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Every single one of these claims is unsubstantiated. The FDA has listed black salve as a “fake cancer cure” to avoid. Salves intended as an alternative cancer treatment are no longer legally allowed on the market. The idea that black salve can be used to specifically draw out cancerous cells without affecting healthy cells is impossible. Black salve burns away both unhealthy and healthy tissue, leading to necrosis or tissue death.

Other side effects include infection, scarring, and disfigurement. Black salve is also an ineffective cancer treatment because it has no effect on cancer that has metastasized, or spread, to other parts of the body. In one University of Utah study, people who used black salve said they sought out the treatment to avoid surgery. However, many people who use black salve need cosmetic surgery to fix the disfigurement the black salve causes. Skin cancer is a serious, potentially lethal condition. It’s highly treatable with conventional methods, however. Only qualified and credentialed healthcare professionals should diagnose and recommend treatment for skin cancer.

Based on the FDA’s recommendations, black salve isn’t an acceptable form of skin cancer treatment. Doctors can’t legally prescribe this treatment method because it’s ineffective. It’s recommended you avoid using black salve if you have skin cancer because, in addition to not treating cancer, it can lead to pain and severe disfigurement. Amazon Black Salve : Amazon - Cansema - Black Salve has been successfully used traditionally in removing cancer of all kinds for generations. Many people have treated Basal Cell skin cancers with Cansema. Amazon Black Salve: Amazon - Cansema - Black Salve has been successfully used traditionally in removing Cancer of all kinds for generations. Many people have treated Basal Cell Skin Cancers with Amazon Black Salve . Amazon Black Salve - CanSema a very potent Neutraceutical and Botanical that has been Traditionally used in the Amazon to treat various forms of Skin Cancers including: Breast Cancer Tumours Throat Cancers Basal Cell Carcinoma Pharynx Cancer Squamous Cell Carcinoma Melanoma Nodula Melanoma. Chaparral is used for digestion problems including Cramps and Gas, Respiratory Tract conditions including Colds and Infections; and ongoing Chronic Skin Disorders. It is also used for Skin and other Cancers, Arthritis, Tuberculosis Urinary Tract Infections, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Central Nervous System Conditions, Chickenpox, Parasite Infections, Obesity, and Snakebite Pain. Some people use chaparral for Detoxification, or as a Tonic and an Alterative – Blood Purifier. Contains an active principle, NDGA - nordihydrogauaretic acid, 17% by weight. Several researches have confirmed Graviola’s selective Cytotoxicity. In one study the Annonaceous Acetogenins were shown to possess 10,000 times the potency of Adriamycin , a cancer treatment drug. A completely processed Oleander : As a low-level toxicant, it contains tremendous Immune Boosting action, Inhibits Angiogenesis, Inhibits NF-kB Factor in Cancer Cells, Causes Apoptosis in Cancerous Cells (Natural Cell Death), Causes and Increased rates of Autophagic Cancer Cell Death when tested on Pancreatic Cancer and other Immune Compromised Dysfunctions. [ Note: the Oleander extract in this formula represents the inclusion of Anvirzel - a potent Anti-Cancer Agent. Amazon Tonic II contains no unprocessed Oleander.] Sanguinaria Canadensis root powder. Bloodroot has been traditionally used to treat croup, toothache, hoarseness -Laryngitis- Sore Throat -Pharynigitis- Poor circulation in the surface blood vessels, Nasal Polyps, Achy Joints and Musculoskeletal Health -Rheumatism- Warts, and Fever and breast tumours including skin Cancerous Cells. Other Ingredients: Zinc Chloride: Has a wide variety of uses in industry and human health. It is not known why Zinc increases the Antineoplastic and Antiviral activity of NDGA, but the effect has long been known. Glycerine: Used as a humectant, to keep the product moist. WARNING: Please read the following instructions through carefully before applying our Amazon Salves. If you have questions after a thorough reading, please call Alpha Omega for any clarification. (1) PREPARATION: CAUTION: Healthy skin tissue may redden or become mildly irritated when our Amazon Salves are applied. Continuation of use in such circumstances is entirely at the discretion of the user; as there are no known serious adverse events reported with this product.

PREPARING AMAZON SALVE: Few such salves, if any - and this Amazon Salves are no exception - use emulsifying agents, so to get the best results from Amazon Salves, you should spend a few seconds stirring the contents before applying. Use ice-cream stick, or any such clean stick for that matter. With less than a moment of rigorous stirring, you will notice that the appearance and consistency of the product will change from a black fluffy appearance on the surface to a smooth dark green cream. You will find the latter's consistency yields the best results. (2) APPLICATION: Applying Amazon Black Topical Salve : The product has the consistency of a thick, moist paste. It can easily be self-applied with the fingers and should be spread over a small area of the skin in a thin covering, almost lightly "caked." Wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying Amazon Black Topical Salve. The applied area will start to tingle shortly afterwards - anywhere between 5 minutes to 6 hours after the initial application. In fact, if you feel "nothing" after three to six hours, it is most likely that you will notice nothing at all. After 24 hours, remove the Amazon Black Topical Salve and reapply, repeating this process several times. Pain Relief: In some cases, there is a burning sensation with larger area of skin, and this can be very painful and uncomfortable, especially when applied to a large area of skin larger than one centimetre square.

We therefore advise that you use any Natural Painkillers and Analgesics in order not to stress your liver NSAIDS. Additionally, increase your water intake seriously: In other words increase your daily intake of water to over four (4) litres per day. What is more, and in all cases, avoid inflammation causing foods: See below.


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