptors found throughout the tissues of the body. Canna Companion supports your cat’s endocannabinoid system with the help of phytocannabinoids, the natural compounds found in hemp. When stimulated, those receptors work to correct cellular stress! And because your cat’s neurological tissue contains a high percentage of receptors, activating his endocannabinoid system helps to support and maintain healthy neurological function.

Calm Demeanor

If your cat suffers from anxiety, anything from a bad thunderstorm to an unexpected visitor could cause her stress. The last thing you want is her climbing the rafters in panic whenever you have guests over. Canna Companion can help with that! Our supplement helps pets calm down during periods of stress, encouraging a normal, relaxed demeanor. With regular administration of our formula, your kitty may soon find herself much calmer during those periods of unexpected stress.

Comfort and Care

Your cat may be in perfect health, but aging brings natural changes that can decrease his quality of life, leaving you feeling like you’re losing your best friend. We want to help you keep your companion comfortable and happy as the years go by, so we formulated our hemp-based supplement to support quality of life, promote relaxation, and help with normal discomfort. The best part is that it won’t take long to see the effects: you may notice changes in your cat’s behavior in as little as three to five days with regular administration!

Reap the Rewards of Hemp-Based Supplements

Nothing is sweeter than a happy cat! At Canna Companion, we’re dedicated to helping you promote your kitty’s health so that she can enjoy life by your side for years to come. That’s why we created a hemp-based supplement that supports a wide range of essential bodily functions in pets. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of hemp for cats or want to find out if Canna Companion is right for your pet, we’re happy to help— reach out today for a free consultation.

We adore all pets equally here at Canna Companion, but we’ll admit it—there’s something extra special about a kitty curling up next to you for a nap or purring…

Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats | 12 Ways It WORKS | Cooper & Gracie

12 Amazing Reasons to use active Hemp Seed Oil on your Dog and Cat. The spectrum of holistic benefits that stem from Hemp Seed Oil are endless and we can’t wait to share with you the benefits of this amazing natural oil.

  1. Diet. Hemp seeds provide pets with a nearly perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which makes it one of the most naturally balanced ways to add Omegas to you pets diet! Our brilliant Hemp Active Oil Supplement is a tasty treat that can be added to your pets food, providing them with the Omega fatty acids they need for an active and healthy life. Click here for more information on our Hemp Active Oil Supplement.
  1. Anxiety Prevention. Many vets recommend Hemp Seed Oil for pets with anxiety. If your pet is anxious our latest Hemp Anxiety Pet Spray is a blessing for pet owners who want to see their pet stress and anxiety free. Click here for more information on our Anxiety Pet Spray.
  1. Sleep. The calming properties of Active Hemp Seed Oil can aid sleep quality and duration for pets. We suggest trying our Hemp Pet Calming Oil to help with relaxation. Rub a few drops on their chest before they go to sleep and a drop in every corner of their bed to aid a better nights sleep. Click here for more information.
  1. Immune System. Active Hemp Seed Oil aids the immune system and supports healthy organs and heart health. It contains the minerals zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins, and a variety of amazing antioxidants. We suggest adding our Hemp Active Oil Supplement to your pets diet to help support a healthy and happy immune system. Click here for more information on our Hemp Active Oil Supplement.
  1. Blood circulation. Active Hemp seed oil can aid your pets blood circulation and cognitive thinking. We suggest adding our Hemp Active Oil Supplement to you dog or cat’s meals to help with circulation, click here for more details.
  1. Skin. The benefits held within Active Hemp Seed Oil in relation to your pets skin and fur is somewhat miraculous. The oil helps soothe itchy dog skin such as dry noses and itchy paws. We offer some amazing Hemp Seed Oil products that can either be digested or applied directly onto your pets fur and skin. Click here for more information on our Active Hemp Seed oil for pets.
  1. Joints. Hemp seed oil is a great aid to dog joint care and is commonly used in many dog treats and supplements. Click here for more details on the best Joint Hemp Spray
  1. Stress. There are many reasons your pet can be stressed. The main causes are loneliness and travelling. It’s hard to know what’s best to calm you pet in these situations. Choosing Active Hemp Oil as a stress reliever is a natural and safe way to calm your pet, sometimes instantly with the right application. We recommend either digesting our supplement in meals or directly applying one of our stress reliever sprays or calming oil onto the chest. Click here for more details and discover the best Active Hemp Oil for your pet.
  1. Taste. Hemp Seed Oil is super tasty and loved by dogs, cats and many animals. Click here for more information.
  1. Fatty Acids. Fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 contained within Active Hemp Seed Oil acts as super nutrients. The perfect balance, these two Omegas are crucial for the overall health of your pet. See our full range of Hemp Seed Oil products to help pets, click here for more details .
  1. Calming. Hemp seed oil is naturally relaxing for dogs . Click here for more details on our pet supplements.
  1. Gut. Research suggests hemp seed oil is a great ingredient for superb maintenance of your pets gut. Active Hemp Seed Oil suggests amazing results. Click here for more information on our supplements.

12 Amazing Reasons to use active Hemp Seed Oil on your Dog and Cat. The spectrum of holistic benefits that stem from Hemp Seed Oil are endless and we can't wait to share with you the benefits of this amazing natural oil. Before we jump into the 12 reasons Active Hemp Oil for pets is great, here’s some interesting fact