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As we talked about earlier, many stoners experienced a heightened sensory perception after smoking weed. It’s why a lot of stoners enjoy listening to music when they are high. The sensitivity to sounds, colours and even physical sensations have a tendency to heighten. This could also be the reason that the libido is increased after smoking weed. It’s probably worth mentioning that there are reported differences in the effects of indica and sativa strains.

It’s much more complicated than the common preconception that sativa makes you energetic while indica makes you tired. As much as you can expect different effects from a pure indica than you might from a pure sativa, there are many other factors at play. A single marijuana plant contains hundreds of active compounds, from terpenoids to cannabinoids to flavonoids, and these all affect what you experience. Users report feeling relaxed and happy after using this strain, but don’t often report feeling very sleepy. Now let’s compare that to the Afghan strain, which is also a pure indica. Users also report feeling relaxed, but much more sleepy compared to when smoking Northern Lights. Users report feeling extremely energetic, uplifted and happy after they use it. Super Silver Cheese, a strain very heavy in sativa genetics, makes users more relaxed than uplifted.

Smoking weed is sometimes lumped into the category of the “psychedelic experience”. This causes a lot of fear for people who are smoking weed for the first time. Well, unfortunately the answer to that question is complicated. It isn’t simply just having visions of colours or hallucinations (which is possible, but not necessary on weed). I like to think that the psychedelic experience is distinguished from other drugs by the sense of disassociation . Some sort of space is created between you and your mind and body, giving you the sense that you have become something else . Through this, you are given some sort of power to be able to observe your mind and your body from a more detached perspective. This is kind of what happens when someone takes mushrooms or LSD. This doesn’t always happen when it comes to smoking weed. It might if you are smoking really strong weed, sativa in particular. The cerebral high that is linked with strong sativa strains is often associated with the psychedelic experience. The method of ingestion can also have an effect on how psychedelic the experience is. For many people, the use of marijuana through edibles is a far more psychedelic experience than it is through smoking. The whole sense of “tripping out” can be heightened with edibles or oils, but for many smokers this is often bypassed. If marijuana is in fact, a psychedelic experience, it is much milder than what you can expect from taking a hit of LSD. It’s uncommon to experience wild visual or auditory hallucinations unless you’ve just smoked something really strong. However, the sense of disassociation is something that stoners come to enjoy, and what gives them the sense of strangeness when they use it. Interesting things can happen the first time you smoke weed, and I credit that to the fact that you have no idea what to expect (this article might help with that). I know many first-time smokers who said that weed didn’t really have an effect on them. One possible explanation is that those that have no idea what to expect might be projecting too many expectations on what it means to be stoned. If you’re too focused on what you think is going to happen, you might miss what is actually happening, and be left disappointed. Some theorize that cannabinoid receptors in the brain that have never been activated to this extent before actually need some time to fully accept the stimulation of THC and CBD, as though they are a little bit shy to start off with. This might also be an explanation for the phenomenon of the mysterious “nothing happened” of first time smokers. On the other hand, if you don’t know what to expect from smoking weed, the experience can be all too powerful, and this also causes a lot of people to abandon the idea of ever smoking weed again.

What’s important to remember is that smoking weed is different every time you do it. There are so many different factors that will affect your experience, it’s basically impossible to say what it will be like when you do it. The marijuana experience is different for everybody. It’s one of the reasons it is so mysterious in the world of intoxicants. While some stop giving a shit, others can’t stop giving a shit. I’m going to go back to the example I made of explaining what a banana tastes like. We could probably talk about it all day, because there’s so much to tell when it comes to describing the taste and texture of a banana. But at the end of the day you won’t really know what it tastes like until you eat it! So, the best way to know what it feels like to be high on cannabis is to give it a go. Rest assured, you cannot die, even if your mind would be trying to convince you otherwise.

With an open heart and mind, you can really enjoy the marijuana experience.


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