jamaccian og kush weed strain

Jamaccian og kush weed strain

Definitely tasted sandalwood with this. Seemed to of taste fancy, like I was smoking a rich mans cigar. Made me keep wanting to taste it! Such a good stoned out high. Very relaxing, calming, pain relieving, dazed, zoned out high. Very nice medicinal strain. Amazing night of sleep, after a late of watching movies. Doesn’t put you straight to sleep, and didn’t make me necessarily sleepy at all. Just very calm, relaxed, stoned out of my mind, and smiling.

The most prominent distinguishing factor about the Lion OG Strain is the volume and the size of the buds on the leaves of the plant. The Lion OG Strain is easily one of the most effective strains in the medical marijuana industry. It is known to be a hybrid between the OG Kush and the Jamaican OG…