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Celebrities who smoke pot: From Rihanna to Jennifer Aniston

These celebrities have (mostly) admitted that they’re fans of weed. And, if they haven’t admitted it we know because of those pesky possession arrests. Take a spin through — you might be surprised at who’s toking up in Hollywood. (Getty Images)

She hasn’t exactly been marching at marijuana legalization rallies, but after the Oscars, J-Law was photographed in Hawaii smoking what looks like a little of the wacky tabacky. (Getty Images)

She toked up at Coachella 2012. See that joint she’s holding? She rolled it on her bodyguard’s bald head. That’s right. (Getty Images)

The guy who has been named the High Times Stoner of the Year twice says he “smokes a lot of weed” when he writes. (Getty Images)

She says it was Salvia. We say that’s splitting hairs. (Getty Images)

Aniston was rumored to have sparked it up with ex Brad Pitt on many an occasion and has even admitted, “I enjoy it once in a while.” (Getty Images)

Pitt — seen here in 1993’s “True Romance” with his honey bear bong — says he only stopped smoking pot when he became a father. (Morgan Creek Productions)

The boy band-er turned solo artist turned actor admitted to being utterly high during a taping of MTV’s “Punk’d” and as recently as 2011, still cops to smoking weed. (MTV)

Numerous celebrities are on the record about their love of marijuana, but there are also quite a few that keep their weed habits on the down low.

Jennifer Aniston Helps a ‘Howard Stern’ Staffer Smoke Weed for the First Time: “Don’t Worry, You’ll Live”

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Someone get Jennifer Aniston on High Maintenance, stat. On Monday, Aniston stopped by The Howard Stern Show, where she dispensed advice to a staffer who is about to smoke weed for the first time. Aniston was absolutely shocked that the 39-year-old employee has never smoked before, but she assured him that he “couldn’t have better company” than Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen for his inaugural trip. Said the Friends star, “It could be the worst day of your life or the best day of your life.”

During her Monday appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show, Aniston discussed everything from her dating life to her new Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show, but it was her weed advice that made its way onto YouTube. In the brief clip, Aniston and Stern talk about one of his staffers who will be smoking weed for the first time later this week (the radio personality makes it seem like it will be part of his show, but it’s not entirely clear). “JD’s gonna smoke weed for the first time,” said Stern. “Who?” asked Aniston. A valid question. Who the hell is JD?

“One of the guys on our show,” replied Stern. “We’re in California. With his guides Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg.” Aniston was impressed, saying, “Ooh, well there’s your company. You couldn’t have better company then.” But guides or not, the actress was shocked by the mysterious JD’s innocence. “He’s never smoked weed? How old is he?” she asked.

Stern then forced poor JD to come to the set, and the staffer assured them that he “really has not” smoked weed before. “You have any advice for him?” asked Stern. “Just pace yourself,” said Aniston with a laugh. “Are you smoking it or are you eating it?” JD said that “that’s part of the process” for tomorrow, as they’re “trying to figure out how to do things” (it shouldn’t be that complicated, but sure, dude). “It could be the worst day of your life or the best day of your life,” said Aniston.

“Thank you. That’s what I’m worried about,” said JD. “Don’t worry, you’ll live,” replied Aniston, waving off his concerns.

Watch Jennifer Aniston give weed advice in the truly bonkers clip above.

On Monday, Jennifer Aniston stopped by Howard Stern's radio show, where she gave advice to a show staffer who is about to smoke weed for the first time. "It could be the worst day of your life or the best day of your life," said Aniston.