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This tea has been highly reviewed by many satisfied customers for its calming effects. For a greater pick-me-up in the morning, Green Roads also sells a few varieties of CBD coffee. Just because there is CBD in the tea bag doesn’t necessarily mean that the CBD will end up in your tea.

Some lower-quality simply add CBD oil to their tea leaves, which will give you with expensive tea that doesn’t have the benefits of the CBD. The scientists at Buddha Teas ensure that each cup you brew absorbs all the CBD out of the leaves so you get the effects you desire (and paid for). They do this is creating nano-sized particles of water-soluble CBD. This form of CBD easily diffuses into hot water and has a high bioavailability, meaning it can be readily absorbed and used by your body. They blend this special type of CBD into four different flavors of tea: matcha green tea, peppermint, chamomile, and turmeric & ginger tea. Each type comes in unbleached tea bags, which are better for the environment and their flavor profile. A box of 18 tea bags costs $19.99, making them one of the least expensive CBD teas on the market. You can also buy the boxes in bulk for even better pricing. And if you can’t decide which flavor you want to try, you can get a four-pack mix and try them all. If you like some variety to spice up your life, check out the selection of CBD infused teas from The Brothers Apothecary.

As the name implies, this company was started in 2015 by two brothers in Portland, Oregon who wanted to create a healthy way to consume cannabis. They now make CBD products using superfoods and other healthy ingredients, forgoing sugary gummies and vapes for consumables that are better overall for your body. Those with particular tastes will should be able to find something to suit their palate with The Brothers Apothecary’s range of 10 different varieties of teas infused with full-spectrum hemp extract. Choose from traditional teas like chai and oolong, or more exotic herbs like kava root and hibiscus. The commitment to healthy living, as well as the wide variety of full-spectrum products, earns The Brothers a strong standing among our choices for the 10 best CBD teas on the market today. Perhaps the nerdiest CBD producer out there, Pure Science Lab uses advanced engineering methods in their CBD extraction and formulation techniques to create products with ultra-high concentrations of very pure hemp extract. True to their name, they manufacture their CBD products in certified laboratories using International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines. A certificate of analysis issued by a third-party laboratory is available for every batch of products on their website, so you can check their purity for yourself. Pure Science Lab’s “Good Vibes” line of products is a bestseller in the United States. Their CBD pomegranate tea comes in “tea chips” made with dried pomegranate skins and manuka honey for extra antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can buy a bag of 4 tea chips for $19.95, or up to 4 bags of chips at a time for a discounted price. Canna Tea is a down-to-earth brand that uses hemp and other natural ingredients that are locally-grown at Ruby Farms in Bend, Oregon. Good for the environmentally-minded, their products are packaged in recycled materials. Canna Tea offers traditional tea bags of honey rose chamomile and marion berry chamomile for making fresh, hot brews. For something cooler or more convenient, you can also buy bottled teas in varieties including wild berry white tea and honey lemon yerba mate, which are packed with antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins and minerals. They also sell CBD honey and THC honey if you want to give your cuppa an extra kick. They offer one of the biggest varieties of the best CBD teas you can find, and they’re always developing new flavors to try out. On their website you can also find useful tea-brewing utensils, such as filter straws, infuser balls, and infuser bottles. All their teas come in either powdered or loose-leaf forms so you can strengthen each cup according to your personal preferences. Flavor options range from coconut rooibos to banana bread honeybush to apple pie green tea. Each jar contains 1.5 ounces of loose leaf tea infused with 150mg of CBD, which is enough for about 12 cups. At $20 per jar, this makes it a very cost-effective option. Starting with cold-brew coffee, Kickback has expanded their wares to include several types of soothing CBD-infused beverages and tinctures. All their products are vegan, third-party lab tested, and contain nano-sized CBD particles which are 5x stronger than standard forms of CBD. Kickback has two flavors of CBD tea: ginger peach and matcha’cha. Their bags contain 130-200mg of CBD and cost $30-$36, and ship for free (free!) to anywhere in the United States. Glow Water’s teas contain organic hemp and hand-selected medicinal herbs.

They offer three specialized tea blends to choose from based on what healing effects you are looking for: “Calm,” “Restore,” or “Sleep.” For example, their “Sleep” tea is made with chamomile and lavender to help alleviate insomnia.

Each tea bag contains 25mg of CBD, one of the highest strengths of CBD you can find. The strength of the dose and purity of the products makes Glow Water a solid choice for those looking to choose one of today’s 10 best CBD teas. The Tea Can Company is a specialty tea company that has recently started offering CBD-infused options.


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