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Shipping your Penguin is done in specially made polystyrene transport boxes. They are given a very subtle sedative to calm them. This slows the heart rate and allows for them to go without food for 5 days. Your Penguin will come with a special pack of frozen food that can be thored and given to your Penguin when he arrives. He will appreciate this and instantly bond with you.

You can choose to net fish at your local stream or water edge. But and fish outlet will have a cheap variety of whole small fish. It's even better to strike up a friendship with a local prawn trawler. Because you will not want to leave your amazing pet. Local vetrinary clinics can easily treat them, as there body structure is very similar to most mammals. You will love your new pet Penguin but imagine the happiness and joy brought to others seeing their gift for the first time. Now, if you weren't sold based on the IMPRESSIVE grammar and spelling present on this website, the price alone should convince you that you NEED to own a penguin. Unfortunately they note at the bottom of the page that they are currently all out of penguins so you'll have to check back later.

I'm sure it isn't so they can increase their ad revenue for every shmuck who checks back daily to see if there are any more penguins to buy. Then, much to my complete and utter SHOCK, Mike discovered that the website is a sham! Answers: : Question: Is a legit website that will actually sell you a penguin? Apparently for $25, they will send you a fairy penguin, and I'd like to know if anyone has ever figured out if it's real. Answer: DONT BUY IT ITS A SCAM they sold me a stuffed animal with wings and a wand! I'm always looking for a way to fuck with people, so I went back to the website [enjoy your ad revenue, dirtbags] to see if there was an email address I could send an inquiry to. I didn't find an email address, but I did find a little link at the bottom for "Terms & Conditions." The terms are longer than the freaking Bible, but I did find a couple of hilarious little gems: You must notify Penguins 4 Sale within 21 days of the date of your invoice or acknowledgement if you believe any part of your purchase is missing, wrong or damaged. I would like to order a penguin and contact them to say this: "Excuse me, but my penguin is missing all of its vital organs. Please explain." This is probably my favorite: Penguins 4 Sale WILL NOT HAVE ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE USE OF THE PRODUCTS IN ANY HIGH RISK ACTIVITY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE OPERATION OF NUCLEAR FACILITIES, AIRCRAFT NAVIGATION OR COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL, MEDICAL SYSTEMS, LIFE SUPPORT, OR WEAPONS SYSTEMS. So, guys, if you let your penguin operate weapons systems or nuclear facilities, Penguins 4 Sale is NOT responsible for any fallout. You should probably also not leave your penguin in charge of life support. And don't even get me started on air traffic control. tall animal serves as a playful reminder of the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation. A signature at all 21c Museum Hotels, a flock of these limited edition sculptures by artist collective Cracking Art is on permanent exhibition around each property. The mission of Cracking Art is to raise awareness of environmental issues and the use and misuse of natural resources by creating artworks with materials derived from petroleum products. The name Cracking Art refers to the chemical reaction that occurs when converting raw crude oil into plastic, or the moment when natural becomes artificial. Founded in 1993, Cracking Art has created over 600 exhibitions worldwide. This work is final sale and not eligible for return. Interested in other works by this artist or other artists? Mel Chin, Mark Dion, Fritz Haeg, Matthew Day Jackson, Helen + Newton Harrison, Maya Lin, Mary Mattingly, Pedro Reyes, Tomás Saraceno, Stephen Talasnik. Get early access to new artworks, special offers, and recent news. Now, personalize your account so you can discover more art you'll love. a treasure trove of fine art from the world's most renowned artists, galleries, museums and cultural institutions.

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